Franklin Tire Care: What Does the Wear on Your Tires Mean?

Franklin Tire Care

Being mindful of the tires on your vehicle is essential. You have to ensure that not only are they at their best, but they have enough traction and tread. This is where you’re going to be able to stay on the road and not have an accident that pulls you off of it. With Franklin tire care, you can ensure that you know how to spot this wear and know what to do about it.

Common Tire Wear Patterns with Franklin Tire Care

Excessive Inner/Outer Wear

This indicates an alignment problem with the vehicle. In order to have a smooth driving vehicle, the wear on the tires should be even. If it is not, speaking with a mechanic about an alignment will fix the problem but those tires will have to be replaced. Alignments are also simple to do, so you shouldn’t expect the process to take hours to get done.

Center Wear

If the center of the tire is worn down more than the rest of the tire, then this is Franklin tire care 101, you have too much air in the tires. Over-inflating the tires can be dangerous, but it also can mean the middle section of the tires are getting more worn down then the rest. Replacing the tires and checking tire pressure often can reduce the chances of having this happen again.

Outer Wear

Wear on the outside edges of the tires can indicate that the tires are not inflated enough. In order to have a smooth ride, while also being able to carry the weight of the vehicle, the tires have to be at a specific inflation spot. When there is outer wear on the edges, the tires might not have enough air in them.

Diagonal Wear/Cupping

This wear is a very serious and dangerous issue to have. It indicates that something is wrong with the suspension of the vehicle. In order to address the problem, speaking with a qualified mechanic that knows Franklin tire care can not only provide the necessary fixes, but also the replacement wheels.

Patchy Wear

When there are patches on the tread of the tires, this signals a problem with the balance of the tires. They may not be well-balanced, which puts the vehicle off, causing this tread pattern. You should have your tires spun and rotated every 5,000 miles to reduce the chances of having something like this happen.

If you have excessive, or any of the above signs of wear on your tires, speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. We can provide the Franklin tire care you’re in need of to get you back on the road. Don’t let slips happen, let us replace those older tires for you!

Now is the Time for Spring Franklin Car Maintenance!

Franklin car maintenance

With spring comes spring cleaning, but don’t neglect your vehicle during this time. You might have cleaned it inside and out, but it might need a bit more than that. Franklin car maintenance should also be at the top of your spring cleaning checklist. Not having a properly working car for the spring and summer months can be difficult. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to the auto maintenance you should be getting each spring time.

Spring Time Franklin Car Maintenance

Oil and Fluids

The oil and filter should be changed out during this time. This will make the vehicle run smoother, while giving it a boost after the long cold winter months. Other fluids should also be checked during this time, such as the brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid and coolant.

Wiper Blades

Spring time can be a bit rainy. Don’t be caught without working windshield wipers. Make sure that you have new ones installed on your vehicle to keep the rain from hitting the windshield and causing further problems. A good quality pair can provide this type of help.


A lot of people only think about tires when the winter months roll in, but spring time also means new tires. You want some that are not worn down and provide enough traction. As mentioned before, rain is something that comes with spring so making sure you have enough grip on the road is vital. Many quality tire brands are on the market today providing spring time tires that handle great in all types of wet weather.

Belts and Hoses

Franklin car maintenance in the spring months also means checking the belts and hoses throughout the system. In order to have a smooth driving and running vehicle, the belts and hoses have to work properly and be in great shape. If they’re worn out, they’ll need to be replaced.


This is a task that oftentimes goes overlooked. Lubricating the engine, chassis and other parts of the vehicle can help it run smoother, while also being able to easily start up. If these parts are dry and having a hard time due to sand and salt built up on them, it can cause further problems in the spring time. Skip the hassle and make sure to grab the Franklin car maintenance sooner, rather than later.

Since it is spring, it is time to get that Franklin car maintenance done. Schedule an appointment with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin or give us a call to learn more. We can make sure your vehicle is ready for the months ahead. 

When Buying Replacement Parts Don’t Skimp

replacement parts

It’s perfectly fine to make replacements on your own vehicle to save some money over taking it to a local garage. This is a method that many car owners rely on to cut their costs over time. That doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the replacement parts that you put into your vehicle though. No matter if you are changing the brake pads, rotors, parts of your suspension system, or anywhere else in your vehicle, you should go for high quality parts for the very best results.

Cheap Replacement Parts are Cheap for a Reason

While I’m not saying that you should always buy OEM parts for your vehicle, though that’s a good idea, I am saying that you shouldn’t buy the low-cost knockoff third-party parts that are so much cheaper than the other options out there. Sure these items might do the job for awhile, but they’re much more likely to develop problems over time. Often cheap brake pads use inferior compound, they are smaller in size, or they simply don’t function as well. Suspension components are thinner and more likely to break in the future.

Invest in Reliable Replacement Parts

There are certain part suppliers that are known for offering good quality parts, and these are the companies that you should deal with if you won’t buy dealer parts for your vehicles. Look for top quality suppliers with lengthy part warranties and stick with them. By adding these parts to your vehicle you’ll help keep it strong and reliable and will likely get more performance out of it over time. It’s a good step to take and an important investment to make for long-lasting performance.

Pay Attention to Warranties

Usually the best parts come with decent warranties. You want to get a good warranty in case something goes wrong with what you purchase. Paying a bit extra for a good warranty will save you on future repairs if they are needed, and will nearly always pay off in the end.

Whether you take your vehicle to a garage, or you do the work on it yourself at home, make sure that you are investing in good quality parts that are going to last. Skimping on parts is never a good idea, and it almost always ends up costing you something in the end. Make an appointment with the Auto Clinic of Franklin today to have new, high quality replacement parts put on your vehicle. 

Save Money and Avoid Premium Fuel It’s Not Worth it

Premium Fuel

A common misconception with high quality vehicles is that you have to pay for premium fuel to drive around in them, and that premium fuel will somehow help them perform better. While it is necessary to use premium fuel in some vehicles, experts at Consumer Reports have proven that premium fuel isn’t a good investment unless it’s absolutely necessary. That means that you can save yourself money by going with the regular fuel and invest in your vehicle in more effective ways.

Fuel Economy and Power Remain the Same

Premium fuel is believed to improve the fuel economy of vehicles or to make them perform more effectively. These assumptions aren’t true though. Cars running with premium fuel perform about the same as cars running on regular fuel. That means you won’t see many benefits at all from paying the extra money.

Reliability Doesn’t Change

Even though premium fuel doesn’t make a car more efficient or more powerful, many people believe that it will make the vehicle more reliable or that the engine is going to stay in better shape because of the fuel. Unfortunately long-term testing doesn’t prove that. Vehicles show about the same level of reliability, no matter what type of fuel is used in them.

Some Cars Require Premium Fuel

There are some cars out on the road that need premium fuel to run properly. There are the only vehicles that you need to buy premium fuel for. If premium is recommended for your vehicle, just skip it and go with regular, otherwise you are wasting your money that could be spent on something else instead for more benefits.

Making More Effective Investments

Instead of buying that expensive fuel, change the oil in your vehicle more often. Go with high quality synthetic oil. Pay to have the vehicle serviced more often. Pay to have it washed clean after driving around on salty roads. All these simple investments will make a bigger difference than driving around with high cost fuel, and they are all things that you can do without spending too much money.

Keep this in mind, invest in other ways to improve your vehicle instead, and you should be able cut your costs and make the most of your vehicle at the same time. To keep your vehicle in the best shape, speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. 

The Importance of Servicing Your Franklin Vehicle on Time

Franklin Vehicle

Everyone loves getting a new vehicle, even if it is a new-used vehicle. However, not many people know that servicing the Franklin vehicle is important. You might not think about the many things that come with owning a vehicle or taking care of a vehicle when the time comes, but just keep in mind that maintenance and service on it are very important. Consider some of these aspects when you get your Franklin vehicle and need to keep it in the best shape possible, since these tips can help.

Servicing Your Franklin Vehicle

It is important to keep up on maintenance and service tasks for your Franklin vehicle, but what are these?

Changing Your Oil

The oil should be changed throughout the years that you own a vehicle. This not only keeps the vehicle in good working order, but the engine. You want to keep driving down the road without any issues, but if the oil has been in the car the past five years, it is not going to run as it should. Having an oil change each year can keep it in the best performance.

Checking Your Brakes

The brakes on the vehicle should always be checked each year. You want to make sure that they’re in the best shape. Often times, it is important to have them switched out. You don’t want to try to stop at a light only to find out that the brakes are not working as good as they should and you slip through it. Make sure to have these serviced when the time comes.

Up to Date Inspections

Having a thorough inspection done of the entire Franklin vehicle is important. Not only is this going to let you know of any issues, but they can also be addressed. With this service visit, you can then find out if you need a lot of work done that might not have been noticeable while driving or if you are still in good shape to go. Only a licensed mechanic is able to provide this check when it comes to it.

New Tires

Tires are good to change out every one to two years. When the tires on a vehicle are bald, this can lead to a lot of accidents. You will not have the grip you need to stop, which can cause a lot of problems. You might also screech a lot when turning corners. By replacing your tires, you’re keeping the vehicle up to date with service checks.

When the time comes to get the maintenance and service for your Franklin vehicle, speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. You can schedule your appointment right online for convenience and allow us to go through and fix any issues, while also taking care of the regular maintenance tasks. Your vehicle can continue to run like a champ when the time comes.

Extended Franklin Car Storage Tips

Franklin Car

Vehicles by design are meant to be driven regularly. If you are planning on storing away your vehicle for months at a time, you’ll have to take some additional steps to ensure that they remain in good condition over time. Here are some quick tips to help keep your stored Franklin car in excellent shape.

Change the Oil

You don’t want to store your vehicle with worn oil because it has acids and other harmful compounds that can do damage if they are left sitting in place for too long. Do yourself a favor and change both the oil and the filter before you store the vehicle. It’s a simple procedure that will help keep your engine in better shape. Make sure to drive at least a few miles with the new oil in your Franklin car to get it running through your engine.

Oil the Plug Cylinders

Remove each of the spark plugs in your vehicle one by one. While they are out, add a teaspoon of engine oil to the threads of the cylinders. Secure the spark plugs in place once again. This procedure will help prevent rust from developing on the cylinders.

Support Your Franklin Car on Jack Stands

If you’ll be keeping your vehicle stored for a year or more, you need to take weight off your wheel bearings and other key suspension components. The best way to do this is to life the vehicle up off the ground using a set of jack stands underneath its frame.

Pull off the Wiper Blades

Take the wiper blades off the Franklin car to keep them from getting stuck to the windshield. If the wipers are allowed to get stuck in place they can cause damage to the windshield when removed.

Flush the Brake Lines

Look at the brake fluid in the system and if it’s a brownish color flush the fluid out, replacing it with brand-new fluid. Old brake fluid has water in it and can lead to rust if it isn’t moving around.

Cover the Franklin Car Up

Finally, make sure that you cover your Franklin car entirely. Get a large cover, or put it in a windowless storage area to protect it from the elements. A good cover will keep off the weather which can be particularly harmful to vehicles. Sunlight fades paint and damages the interior materials, rain, sleet and snow can cause corrosion and other issues.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin, where we are able to help with the diagnostics, maintenance and repairs that are needed prior to putting your Franklin car in storage.

Why You Should Use OEM Replacement Parts

OEM replacement parts

Many vehicle owners today are looking for cheapest possible way to repair their vehicles. They want to spend as little as possible when fixing issues, which means that they’ll invest in low-quality aftermarket parts. These OEM replacement parts often lower the strength and reliability of the vehicle, and in many instances they cost the owner more than an OEM part would.

Low Quality Materials

Aftermarket parts seem like a good deal because they are often much more affordable than OEM replacement parts are. Unfortunately, they are lower priced because they are made of inferior materials. Weaker metals, thinner construction, and softer hardware is employed when building the parts. Sure you’ll spend less money up front making these repairs, but you’ll likely regret it later if you’ll have that vehicle for a while.

Fails Faster

Since most aftermarket parts are made with inferior materials or they feature a thinner or weaker structure, they tend to fail faster than an OEM part would have. That means that you’ll be paying to replace the part sooner than you would when buying an OEM replacement part. If you plan on having your vehicle for many years, you’ll likely spend more on low quality parts than you ever would on the high quality stuff that is going to last far longer.

Imperfect Fit of Non OEM Replacement Parts

Another downside to aftermarket replacement parts is that they do not always fit the vehicle they are made for perfectly. There are often manufacturer defects that make the parts hard to mount and more difficult to install overall. If you are taking on the task on your own, you could end up struggling and spending much more time trying to get the part installed when you rely on a low-quality aftermarket item. If you go with an original part it will fit perfectly and will generally be simpler to install.

While aftermarket parts seem like a good way to save money on vehicle repairs, they are rarely a good investment. You’ll be throwing money out the window for parts that won’t fit as well, and will likely fail sooner too. This is why OEM replacement parts come highly recommended. Make your appointment with the Auto Clinic of Franklin today! 

Why a Trustworthy Franklin Mechanic is Paramount to Long Term Vehicle Performance

Franklin Mechanic

You probably wouldn’t trust your health to just any old doctor that’s not familiar with preexisting conditions that you may have. That’s the reason that so many people have a family doctor that they see each and every year.

For the same reason that it makes sense to go to the same doctor all the time, it makes sense to find a reliable Franklin mechanic and use him or her each and every time that you need work done on the vehicle that you can’t handle yourself.

Maintenance is Vital to a Healthy Car

Generally, the most long-lasting vehicles are the ones that are maintained properly. If you aren’t taking steps to keep your car, truck or SUV in good shape, you need someone else to do it for you. If you aren’t a professional Franklin mechanic, you’ll need one to keep an eye on your vehicle and handle the more difficult repairs for you as well. That’s why it makes sense to find a trustworthy professional before you actually need a serious repair done.

Finding a Reliable Franklin Mechanic

Locating a reliable mechanic requires doing some research. Take the time to talk with friends and family, and to look at online reviews of different local mechanics to see who is supposed to be the best in the area. After you’ve found a few good people, consider working with both of them the first time that you need work done on your vehicle.

Talk with the office of the couple different mechanics and gauge the quality of service that you get. Bring the car in and take note of the facility as well as how you are treated while you are there. Take your time and do your best to choose the most reliable mechanic that you can find. This will really pay off in the end.

Get Annual Maintenance and Care for Problems Immediately

Once you find a good reliable Franklin mechanic, you need to use his services often. Bring the vehicle in anytime that you notice a problem beginning to develop, and be sure to take care of it immediately. Take care of regular annual maintenance and keep record of all the receipts over the years.

Relying on a good mechanic will keep your vehicle in excellent shape, and keeping all those records will help you get the most money out of the vehicle if you ever decide to sell it off later on. Make an appointment with our Franklin mechanic today to keep your vehicle running perfectly. 

Franklin Car Care: When it Makes Sense to Change Spark Plugs and Wires

Transmission Repair Franklin

Franklin car care

Many garages recommend that spark plugs and wires are changed on an annual basis during Franklin car care, and this generally isn’t necessary at all. When going to a shop in TN, don’t get your spark plugs changed unless they have between 60,000 and 100,000 miles on them. You also shouldn’t change the wires until they have at least 30,000 miles on them. The plugs and wires are both important for maintaining engine efficiency levels though, so check the gap regularly and swap them out before they get too old.

Get the Plugs Inspected Regularly with Franklin Car Care

Most vehicle manufacturers state that you don’t have to worry about changing the spark plugs until they’ve gone through a total of 100,000 miles of operation, which means you can go quite some time before worrying about making the swap. While that might be true, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the plugs until it’s time to make the swap. Instead you should have them inspected at a TN auto shop, or do a self-inspection about once every 30,000 miles. Staying on top of the plugs that often will help you identify potential problems before they get too serious.

Replace Before 100,000

Spark plugs might be rated to last 100,000 miles, but that doesn’t mean that you should allow them to. Plugs that are that old generally begin to wear out and become troublesome to change. That’s why it’s best to make the swap around 80,000 or 90,000 instead. Keep checking on them regularly as you approach the 100,000 mile marker to make sure you make the switch before the plugs seize or begin to break down. Making the change earlier with Franklin car care will also help ensure that your system continues running properly and runs efficiently.

Change the Wires Sooner

While spark plugs are often designed to last as long as 100,000 miles, the wires often go bad sooner and generally need to be changed by 60,000 miles. It’s important to feel the wires in your hands to see if they are crispy or pliable. As the wires become less pliable, they are getting closer to needing to be changed. Stay on top of the wires and make sure you swap them out before they get too old. Once they age too far you’ll have trouble changing them and might have to replace the plugs as well because of difficulties you experience with the wires.

Don’t make the mistake of taking your vehicle into a  garage and having the wires or spark plugs changed too early, but also don’t make the mistake of letting them go too long either. Get them evaluated every 30,000 miles during your usual Franklin car care, and swap both out as soon as they show serious signs of wear.

Contact us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to schedule an appointment to check your wires and spark plugs and for all of your Franklin car care.

Why Get a Comprehensive Franklin Auto Checkup Annually

Auto Clinic of Franklin - Brakes

While most counties in Tennessee have requirements for Franklin auto emissions inspections when it comes to motor vehicles, these requirements don’t include inspecting many safety components of the vehicle. That means that vehicle owners are often unaware of developing problems that they should be taking care of. That’s why it’s highly recommended that owners consider going to a local mechanic and having a comprehensive Franklin auto inspection performed. This service will ensure that the vehicle is in good operating shape, and could help keep it in better condition over time.

Ensure Safety of the Franklin Auto

There’s nothing worse than driving a vehicle only to have a critical system like the brake system, or the engine fail. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s also highly inconvenient. By having your car, truck or SUV inspected on a regular basis, you’ll find out about problems before they are a real issue. This enhances your safety while out on the road, and could even save your life. It’s a good habit to get into, so consider having all the major components of your Franklin auto inspected when you go in for the annual emissions inspection.

Improved Franklin Auto Maintenance

A good annual inspection will ensure that any developing problems are recognize in your vehicle before they have a chance to become serious. Consider bringing your vehicle into a local Franklin auto shop to have it thoroughly looked over, and you’ll be able to save money on repair costs by finding out about potential problems before the problem spreads and becomes too serious.

Peace of Mind

If you neglect your vehicle, you’ll always wonder about potential problems that it’s developing over time. By taking the time to bring it in and have it inspected, you’ll know that you are driving a reliable vehicle and that you’re taking care of your investment. You’ll feel relaxed and at ease while driving around in your inspected vehicle.

Increased Resale Value

As long as you keep detailed records of each visit that you bring your vehicle in for, taking the trouble to have your vehicle inspected regularly will likely increase its resale value later on. You’ll be able to prove that you really care about your vehicle, and this will make prospective buyers comfortable with paying more money for the Franklin auto.

There are plenty of reasons to head to a Franklin auto mechanic and get a comprehensive inspection performed on your vehicle. If any of them seem valuable enough to you, consider making the investment and staying on top of any potential problems. Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to schedule your appointment