Facts About Black, Dirty, and Sludgy Motor Oil

Sludgy Motor Oil

Motor oil, much like all the other components and systems in your vehicle is quite susceptible to aging and common wear. When the motor oil in your vehicle ages and becomes extremely dirty looking, it is important to change out the sludgy motor oil so as to avoid damage to your vehicle’s engine. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our team of highly skilled professionals wants to help our valued clients to understand why dirty, grimy oil can be detrimental and very harmful to your engine. With that said, here are some important facts you need to know.


Sludgy motor oil begins to make its presence known when a vehicle owner fails to have a proper oil change performed in a significant period of time on their vehicle. In addition to motor oil lubricating the important parts and components within your vehicle’s engine, it is also responsible for cleaning up various contaminants and particles that may have made their way into your vehicle’s engine. When this occurs, the efficiency of your motor oil begins to decrease as the ongoing buildup occurs. Over time, the oil in your vehicle will collect sludge and a wide range of particles requiring a change in motor oil. If, however, you fail to change out the motor oil in sufficient time, it will begin to take on a very black, gritty and grimy appearance.


In addition, sludgy motor oil is also caused by a dirty oil filter. The primary function of the oil filter is to filter out particles and contaminants that are located within your vehicle’s motor oil after it has completely cycled through your vehicle’s engine. If this oil filter is not changed routinely and in a timely fashion it will no longer have the capability of removing the particles and contaminants thereby causing them to remain within the motor oil itself.



It certainly goes without saying that motor oil that is grimy and black in color cannot benefit your engine. Rather, the grimy oil not only fails to properly and effectively clean and lubricate your vehicle’s engine, but will, over time, turn into a deep, dark sludgy motor oil. This grimy motor oil when cycled through your engine can result in a significant amount of damage to your vehicle.



If the oil in your vehicle appears black and grimy, don’t delay in reaching out to the skilled technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin to schedule your oil change as quickly as possible. Our team highly recommends you adhere to a routine oil service schedule so as to prevent black, gritty motor oil from being a repeat problem. Our staff keeps a complete record of all services we perform on your vehicle and will provide you with a proper timeline for performing necessary oil changes in a designated timeframe.

We can all agree that our vehicles play a significant role in our day to day lives, which is why the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin stands ready to meet all your automotive needs. Our team is steadfast in their commitment to provide only the highest quality automotive services to all our Franklin clients and those in the adjacent towns as well and that includes our affordable, effective oil change services.



Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we use only state of the art equipment and parts and ensure the proper oil selection is used for your specific vehicle to help avoid engine problems caused by sludgy motor oil. If your vehicle is in need of an oil change, or you are in need of any other type of automotive services, then surely you have come to the right place. Simply give a shout out to our facility today and schedule your auto service appointment. Our team looks forward to our every opportunity to serve you!

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The Importance of Using the Right Motor Oil

Motor Oil

As vehicle owners, we all know how stressful and even challenging it can be to perform proper maintenance on our vehicles in a timely fashion and to choose all the appropriate products we need. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our team of highly skilled and experienced automotive technicians want to take this time to educate our valued clients on the importance of choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle. We have put together this informative blog to help you make the best decisions for your vehicles.

Motor Oil

Motor Oil


Motor oil is looked upon as the lifeline of our vehicles since it performs a number of very important functions. Motor oil contributes to each of the following:

  • It serves as a lubricant for all our vehicle’s engine parts
  • It provides enhanced fuel usage and economy; and
  • It outwardly protects our vehicle emission systems

As we are all aware, there are truly an abundant number of motor oils available on the market today whether in automotive specialty shops, department stores, or online. The options out there can be quite overwhelming and choosing an inappropriate oil can definitely leave you with consequences you have to face. Often times, those consequences can be quite costly, especially if the wrong oil causes excessive damage to your vehicle’s engine over the long term.

For those of you who take pride in being do-it-yourselfers, be sure to consult with your vehicle owner’s manual to learn which type of oil is best suited to your vehicle before you simply go ahead and change out your old oil. We highly recommend you take a few moments to perform this simple research before you go out and purchase any type of motor oil.


There are three different types of motor oils you can choose from. The first is that of conventional oil, which is 75% refined crude oil. The second option is that of full synthetic oil which is a standard base with additives. The third and final option is that of synthetic blend which is a blend of both conventional and synthetic oils together.

Further to the three different types of oils available, there are also a number of different additives to be aware of. Detergents help to keep clean the high temperature surfaces. Antioxidants serve to prevent oxidation while keeping your vehicle’s engine oil from thickening up. There are also a number of additives that help to capture dirt and a variety of other contaminants that can otherwise build up on the various engine parts and wreak havoc. In addition, there are specialized additives that contain components that help to seal and prevent leakage in high-mileage vehicles.

With all that said, we here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to ensure that our clients understand the importance of choosing the appropriate motor oil to get the highest benefits for your specific engine type. The climate you live in and the amount of travel you do are contributing factors in determining the right oil to use in your vehicle and helping to ensure that your engine runs at peak levels year after year.


The team of dedicated technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin is committed to providing all our valued clients with the highest quality products and services this side of Franklin and that includes providing important data and insight needed for the proper care and maintenance of your vehicles. Our team of experts stands ready to meet your every need and to provide you with state-of-the-art automotive services including routine motor oil changes at prices that are every bit affordable as they are competitive. If you are in need of an oil change, or any other automotive service or repair, be sure to reach out to the pros here at Auto Clinic of Franklin. You’ll be more than glad you did!

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The Many Benefits of Routine Oil Changes

oil change
oil change

oil change

Well, spring is here and summer is right around the corner and chances are that you are going to be doing a whole lot more driving than you may have done in the cold weather season. Whether heading to the beach, off to vacation, or frequenting family parks and adventures, your vehicle needs to be in tip top shape to ensure your travels are safe. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin highly recommends that our valued clients take time out before all that summer driving begins to perform routine maintenance on your vehicles, and that includes those all-important oil changes.

New brakes, an alignment, upgraded windshield wipers, new tires and even an AC checkup are all important services that need to be performed on every vehicle. However, a typical routine oil change is critical to the performance of your vehicle and should never be overlooked.


oil change

oil change

Having your oil routinely changed is one of the most inexpensive and yet one of the most important maintenance services you can have performed on your car. The benefits of routine oil changes are many and include:

  • Improved gas mileage – Clean oil makes for a healthier and more efficient engine by lubricating the many parts in your engine. This directly contributes to a smoother and more comfortable ride. When the oil in your vehicle is old and dirty your engine has to work a whole lot harder to perform at necessary levels and will ultimately use a good deal more fuel and directly affect your pocketbook.
  • Prevention of dirt and sludge build up in your engine – Over time the aging oil in your engine will become less of a liquid and more of a sludge. However, when you have an oil change performed, all of that dirty, yucky sludge is cleared out of your engine and is replaced by fresh, clean oil that will contribute to a higher performing engine and a much smoother and more comfortable ride. The sludge can be quite damaging to your engine which is why routine oil changes are so important.
  • Prevents engine overheating – Clean oil lubricates the engine parts and avoids friction. When friction is present it will create heat that will trigger the sensors in your engine and ultimately alert cause your engine to overheat. When you have a sufficient amount of clean oil in your engine, any friction and overheating are minimized and prevented over time.
  • Avoids costly repairs – When performing routine oil changes, our dedicated automotive techs here at Auto Clinic of Franklin take time out to identify potential problems before they become too costly and provide you with effective solutions. With that said, routine maintenance affords clients the peace of mind they want and need that their vehicles will be performing at peak levels.


We all rely upon our vehicles to get us where we need to go and where we want to go. The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin takes pride in providing our valued clients with the highest quality automotive parts and services this side of the state. Whether you are in need of automotive repairs, auto services or a simple routine oil change, we are the team for you. Be sure to bring your vehicle down to our trusted facility and let our team of specialists take care of your every need. We look forward to serving you and send along wishes for a safe and healthy spring and summer season!

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Choosing the Proper Motor Oil for Your Vehicle

Using the Correct Motor Oil is Important

We all value our vehicles and most of us schedule routine maintenance needed to maintain the peak performance of our vehicles and add to their lifespan.  With that said, motor oil is typically known to be the mainstream blood of a vehicle and has a number of important functions it performs.  The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to share with our valued clients some of those very important functions.


Motor oils serve your vehicle well and does so in a number of important ways, including:

  • Serving as a lubricant for all the important engine parts
  • Helps to protect your vehicle’s emission system
  • Contributes to enhance fuel economy

Motor Oil TypesThere are so many motor oil products on the market today that choosing the right one can be somewhat of a challenge and an overwhelming task.  Auto supply stores, hardware stores and the average Walmarts, Lowes and Home Depots of the world all stock motor oils.  However, if you choose the wrong one, there are definitely consequences to be had.  The wrong product can actually do harm and damage to your engine over a period of time.  For this reason, it is important that before you proceed with changing your vehicle’s oil, you make sure you are purchasing the correct oil for your vehicle year, make and model.

There are three various types of motor oil to choose from:

  • Conventional oil, which is between 75and 80% refined crude oil;
  • Full Synthetic oil, which is your standard base plus some additives; and
  • Synthetic blend which is a combination of conventional and synthetic

There are also a variety of additives and antioxidants that are necessary to maintain the overall health of your vehicle and specifically detergents that are used to keep the high temperature surfaces consistently clean and the antioxidants that help to prevent oxidation which can result in thickened engine oil.  There are also some specialized oils on the market that are specially designed for high mileage vehicles.  These specialized oils have a component good for conditioning and protecting the seals to avoid a variety of leaks.


It is important to use the correct motor oil for your vehicle so as to get the most benefits for your vehicle’s engine type.  Oils come with various weights and different viscosity levels, which are important to take into consideration depending upon whether you drive your vehicle in colder climates or warmer.   For all these reasons, it is not hard to understand why the motor oil you use in your vehicle is, in essence, the bloodline of your vehicle which is why it is critical that you use the correct oil in order to keep your vehicle’s engine healthy and running well for years on end.

If you are in need of an oil change for your vehicle, or any other type of automotive repairs or services, then surely you have come to the right place.  The highly skilled and dedicated team of automotive technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin is on hand to assist with all your automotive needs and, rest assured, when you venture on down to our clinic for a vehicle oil change our team will always use the correct oil.  To learn more about the proper motor oil to use for your vehicle, or to schedule an appointment reach out to our staff today.  We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best all round automotive services this side of Tennessee.

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Using the Correct Motor Oil is Critical to Your Vehicle’s Performance

Using the Correct Motor Oil is Important

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