Useful Tips For Increasing Gas Mileage

With rising costs in the economy and most assuredly the increase in gasoline prices, we are all on the lookout for ways to improve our vehicle gas mileage. It goes without saying that driving less would certainly reduce the amount of gas used, but is this really a true option? We all have a desperate need for our vehicles every day and surely we all have the need to drive. With that said, buying gas is essential to getting us where we need to go day in and day out. There are, however, a number of ways for increasing gas mileage, which is why we here at Auto Clinic of Franklin have put together these useful tips.

Are you determined to spend less money on gas and still get to where you need to go each day? Well then, these practical tips can help you accomplish just that. Read More

The Pros and Cons of Investing In Winter Tires

Snow Tires

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, it is certainly safe to say that we know a good deal about cars and tires alike. With that said, often times our clients will inquire as to whether or not it is necessary to invest in winter tires. When the temperatures outside begin to drop and winter makes its presence known, there are many benefits of having winter tires. Read More

What is that Strange Noise Coming From My Vehicle?

Repairing the car

So, you are driving along and all of a sudden you hear this very unfamiliar, but noticeable noise coming from your vehicle. Whether a clunking sound, a loud clank, a squeal or a whistle, don’t dismiss it and just keep on keeping on. It is important to identify the source of the sound in order to determine what the source of the problem is. With that said, the friendly staff here at Auto Clinic of Franklin has put together these helpful tips to help you identify that strange noise and know when it’s time to head on over to your mechanic or when a noise is much less urgent. Read More

Affordable Franklin Auto Maintenance Services

Auto Repair

Proper care and maintenance is vital to the performance and life expectancy of any vehicle. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we are committed and dedicated to providing top of the line Franklin Auto Maintenance services for all our valued clients. We take tremendous pride in our quality products and services and in helping our clients to properly maintain their vehicles.

Without proper routine maintenance of your vehicle, over time you will find yourself spending a great deal of money on costly vehicle repairs. Setting aside money regularly will ensure that you have the funding when the need arises to have maintenance or repairs performed on your vehicle. Further, we advise all our clients to get in the habit of scheduling routine maintenance appointments as well. Read More

The Importance of Greasing Franklin Suspension Components


Greasing Franklin suspension components is an important part of good auto maintenance. Many modern suspension components rely on grease to function properly, and to prevent wear. While much of a car’s suspension is sealed with grease today and made so that you can’t properly grease it yourself, there are still some areas of a vehicle’s suspension that benefit from regular grease application. Vehicle owners looking to get the most out of their cars, trucks and SUVs should purchase a grease gun and regularly fill grease fittings with fresh grease, or they should hire a mechanic to keep up with regular maintenance, including filling those grease fittings.

Extend the Life of Franklin Suspension Components

Franklin suspension components are constantly in motion and they come up with other components. Grease is necessary to slow down wear and to keep the different joints and sockets of the vehicle functioning properly. If grease fittings are allowed to get dry, your suspension components will wear out very quickly, leaving you with a rough riding vehicle and parts that require replacing.

Add Grease Yourself

Adding grease to a grease fitting isn’t that difficult, you simply attach a compatible grease gun and pump the fitting full of grease until you notice grease emerging from a different section of the component, or until you simply can’t add more grease to the fitting. By doing this regularly you’ll know for sure that your components are in good working order. A grease gun is affordable and replacement grease can be purchased regularly, but you need to be willing to take the time to do the job, and to check on the components of the vehicle regularly to keep it in good shape over time.

Get a Mechanic to do the Job

If you don’t want to mess with greasing up the fittings on your own vehicle, you can have a mechanic do the job for you. Many mechanics throw this type of job in along with regular maintenance, but it’s important that you ask whether or not it’s included, and that you find out if the mechanic can add in greasing your components during a service date if he wasn’t going to originally. It may cost you a bit more than the standard service, but you’ll be protecting and preserving your vehicle in the process.

Greasing up a vehicle is important maintenance and something that needs to be prioritized. If you own a vehicle with grease fittings it’s vital that you have the components serviced regularly and that you keep up with grease needs of the vehicle before excess wear occurs. Speak with the auto clinic of Franklin to find out how we can get your vehicle in the best shape possible.

Using Ethanol in Your Fuel Tank and How it Affects Maintenance


There are two different types of ethanol gasoline fuel that you can buy today, one is appropriate for nearly every vehicle and the other is only appropriate for flex-fuel vehicles that are designed to accept it. It’s important to understand what types of fuel you can use in your vehicle and how adding ethanol to your fuel tank can affect maintenance requirements.

What is Ethanol?

It is a refined alcohol that’s around 200 proof. It’s created from corn, wheat, and sugar and burns in fuel tanks just like gasoline, just at lower temperatures. It’s used to fuel many vehicles today and is even used in high-performance race cars to help keep them cooler during extended high-performance operation.

The Two Types of Ethanol Fuel

A common type of gasoline that’s sold today is E10 or gasoline that is made up of 10% ethanol. This mixture works fine in nearly all automobiles today, though many people avoid putting it into their boats when going out onto the water. Ethanol is an efficient fuel and runs just fine when combined with gas at the proper proportions.

The other type of fuel is E85 and this contains approximately 85% ethanol and only 15% gasoline fuel. This runs in special vehicles that are designed to accept the fuel and it’s vital that you make sure your car can take it before you fill up with it. Put E85 into the wrong type of vehicle and you could cause serious engine problems.

Change your Fuel Filter More Frequently

Ethanol is generally good for your fuel system, but it does serve as a solvent that will clear up the gunk in your lines. While this is a positive thing, it means that you’ll have to change your fuel filter soon after making the switch to a blend of fuel that utilized ethanol if you haven’t been using ethanol-infused gasoline up until now. You’ll have cleaner fuel lines and can go back to the regular maintenance cycles for your fuel filter after the initial change, but it’s important to keep this in mind if you’re making the switch after a few years of standard gasoline.

This is a powerful fuel source and a good way to get away from fossil fuels at least partially, but it’s only a positive thing when used properly. Take care to use this fuel according to your manufacturer directions and never put the wrong type of fuel in your vehicle or you’ll risk serious problems.

Speak with the Auto Clinic of Franklin to get more useful tips for the life of your vehicle.

Save Money and Avoid Premium Fuel It’s Not Worth it

Premium Fuel

A common misconception with high quality vehicles is that you have to pay for premium fuel to drive around in them, and that premium fuel will somehow help them perform better. While it is necessary to use premium fuel in some vehicles, experts at Consumer Reports have proven that premium fuel isn’t a good investment unless it’s absolutely necessary. That means that you can save yourself money by going with the regular fuel and invest in your vehicle in more effective ways.

Fuel Economy and Power Remain the Same

Premium fuel is believed to improve the fuel economy of vehicles or to make them perform more effectively. These assumptions aren’t true though. Cars running with premium fuel perform about the same as cars running on regular fuel. That means you won’t see many benefits at all from paying the extra money.

Reliability Doesn’t Change

Even though premium fuel doesn’t make a car more efficient or more powerful, many people believe that it will make the vehicle more reliable or that the engine is going to stay in better shape because of the fuel. Unfortunately long-term testing doesn’t prove that. Vehicles show about the same level of reliability, no matter what type of fuel is used in them.

Some Cars Require Premium Fuel

There are some cars out on the road that need premium fuel to run properly. There are the only vehicles that you need to buy premium fuel for. If premium is recommended for your vehicle, just skip it and go with regular, otherwise you are wasting your money that could be spent on something else instead for more benefits.

Making More Effective Investments

Instead of buying that expensive fuel, change the oil in your vehicle more often. Go with high quality synthetic oil. Pay to have the vehicle serviced more often. Pay to have it washed clean after driving around on salty roads. All these simple investments will make a bigger difference than driving around with high cost fuel, and they are all things that you can do without spending too much money.

Keep this in mind, invest in other ways to improve your vehicle instead, and you should be able cut your costs and make the most of your vehicle at the same time. To keep your vehicle in the best shape, speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. 

Importance of Changing Your Nashville Wipers

Wipers in Nashville Tennessee

Driving is a pretty dangerous activity on a good day. There are hundreds of different obstacles and it only takes one driver to make a minor mistake and you’re in a whole lot of trouble because of it. Things become much worse when you can’t see out your vehicle properly. Whether it’s raining, sleeting or you simply have a dirty windshield, you are at a serious risk when you can’t see right where you are going. That’s why you have to pay attention to your Nashville wipers and make sure they are in excellent shape all throughout the year.

Look for Streaking

An early indicator that your Nashville wipers are failing is streaking. Your windshield should come almost entirely clean, and if that isn’t happening any longer, the rubber on your wipers is wearing out. This is the time that you should head to the store and pick up a new set of wipers. If you are proactive about changing them, you’ll never run into a problem while driving around Nashville Tennessee.

Choose Quality Wipers

Just because a pair of Nashville wipers are affordable, doesn’t mean you should buy them. Instead, take the time to pick out a high quality pair of wipers that are at a medium price-point. These wipers will do a decent job of keeping your windows clean, while also not breaking the bank in the process. Check the box to make sure that they will fit your specific vehicle properly, and try the wipers on right outside the store whenever you can, so you can return the wrong pair if you happen to get them. You should try out a few different kinds of wipers over your first couple changes, until you come up with a brand that you prefer, and when you do you should stick with them from then on.

Changing Your Nashville wipers

When you’ve selected the proper size Nashville wipers, closely follow the directions on the package to swap them into your vehicle. Doing so shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes after you read through the packaging. Make sure that you are careful to clip them in completely, so that they remain on your vehicle as you drive around.

Consider Keeping a Spare

When you go to buy a new set of windshield wipers, you should consider buying two sets at that time. Doing so allows you to keep a spare available in your vehicle in case your other ones where out and you can’t get a new set immediately. With a spare set stashed away, you’ll never have a reason not to replace your windshield wipers.

If you aren’t sure about changing your own Nashville wipers, or you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of it all, consider going to a garage in Nashville Tennessee and having professionals make the swap for you. You’ll save time and you’ll know they are installed properly as well. Let us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin help you switch them out. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

How to Maintain Your Franklin Car’s Leather Interior

Franklin car's leather interior

While a Franklin car’s leather interior can be one of the best parts about your automobile, it also means that you’ll have to take extra time ensuring that it remains in good condition over time. Leather is quite durable, but if you want it to continue looking nice and relatively new over time, you need to know how to clean it and maintain it properly.

Pre-Cleaning Your Seats

One of the most important parts of maintaining your leather seats is keeping them clean. Keeping away dirt, grime and sand will help slow down wear on your seats and keep them looking nice. Begin cleaning by wiping them down with a soft brush. Use the brush to wipe off any dirt or debris down onto the floor where it can be vacuumed up with ease.

Now quickly go over your seats with a vacuum using a soft hose attachment. Get into any cracks and crevices that the brush may have missed during the first pass. Once the vacuuming is complete, take a damp cloth and gently wipe it over all the surfaces to remove any remaining dirt and dust.

Thoroughly Clean the Franklin Car’s Leather Interior

Now that you are finished pre-cleaning, it’s time to get your seats cleaned up using an actual cleaner. Take the quality leather cleaner that you selected and apply a small amount to a section of the seat that isn’t in view. Follow the directions for the cleaner and make sure that you don’t get any discoloration during the process.

Now apply the cleaner to all of the Franklin car’s leather interior surfaces in the vehicle and allow it to sit for time listed on the directions. Spray the seats down with the amount of cleaner listed in the directions, and then rub it around with a soft damp cloth to get it into place everywhere. Gently scrub the seats using the same brush that you used earlier to help achieve a deep clean on your seats. Finally, take a microfiber cloth and wipe away all the foam and debris from your seats. They are now clean.

Conditioning Your Seats

Cleaning up your seats is just the first step to good Franklin car’s leather interior maintenance. You also need to take the time to condition the seats against future damage. Obtain a water-based conditioner with a neutral PH, and test it on a small section of your seat just like you did with the cleaner. Apply the conditioner by rubbing it in with a microfiber cloth. Once applied you should let the car sit alone in a dark spot for at least 12 hours. This will help the conditioner set in fully.

Now your seats are protected and ready for regular use. Just make sure you remember to repeat the process regularly. You should do the same thing once every month, or every other month at the latest. If you want other valuable vehicle tips, like Franklin car’s leather interior maintenance or diagnostics on your vehicle; speak with us here at Franklin Auto Clinic. Set up an appointment with us today!

Franklin Tune Ups Help Keep Your Vehicle From Overheating

Meet Our Team

If you have a vehicle that has not been in for quite some time to have Franklin tune ups or any mechanical work done on it, then anything can go wrong. This is especially true as the hot summer sun beats down on you from above. When the vehicle overheats, it can cause problems for not only the vehicle, but the people that have to sit inside it waiting for someone to come get them.

Franklin Tune Ups are Important

With Franklin tune ups, you’re easily able to enjoy more out of your vehicle. You not only know that it is going to work when you need it too, but you know what problems might come about if you do not have these issues repaired. This might also give you a heads up to not take a vacation that is far away.

Tune ups keep the vehicle in it’s peak running condition. This allows you to feel more confident about driving around in it, while also enjoying the benefit of knowing that the new parts are going to keep you going.

When the hot summer sun is shining down, then knowing more about the vehicle is essential. The motor is a hot piece of machinery that needs to be cooled down in order to continue running. When the sun is working from above, it can become overheated easily if the radiator inside the vehicle is not properly working.

Always have a professional take a look at the vehicle and do the diagnostics, maintenance and tune ups that are needed. You should trust that they know what they’re doing when the time comes. Only a professional is able to do these for you and make sure they’re done correctly.

Speak with the Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out how we can provide you with the essential Franklin tune up that your vehicle needs. You should feel more confident about driving around in the vehicle when the time comes. You want to be safe, rather than sorry and you want to keep your vehicle running and in the best shape possible when the time comes. Contact them today to set up a vehicle tune up appointment.