vehicle’s AC system

The scorching hot summer temperatures can certainly be challenging and unbearable at times. Whether you are off to school, work or any other enjoyable event, the last thing you want to do is arrive at your event all sweaty and uncomfortable. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to remind all our valued clients to be sure and test your vehicle’s AC system before summer is in full bloom.

When you test your AC system, be sure to avoid doing so on a scorching 90-degree summer day, but rather on a somewhat cool and comfortable day. This will help to ensure that your vehicle’s cooling system is fully operational and performing at peak levels.

vehicle’s AC system

vehicle’s AC system


There are a number of system issues that can occur with your vehicle’s AC system. More times than not, the problem is minor and easily fixable, but every now and again you could find yourself faced with a major system problem. The most common issues are hot air blowing, a musty or stagnant smell or even a rattling noise coming from the AC. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we want to share some helpful tips for ensuring that your AC system is up to the summer challenge.


The helpful tips we suggest include:

  • Testing all the fan speeds to ensure they are all working;
  • Put your AC system on the coldest setting you have and ensure that all vents are blowing air out.
  • If you notice a stagnant or even foul smell, then it’s time to get your vehicle over to our trusted facility here at Auto Clinic of Franklin.
  • Give focus to any noises or rattling sounds coming from underneath the hood. If you notice a noise, again, be sure to get your vehicle over to our automotive facility to be checked out.
  • Be sure there are no system leaks which can cause Freon to escape and allow moisture to find its way into your AC system.
  • Be sure that your air filter is changed out since debris can ultimately clog your system.


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our certified technicians will inspect your system and run your vehicle’s AC system test to ensure that your AC system does not break down or give up this summer. Bring your vehicle down to our trusted automotive shop and let our team of experts inspect your vehicle, test your AC system and provide any additional services you may need. There is no automotive service or repair too big, too small or too complicated for our team of professionals. Summer is here so come on down and let us make certain your AC system is operational and equipped to handle the scorching hot summer temperatures.

Our technicians take pride in providing all our valued clients with the highest quality automotive parts and services this side of Franklin. Whether your vehicle’s AC system needs inspection or is giving you problems, or you have any other automotive repair or service needs, you have definitely come to the right place. Our team is steadfast in our efforts to offer clients affordable, efficient solutions for all your automotive needs. For more information on your AC system, its proper care and maintenance, and how to ensure you will enjoy a cool and comfortable ride all summer long, simply give a shout out to one of our team today. Don’t Delay. Schedule your appointment today!

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Don’t Forget Your Summer Emergency Road Kit

Emergency Road Kit

Summer is about to make its full presence known which means drivers need to take precautions to ensure the overall safety of their families when travelling this summer. From all those exciting trips to the beach, summer concert travels, and even cross-country adventures, we here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to remind all our clients to be sure to pack an emergency road kit before heading out on your travels.

Unsuspecting car problems can happen anytime and anywhere which is why it is so important to always be prepared. Our team wants to share some important tips and measures all drivers should take to ensure the safety of all their passengers when travelling. From a sudden breakdown to many a car issue, the challenges can be many and being prepared to handle them is sure to make your travels and your experiences much easier and more enjoyable.

Emergency Road Kit

Emergency Road Kit


Travelling with a fully stocked emergency road kit is a surefire way of being prepared to handle the unexpected. There are a variety of essential items you should include in your emergency kit including, but not limited to, the following:

  • · Jumper Cables – First and foremost, you want to ensure that you have a quality set of jumper cables in your kit. If you are faced with a dead car battery, it is these reliable cables that are sure to get you up and running again.
  • · A Flashlight – If you are faced with an unsuspecting auto problem in the evening hours, there is nothing quite as challenging and even more fearful than being trapped by the side of the road with no flashlight in hand. A flashlight affords you the means to see your evening surroundings and helps you to move about in the dark. In addition to your trusty flashlight, be sure you pack an extra set of batteries in your emergency road kit as well.
  • · Flat Tire Assembly and Tools – A flat tire is a common issue for many drivers and can certainly occur at any time and in any location without any warning whatsoever. Having the appropriate tire assembly and the necessary tools on hand is a must do for every driver. A proper tool assembly would include the spare tire itself, a lug wrench and a jack. Be sure you know how to properly change out a flat tire and that you are familiar with how to use all the tools in your tire assembly kit.
  • · Reflective Triangles and Hazard Flares – If ever you find yourself experiencing car trouble or any type of a breakdown and want to attempt to resolve the auto issues yourself, be sure you have packed in your emergency road kit reflective triangles and hazard flares. These items are essential to your safety while you work on your vehicle. Further, these items are important should you elect to call for roadside assistance. The reflective components should be displayed on the road while you sit in waiting for your roadside assistance to arrive.
  • · Other Important Items to Pack – Other miscellaneous items you want to include in your emergency kit are those of bottled water, snacks that are non-perishable, a first aid kit and even a blanket and coat.


Summer is right around the corner now and if you are planning on travelling a bit this summer the folks here at Auto Clinic of Franklin highly recommend you take every precaution you can. Certainly, you don’t want your summer travels and fun to be hindered by automotive issues, which is why we suggest that all our clients travel with the perfect emergency road kit. We want you to also keep in mind that if you are in need of any type of auto services or repairs, be sure to look to the professional team of certified technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin today. We look forward to our every opportunity to serve you and hope all our clients and their families have a safe and enjoyable summer season ahead!

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Tips for Spring Wet Weather Driving

Wet Weather Driving

Now that spring is in full bloom and summer right around the corner, drivers need to give some focus to wet weather driving that often occurs during the May and June rainy months. When accidents do occur, most individuals tend to lay blame with the weather itself rather than their lack of attention and focus to the conditions at hand. Rainy wet roads and highways are familiar driving hazards that drivers can easily and effectively prepare for by thinking ahead, being patient and staying focused. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to share some simple, but important tips to help you when driving in wet weather conditions.

Wet Weather Driving

Wet Weather Driving


For the most part, the failure of a driver to respond appropriately to the hazardous weather conditions and to the many risks that are affiliated with those conditions, is more times than not the primary cause of many accidents that occur when drivers find themselves faced with the challenge.

  • Various weather conditions, whether rain, snow, ice or hail, have a direct impact on your visibility, traction and your ability to properly control your vehicle. When driving in any type of wet weather, it is important to recognize that every vehicle needs to have greater distance and space between them in the driver’s efforts to maintain consistent control. When you are driving in conditions that present with reduced traction, it is best to allow an additional distance of at least double the normal amount of space you would allow in dry weather conditions so as to be able to deal with and handle the current driving conditions.
  • Further to your ability to drive safely in wet weather is the simple fact that your tires need to be in tip top shape since the contact they have with the roadway is critical to your ride. If your tires do not have sufficient treads, they will be unable to move the water away from your tires and will ultimately cause your vehicle to hydroplane. Hydroplaning typically occurs when your tires have a minimized grip capability because of the water buildup between the roadway and your tires. With that said, it is important you keep a close watch on your tire tread depths and the overall health and safety of your tires.
  • You also want to be sure to check your windshield wiper blades regularly and certainly in advance of any wet weather driving you may have to do. Remember, when purchasing wiper blades, you absolutely get what you pay for so investing a little bit of money on premium windshield wipers is sure to be a benefit you’ll appreciate over and over again.
  • Be sure to maintain a safe speed when driving in the rain or other wet weather and make always turn your lights on when driving as well. Fog lights can be especially helpful when driving in hazardous wet weather conditions.
  • Finally, wet weather driving requires drivers to engage in gentle use of their steering, brakes, clutch and accelerator in their efforts to minimize errors, accidents and/or emergencies. Bottom line – take it easy when you are driving in any type of wet weather conditions.


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, we are committed to the well-being and safety of all our valued clients which is why we wanted to share these wet weather driving tips with you. If you have any questions about hazardous driving conditions and the risks, feel free to reach out to our friendly, certified professionals. Our team looks forward to serving you and to providing you with the highest quality automotive services and repairs this side of Franklin. Don’t delay. Schedule your appointment today!

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Safe Summer Driving Tips for Drivers of All Ages

safe summer driving

Well, summer has finally arrived. During the warm summer months there tend to be a whole lot more drivers on the road, especially since there is no snow, ice, or slippery conditions to contend with. With that said the folks here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to offer some important tips for safe summer driving.

safe summer driving

safe summer driving

Families and friends venture out on summer vacations, couples take romantic road trips to lovely destinations, and overall the traffic on the roads and highways in both the cities and rural areas is desperately increased. With that said, there is also an increased risk of traffic accidents during the many summer holidays including Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day because people tend to want to party, travel and enjoy adventures during the holiday seasons. During the summer holidays, as well as the entire summer season, it is very important for drivers of all ages to practice safe driving tips and habits in their efforts to keep themselves, their passengers and their loved ones all safe while traveling.

Here are some simple, practical and safe summer driving tips for everyone to follow:

  • Pay close attention to various summer road conditions – Though there is no snow or ice to contend with in the summer time, but rather warm, comfortable weather and lots of sunny skies, during the summer months there are a variety of other road conditions you need be aware of. Hot temperatures and overly dry atmospheres can contribute to cracks in the roadways that can disrupt your safety while driving. Be on the lookout for tricky road conditions. In addition, during the summer months and in the late afternoons, the sun typically causes visibility issues when driving, be prepared by keeping a good pair of sunglasses on hand in your vehicle.
  • Don’t be sidetracked by distractions – Carpooling with co-workers, taking road trips with loved ones or heading out on family vacations can certainly make summer a whole lot more fun. However, when travelling with passengers you have an increased risk of distractions while driving. Whether conversations, excessive laughing, passing food and drinks, or using a cell phone, the number of distractions while driving are many. With that said, be sure to instruct your passengers to avoid distracting you while driving so as to ensure the safety of all your passengers. Passengers should avoid making sudden loud noises or outbursts or showing you that funny post on Facebook. Your full attention, when driving, should always be on the road ahead and safety should be at the top of your priority list.
  • Always drive defensively – When driving you should always keep a good distance behind the car in front of you and never tailgate. Be aware of other drivers on the road and always, but always use your proper signals. You also want to be mindful of all the traffic around you and always adhere to the speed limits. Practicing defensive driving will afford you the opportunity to keep yourself and your passengers safe and out of harms way.

We hope you find these safe summer driving tips useful. Remember, should you find yourself in need of automotive repairs or routine automotive services, then surely we are the team for you. The highly experienced technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin are committed to the satisfaction and safety of all our valued clients.

Summer is finally here, so don’t forget to have your AC system checked, your brakes adjusted, and even your windshield wipers replaced before you start enjoying all that summer driving. We look forward to serving you and to providing the highest quality automotive services this side of Franklin, season after season, year after year. With summer now upon us, we send along wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer and ask you to be mindful of our safe summer driving tips!

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Indicators That You May Need a New Brakes Installation

Brakes Installation

Brakes Installation

Many drivers are completely unaware of the fact that they may be driving a vehicle that is in need of a brakes installation. For those drivers who possess the proper insight and knowledge to recognize when their brakes are failing, scheduling the install of new brakes comes naturally. However, the majority of drivers are entirely unaware of the signs that outwardly indicate it is time to install new brakes.


There is a wide range of automotive shops and facilities where vehicles can be repaired and serviced. Choosing the best automotive service provider to meet with your personal needs can be quite challenging and indeed confusing to many people. With that said, the team of highly skilled and experienced automotive specialists here at Auto Clinic of Franklin take a great deal of pride in providing not only the highest quality automotive parts, repairs and services, but also in providing our valued clients with the knowledge and insight they need to understand various automotive services.

Our team is steadfast in meeting the personal needs of all our clients and in providing all the automotive repairs and services needed, including new brakes installations. Having been recognized in the industry time and time again for our top-rated services and performance, our team is committed to maintaining this very presence in the marketplace by continuing to meet customer needs at the highest levels.


If you are unaware of the warning signs that your vehicle may be in need of new brakes, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to provide you with some of the most common warning signs you can look out for. If you find yourself faced with any of the warning signs below, don’t delay. Reach out to our team of expert technicians today. Common warning signs include:

  • An auto accident that you have been involved in as a result of failed brakes or perhaps the avoidance of a near auto accident as a result of slowly responding vehicle brakes.
  • The presence of loud squeaking or screeching sounds when you apply your brakes.
  • A warning light that appears on your dash, indicating that you have an existing problem with your current braking system.
  • If you have driven your vehicle for more than 28,000 miles without having a brakes installation chances are now may be the ideal time to invest in those new brakes.
Brakes Installation

Brakes Installation


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our highly skilled, certified and licensed automotive technicians and specialists are committed to meeting the personal needs of all our valued clients. We take pride in our state of the art products, services, and repairs and in our dedicated team of professionals who are on hand to meet your every automotive need. Our team and facility prides ourselves on our visible marketplace presence and strive to maintain our industry recognition by delivering only the best all round automotive products and services. We are proud of our attractive turnaround times and our competitive, affordable prices and especially proud of our talented team of automotive specialists. With that said, if you are in need of a brakes installation for your vehicle, be sure to reach out to the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, who offers both quick and efficient brake repairs, services and complete installations for all our valued Franklin clients and those in the adjacent towns as well. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with all your personal automotive repairs and services today and every day!

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Windshield Wipers: Replacement – When, How, & Why

Windshield Wipers

One of the more common, puzzling questions for many vehicle owners is the simple concern about when to change their windshield wipers on their car or truck.  Many windshield wiper manufacturers highly recommend that wiper blades are changed at least twice per year on all vehicles.  Though quite simple and practical advice, the truth is that there is no specific timeline for the lifespan of your wipers but rather upgrading or changing them is dependent upon the various conditions your vehicle encounters during the year and on the amount of wear and tear they experience.

When to Change Your Windshield Wipers

Depending upon the amount of wear and tear your wipers have seen and the various weather conditions they have faced, timelines for changing your windshield wipers will vary.  If you live in locations where there is little to no rain, then your wipers are apt to last at least 6 months, if not longer.  Without the presence of harsh weather conditions and especially in cooler climates, your wipers may very well not need to be changed but once per year or even once every two years.

If you live in an area that experiences a whole lot of rain or snow or in an area where it is extremely hot year-round or if you house your vehicle outdoors during extremely hot temperatures, there is a good chance you will need to replace your wipers every 6 months.  It is important that you also change your rear wipers at the same time you change the front wipers in your efforts to maintain a consistent and accurate maintenance schedule for your vehicle wipers.

Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Wipers

At Auto Clinic of Franklin our highly skilled and experienced automotive technicians are on hand to provide you with all your vehicle maintenance and care needs.  If you are not certain whether or not your blades need replacing, don’t fret.  Simply bring the vehicle on down to our trusted facility and let our techs take a look.

The Professionals You Can Trust

Windshield Wipers ReplacementWhen you rely upon the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, you are putting your trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in the industry.  Whether you are in need of wiper blades, repairs or routine automotive services, we are the team for you.  Our team of dedicated professionals takes a great deal of pride in our top-rated customer service and customer satisfaction rating, which is why we are steadfast in meeting all the needs of our clients in timelines that are accommodating to their individual needs.  Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our clients and their safety are our number one priority.  There is nothing as important to us than the overall safety and well-being of all our valued clients which is why our team of automotive experts give focus to all your vehicle needs.

If you are in need of emergency automotive repairs, typical repair services, common automotive services or even a change of your vehicle windshield wipers, then surely you have come to the right place.  The professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin look forward to serving you and to providing you with the highest quality and affordable automotive services this side of Franklin whether winter, spring, summer or fall. Don’t delay in contacting our team today.  With the holiday season now upon us, the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to send along wishes for a very safe and happy holiday season to all our valued clients and their families from our house to yours!

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How Changing Outdoor Temperatures Impact Tires

We all experience a wide range of climate changes with weather conditions in the summer months being warm and temperatures in the winter months being much colder.  Here in the south our summers are typically very hot and the humidity levels high, whereas in the northwest the summers are warm with very cool and comfortable morning and evening temperatures.  In the northern portion of the country the winters are extremely cold with mountains of snow, ice and below zero temperatures, while here in Tennessee and the south altogether the winters are quite mild.   Regardless of where you live, however, the outdoor temperatures impact tires, whether winter, spring, summer or fall. Read More

Important Fall Driving Tips

With fall almost here, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin have some very important tips to offer our valued clients about safe fall driving. When the season changes driving conditions change as well.  There are specific dangers that come into play that drivers should be on the lookout for when driving in the fall months.  The tips we have here for you are meant to help our clients know just what to look for this fall when driving. Read More

Don’t ‘Fall’ Behind on Your Vehicle Maintenance

Autumn Driving

Now that summer is coming to a close and the fall and winter months ahead, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to remind all our valued clients not to fall behind on their vehicle maintenance.  We highly recommend all our clients perform maintenance on their vehicles to properly prepare them for the challenging fall and winter driving seasons ahead.


Get Ready for the Slippery Fall and Winter Driving Conditions – The fall season typically presents with lots of rain and falling leaves that make for very slippery driving conditions, as we all know.  Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we want to ensure that your tires and vehicles are set to handle the many challenging driving conditions that present themselves during the fall and winter months.

Proper Tire Pressure – Ensure that your tires have sufficient air pressure and treads for the driving months ahead.  Be sure that you measure the tire pressure, including your spare tire, and make certain they are balanced and properly inflated.  When your tires are at optimal pressure levels they not only will last longer, but will also save on gas and enhance the overall handling and driving capabilities of your vehicle.

Windshield Wiper Blades – Install new wiper blades to accommodate the rainy conditions as well as any winter snowfalls.  If your wipers are split, squeaking, streaking or skip at all, then it’s time to invest in a new winter set of blades.

Wheel alignment and Suspension – Before the cold weather sets in, be sure to have one of our certified mechanics inspect both the wheel alignment and suspension of your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle will provide you with a safe and smooth ride in the cold weather months ahead.

Check Your Battery, Wires and Plugs – Temperature and weather changes can challenge your vehicle’s electrical components and minimize the performance of your vehicle.  With that said, the qualified technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to remind you to test and if necessary replace your vehicle’s battery, plugs and wires.

Check Your Braking System –  The fall season lets loose with a whole lot of rain and the winter months can present with cold, icy conditions.  With that said, be sure to have your braking system fully inspected, including the brake fluid levels, the hoses and lines, as well as your emergency parking brake to ensure they are in operating order.

Routine comprehensive fall/winter vehicle maintenance that is performed not only will improve the safety of your vehicle, yourself and your passengers, but will also help to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle as well.  We all know how tricky driving can be in the slippery fall months, especially with excessive rainfall mixed with lots of beautiful falling leaves.  So, take time out to ensure that your vehicle can meet the cold weather driving challenges ahead.  In addition to defensive, careful driving techniques and habits, be sure you have also invested in the proper amount of car insurance as well.  There could be a variety of hazards when driving during the cold weather seasons, and having proper auto insurance in place will certainly benefit you should an accident or other incident occur.

We hope you have found this blog informative and useful and want to remind all our valued clients that when you find yourself in need of top of the line automotive products, repairs and services, whether preventative or not, then surely you have come to the right place.  The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin stands ready to meet all your automotive needs and that includes performing all your vehicle maintenance whether winter, spring, summer or fall.  Contact our staff today and schedule your fall/winter vehicle maintenance today!

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Important Spring Driving Tips for the Safe Driver

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we are excited and happy that the cold weather season is over and that Mother Nature has now given way to the warm spring temperatures and the onset of budding flowers and trees.  With that said, our friendly team of professionals wants to offer a few helpful spring driving tips to keep you and your family safe on the roadways this spring.  Read More