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We live in such a fast paced, hectic world. Getting from one place to the other is so important. Is it any wonder that our vehicles are so critical to our everyday life? Whether commuting to and from work each day or traveling for a vacation, a healthy maintained vehicle is essential. Here at The Auto Clinic of Franklin we are proud of our award-winning Franklin automotive services. We have provided all of our valued clients with our top-rated services and products here in Franklin over the past 10+ years. Read More

How to Make Your Franklin Vehicle Last

Auto RepairThe average vehicle lasts no more than 200,000 miles. But what if there is a way to supersede this number? There is!  The average car owner changes their oil every 5-10 thousand miles. The manufacturers recommend every 3 thousand. This alone can shorten the life of your vehicle. There are plenty of things that need to be changed and taken care of that many people neglect causing the life of their cars to be shortened dramatically. Here are some things that your Franklin vehicle needs to be repaired and changed regularly. Read More

Maintenance Considerations When Franklin Towing

Transmission Repair

Franklin towing maintenance

As a truck owner that tows regularly, you have more maintenance concerns than the average vehicle owner. You’re putting more strain on your vehicle than most people are after all. That means you have to stay on top of important maintenance tasks and take care of many maintenance tasks more often. Below is a breakdown of common maintenance considerations that you need to make as a regular hauler for Franklin towing services.

Stay on Top of Oil Changes

Your engine is working very hard as you tow trailers or anything else down the road. For that reason, it’s vital to change the oil at the recommended intervals or a bit sooner. Poor quality oil will force your engine to work even harder and can lead to premature engine failure or all sorts of other problems that you don’t want to do deal with.

Transmission Fluid in Franklin Towing

It’s vital that you stay on top of your transmission fluid as well. There are recommended transmission fluid intervals, but you should check the quality of the fluid before your suggested interval to be sure that it’s still decent quality. Get this fluid changed as needed and never let it go past the change interval if you can help it.


The brake system is arguably the most important system of a vehicle, and it’s up to you to keep it in tip-top shape. You can do this by swapping warn brake pads before they are down too low and keeping the brake fluid topped up. Also, make sure that you bleed your brakes after changing them to keep the braking nice and firm. Franklin towing is serious. 


It’s important to rotate your tires regularly, but that’s not all you should be worried about when driving your vehicle around. You want to make sure your tire pressure is at the proper levels and that you aren’t driving with too little tread. A blowout while towing is a very real danger, and all the added weight of the trailer is hard on your tires. Make sure that you don’t run into a serious problem out on the road by staying on top of your tires.

As the owner of a truck or SUV that’s used to tow regularly, it’s up to you to make sure all the proper maintenance is performed. You’re counting on your vehicle for more than just carrying you from place to place, and you have to take special care of it to keep things running smoothly for your Franklin towing vehicle.

Contact the Franklin Auto Clinic to set up your regular auto maintenance on your towing vehicle.

Taking Care of Common Maintenance Tasks Recommended by Manufacturers

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One of the best ways that you can extend the life of your vehicle is to maintain it properly. Not only will you keep your car running longer if you do things like changing the oil and swapping out the air filter once and awhile, but you’ll also improve its resale value and you might even sleep better at night knowing that your vehicle is in excellent shape. Unfortunately, there are many different maintenance tasks for you to stay on top of, and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to remember everything that needs to be done. Of course you can solve this problem by bringing your car in for services, but if you want to do everything yourself you’ll have to remember the important maintenance tasks yourself.

The Top Maintenance Tasks to Remember

  • Tire rotation
  • Oil change
  • Spark plugs
  • Spark plug wires
  • Fluid inspections
  • Air filter replacements
  • Transmission fluid
  • Timing belt replacement

The above list is most of the common replacements that you’ll need to remember and keep in mind while driving your vehicle. It’s important to keep an eye on the mileage of your vehicle and make replacements as specific by your owner’s manual.

There are some replacements that need to be made regularly, like an oil change and tire rotation, and there are others that aren’t needed nearly as often, such as the transmission fluid. Learning the intervals yourself will ensure that the work is always done on time. Take the time to become familiar with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and you can double check that the shop is doing the right work, or you can do the work yourself.

Consider Getting Your Vehicle Serviced

Even if you know the maintenance schedule for your vehicle, that doesn’t mean that you have to handle the maintenance yourself. Instead, you can work with a local garage and have your vehicle serviced regularly. You’ll have the major maintenance tasks taken care of for you, and the only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy your vehicle and how smoothly it performs.

By spending a bit of money maintaining your vehicle, you’ll avoid serious problems and expensive repairs. It’s a decent trade-off that most people are more than happy to make. Talk with a local garage about maintaining your vehicle, or look into doing all the work yourself. Just make sure that maintenance is performed or you’ll suffer from major repairs later on and wish that you did the work earlier.

Contact the Auto Clinic of Franklin to get an appointment for your service maintenance needs.

Now is the Time for Spring Franklin Car Maintenance!

Franklin car maintenance

With spring comes spring cleaning, but don’t neglect your vehicle during this time. You might have cleaned it inside and out, but it might need a bit more than that. Franklin car maintenance should also be at the top of your spring cleaning checklist. Not having a properly working car for the spring and summer months can be difficult. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to the auto maintenance you should be getting each spring time.

Spring Time Franklin Car Maintenance

Oil and Fluids

The oil and filter should be changed out during this time. This will make the vehicle run smoother, while giving it a boost after the long cold winter months. Other fluids should also be checked during this time, such as the brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid and coolant.

Wiper Blades

Spring time can be a bit rainy. Don’t be caught without working windshield wipers. Make sure that you have new ones installed on your vehicle to keep the rain from hitting the windshield and causing further problems. A good quality pair can provide this type of help.


A lot of people only think about tires when the winter months roll in, but spring time also means new tires. You want some that are not worn down and provide enough traction. As mentioned before, rain is something that comes with spring so making sure you have enough grip on the road is vital. Many quality tire brands are on the market today providing spring time tires that handle great in all types of wet weather.

Belts and Hoses

Franklin car maintenance in the spring months also means checking the belts and hoses throughout the system. In order to have a smooth driving and running vehicle, the belts and hoses have to work properly and be in great shape. If they’re worn out, they’ll need to be replaced.


This is a task that oftentimes goes overlooked. Lubricating the engine, chassis and other parts of the vehicle can help it run smoother, while also being able to easily start up. If these parts are dry and having a hard time due to sand and salt built up on them, it can cause further problems in the spring time. Skip the hassle and make sure to grab the Franklin car maintenance sooner, rather than later.

Since it is spring, it is time to get that Franklin car maintenance done. Schedule an appointment with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin or give us a call to learn more. We can make sure your vehicle is ready for the months ahead. 

When Buying Replacement Parts Don’t Skimp

replacement parts

It’s perfectly fine to make replacements on your own vehicle to save some money over taking it to a local garage. This is a method that many car owners rely on to cut their costs over time. That doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the replacement parts that you put into your vehicle though. No matter if you are changing the brake pads, rotors, parts of your suspension system, or anywhere else in your vehicle, you should go for high quality parts for the very best results.

Cheap Replacement Parts are Cheap for a Reason

While I’m not saying that you should always buy OEM parts for your vehicle, though that’s a good idea, I am saying that you shouldn’t buy the low-cost knockoff third-party parts that are so much cheaper than the other options out there. Sure these items might do the job for awhile, but they’re much more likely to develop problems over time. Often cheap brake pads use inferior compound, they are smaller in size, or they simply don’t function as well. Suspension components are thinner and more likely to break in the future.

Invest in Reliable Replacement Parts

There are certain part suppliers that are known for offering good quality parts, and these are the companies that you should deal with if you won’t buy dealer parts for your vehicles. Look for top quality suppliers with lengthy part warranties and stick with them. By adding these parts to your vehicle you’ll help keep it strong and reliable and will likely get more performance out of it over time. It’s a good step to take and an important investment to make for long-lasting performance.

Pay Attention to Warranties

Usually the best parts come with decent warranties. You want to get a good warranty in case something goes wrong with what you purchase. Paying a bit extra for a good warranty will save you on future repairs if they are needed, and will nearly always pay off in the end.

Whether you take your vehicle to a garage, or you do the work on it yourself at home, make sure that you are investing in good quality parts that are going to last. Skimping on parts is never a good idea, and it almost always ends up costing you something in the end. Make an appointment with the Auto Clinic of Franklin today to have new, high quality replacement parts put on your vehicle. 

The Importance of Servicing Your Franklin Vehicle on Time

Franklin Vehicle

Everyone loves getting a new vehicle, even if it is a new-used vehicle. However, not many people know that servicing the Franklin vehicle is important. You might not think about the many things that come with owning a vehicle or taking care of a vehicle when the time comes, but just keep in mind that maintenance and service on it are very important. Consider some of these aspects when you get your Franklin vehicle and need to keep it in the best shape possible, since these tips can help.

Servicing Your Franklin Vehicle

It is important to keep up on maintenance and service tasks for your Franklin vehicle, but what are these?

Changing Your Oil

The oil should be changed throughout the years that you own a vehicle. This not only keeps the vehicle in good working order, but the engine. You want to keep driving down the road without any issues, but if the oil has been in the car the past five years, it is not going to run as it should. Having an oil change each year can keep it in the best performance.

Checking Your Brakes

The brakes on the vehicle should always be checked each year. You want to make sure that they’re in the best shape. Often times, it is important to have them switched out. You don’t want to try to stop at a light only to find out that the brakes are not working as good as they should and you slip through it. Make sure to have these serviced when the time comes.

Up to Date Inspections

Having a thorough inspection done of the entire Franklin vehicle is important. Not only is this going to let you know of any issues, but they can also be addressed. With this service visit, you can then find out if you need a lot of work done that might not have been noticeable while driving or if you are still in good shape to go. Only a licensed mechanic is able to provide this check when it comes to it.

New Tires

Tires are good to change out every one to two years. When the tires on a vehicle are bald, this can lead to a lot of accidents. You will not have the grip you need to stop, which can cause a lot of problems. You might also screech a lot when turning corners. By replacing your tires, you’re keeping the vehicle up to date with service checks.

When the time comes to get the maintenance and service for your Franklin vehicle, speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. You can schedule your appointment right online for convenience and allow us to go through and fix any issues, while also taking care of the regular maintenance tasks. Your vehicle can continue to run like a champ when the time comes.

Why Get a Comprehensive Franklin Auto Checkup Annually

Auto Clinic of Franklin - Brakes

While most counties in Tennessee have requirements for Franklin auto emissions inspections when it comes to motor vehicles, these requirements don’t include inspecting many safety components of the vehicle. That means that vehicle owners are often unaware of developing problems that they should be taking care of. That’s why it’s highly recommended that owners consider going to a local mechanic and having a comprehensive Franklin auto inspection performed. This service will ensure that the vehicle is in good operating shape, and could help keep it in better condition over time.

Ensure Safety of the Franklin Auto

There’s nothing worse than driving a vehicle only to have a critical system like the brake system, or the engine fail. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s also highly inconvenient. By having your car, truck or SUV inspected on a regular basis, you’ll find out about problems before they are a real issue. This enhances your safety while out on the road, and could even save your life. It’s a good habit to get into, so consider having all the major components of your Franklin auto inspected when you go in for the annual emissions inspection.

Improved Franklin Auto Maintenance

A good annual inspection will ensure that any developing problems are recognize in your vehicle before they have a chance to become serious. Consider bringing your vehicle into a local Franklin auto shop to have it thoroughly looked over, and you’ll be able to save money on repair costs by finding out about potential problems before the problem spreads and becomes too serious.

Peace of Mind

If you neglect your vehicle, you’ll always wonder about potential problems that it’s developing over time. By taking the time to bring it in and have it inspected, you’ll know that you are driving a reliable vehicle and that you’re taking care of your investment. You’ll feel relaxed and at ease while driving around in your inspected vehicle.

Increased Resale Value

As long as you keep detailed records of each visit that you bring your vehicle in for, taking the trouble to have your vehicle inspected regularly will likely increase its resale value later on. You’ll be able to prove that you really care about your vehicle, and this will make prospective buyers comfortable with paying more money for the Franklin auto.

There are plenty of reasons to head to a Franklin auto mechanic and get a comprehensive inspection performed on your vehicle. If any of them seem valuable enough to you, consider making the investment and staying on top of any potential problems. Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to schedule your appointment

Franklin Auto Maintenance – Caring for your Transmission

Transmission Repair

Franklin Auto Maintenance

While most people handle standard Franklin auto maintenance tasks like changing brake pads, rotating tires, swapping out the air filter and changing the oil, there are other more advanced maintenance tasks that are equally important, even if you don’t have to do them as often.

One of these tasks is changing the transmission fluid regularly, but fluid changes depend on a few different variables, like whether your vehicle is a manual or an automatic. This isn’t a fun job to handle, but having it done regularly can prolong the lifespan of your transmission, one of the most expensive parts of your vehicle.

Why Change the Fluid?

Just like with oil, transmission fluid becomes contaminated over time. You’ll get small bits of metal and other nasty objects suspended in the fluid, and that can speed the wear on your vehicle’s transmission noticeably. In order to prolong the lifespan of your transmission, it’s important to change this fluid at the recommended interval.

Manual versus Automatic

Vehicle owners with a manual transmission are expected to change the fluid more regularly than owners with automatic transmissions. This means that you must track the mileage on your vehicle closely, and make sure that the fluid is changed at the proper interval. This generally varies between 30,000 and 60,000 miles, but in some instances you’ll be expected to change the fluid as soon as 15,000 miles if you are driving in harsh conditions.

It all depends on how much stop-and-go traffic you are in (more is harder on the transmission), what material your transmission is made from (aluminum is prone to wear faster) and what type of vehicle you drive.

Read your manual closely, and determine what the recommended change period is for the vehicle. This will help you stay on top of important tasks, so that you don’t run into issues later on when it comes to Franklin auto maintenance.

Can You Do Franklin Auto Maintenance Yourself?

If you’re an accomplished do it yourself and you’ve handled tasks like changing your brake pads, swapping out oil and changing the spark plugs, it’s likely that you can handle changing your transmission fluid as well, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to take on the task or not.

It’s a messy task and you’ll be required to remove the entire pan in order to change out the fluid and the filter. Even the pans that have a drain plug still require you to remove them to change out the filter, which is something you should do each time you change the fluid.

If you don’t want to deal with the mess, or you aren’t confident about tackling this type of project yourself, it’s a good idea to hire it out to a professional. You’ll save yourself time, you’ll do away with that mess and you’ll end up with a healthier vehicle because of it. Call us here or make an appointment at Franklin Auto Clinic for all of the Franklin auto maintenance you’re in need of.

Why Using an Auto Maintenance App Can Help Your Franklin Vehicle

Franklin Vehicle

If there’s anything that you should know about auto maintenance, consistency is highly important. Staying on top of important maintenance tasks is the only way to ensure that your Franklin vehicle continues running properly for years at a time.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to forget about maintenance tasks, or to overlook important tasks that should have been completed by the shop. It doesn’t matter if you rely on a shop in Franklin, TN to maintain your vehicle, or you do it yourself, a good solid app will help you stay on top of what needs doing.

Track Vital Maintenance Tasks

Some of the very best apps designed for vehicle maintenance are already programmed with common maintenance tasks, and you can easily add more into the system if you like. With a quality app in use, you’ll be able to see when important maintenance tasks are coming up and make sure that your tires are rotated, brakes are changed, oil and filter are maintained and that you are doing everything that needs doing.

This will extend the life of your Franklin vehicle, and give you the peace of mind that comes from staying on top of important maintenance tasks.

Keep Franklin Vehicle Records

Good service records let prospective buyers know how you maintained your Franklin vehicle while you were the owner. When you keep them maintained and up-to-date, you’ll find it much easier to sell your vehicle for a premium.

When the records are lacking, it’s difficult to command a decent price. A good solid app will serve as a service record keeper for you, and some will even allow you to store receipts and other proof of work completed.

Avoid Unnecessary Maintenance

I don’t know about you, but it’s common for me to schedule excessive service visits and maintenance related tasks just to ensure that my vehicle is staying in good shape, because I don’t quite remember the last time it was in the shop being cared for. This is a pretty serious issue, and is a bit wasteful to be honest.

With an app on your smartphone, you’ll always know when every single maintenance task was completed, and you’ll be able to schedule visits more reliably, so you don’t bring your Franklin vehicle to the shop too often and spend more than necessary.

Good auto maintenance apps are easy to obtain, and they will help you keep your vehicles in better shape, for less money. Add one to your phone and you’ll know exactly when you need to schedule your next service visit in Franklin, TN right here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin.