Buying Versus Leasing a Nashville Car

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If you’re considering getting a new vehicle, you really need to take the time to think about whether you should buy or lease your next Nashville car. There are benefits to either one, and the option that you choose should depend on which benefits are best for your needs.

Buying offers Long-Term Value

Buying a Nashville car is the best way to spend your money if you are in it for the long-haul. If you don’t mind keeping your vehicles for a decade or longer before you replace them with something else, then buying makes a lot of sense. You’ll save money once you don’t have the car payment any longer, and overall your cost of ownership will be more affordable than leasing all the time, as long as you pick a reliable vehicle.

Buying a Nashville Car is Good for High Mileage

If you drive very heavily, you pretty much need to buy your vehicle. That’s because when you lease a vehicle, you pay for the miles that you put on it. If you go over the agreed upon mile cap, and you will as a heavy driver, you pay a fee for every additional mile that you put on your vehicle, and it isn’t cheap!

Leasing Means Lower Payments and Lower Down Payment

When you want to minimize the amount of money that you’ll spend on your vehicle, leasing is really your best short-term solution. That’s because you can get into a lease with less money down, and you’ll enjoy lower monthly payments as well. Leasing is especially effective when buying luxury cars that would otherwise be too expensive.

Leasing Means Lower Repair Costs

Since you’ll continually have new vehicles that are under warranty, it’s uncommon to have to pay much in repairs. If you don’t like dealing with garages, or handling vehicle repairs, you’ll enjoy leasing. However, you might not have the choice on where to bring your Nashville car to obtain these repairs.

Switch a Nashville Car More Frequently with a Lease

If you enjoy switching from one Nashville car to another frequently, it makes a lot of sense to lease your vehicles. That’s because you can change to something newer and nicer every two or three years. You don’t have to worry about trying to sell off the vehicle, or building up massive loans from repeated trade-ins.

There are benefits to leasing or buying a vehicle. If you’re a long-term car owner that doesn’t mind dealing with repairs now and again or you drive a lot, owning is right for you. If you like new vehicles, don’t want to deal with repairs and want a lower monthly payment initially, leasing makes more sense.

Whether you buy or lease, your Nashville car is going to need maintenance, service upgrades and diagnostics done to it. Speak with us here at The Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out how our professionals can ensure that your vehicle is running in the best shape possible. Bring it in right after you purchase it to ensure that you’ve gotten a good deal.

Obtain Vehicle Service to Ensure Durability and Your Warranty

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If you have a new vehicle, it’s really important that you bring it in for scheduled service visits. This isn’t just so that you can say you’re a good vehicle owner and that you care about your vehicle, it’s for its health and to make sure you maintain your warranty coverage. Heading to the local service department is something that new vehicle owners simply have to resign themselves to, and it can actually save you a lot more money than it costs you.

Handle Regular Maintenance

Even brand new vehicles require regular maintenance, and if you aren’t taking the time to properly maintain your vehicle you could run into all sorts of issues. Old oil can contaminate your engine and increase wear and tear or even lead to early engine failure. Unchanged brakes create serious problems in the brake system that will have to be repaired later on, and those problems are much more costly than simply swapping out a pair of aging pads.

By having your car serviced, you get important maintenance issues out of the way, and ensure that you aren’t stuck with repair problems that simply shouldn’t exist. In this way, having your vehicle serviced regularly is likely to save you a whole lot of money, especially if you intend to keep the vehicle for several years.

Enhance Your Resale Value

One thing that prospective buyers like to see is that you took the time to maintain your vehicle. When you have a folder of receipts from all your vehicle service records, it’s really easy to prove that you took the time to care for your vehicle. If you plan to resell later on, it just makes sense to head in and have your vehicle serviced every time that it’s due, and doing so will likely improve the resale value of your vehicle.

Maintain Your Warranty With Regular Service Visits

A new vehicle almost always comes with a warranty of some sort, and that warranty is only going to protect your vehicle if you bother bringing it in to be serviced. If you just let it sit home and drive it around with handling maintenance issues you’ll find out that you don’t qualify for warranty coverage if you run into an issue later on. When you have records showing that the vehicle was serviced it becomes much easier to file a warranty claim and have the problem fixed without you having to pay for it.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out more regarding the service that we can provide. Schedule an appointment today!

Flat Tire? The Reasons Why You Need Franklin Vehicle Maintenance

Transmission Repair

Franklin Vehicle Maintenance

If you find yourself with a flat tire, and unsure of why this is; it might have been time for a Franklin vehicle maintenance check up. Not only does this provide you with many benefits, but it can keep your vehicle is the best working order, so nothing happens in the long run. With the right maintenance done on the vehicle throughout the year, you can feel more confident when it comes to driving around town, without having anything happen.

It Runs the Best it Can with Franklin Vehicle Maintenance 

When you want your vehicle to run to the best of it’s abilities, then you want to speak with the Franklin vehicle maintenance team that we have. They can do a thorough check to find out any issues that might be happening within the vehicle, while providing you with a way to easily have any problems fixed and restored back to how the vehicle should be running.

Be Aware of Issues You Might Not Have Known About 

During the inspection and Franklin vehicle maintenance check, the professionals will let you know about any problems or issues that they come across. This gives you a good idea of what to expect when it comes to what is being repaired or replaced inside the vehicle.

You Can Have Replacements Done 

There are many replacements that can be done when there is an issue found within the vehicle. When you speak with them more, they can replace them right then and there for you, so you do not have to worry about it later on. This includes the tires. Never have a blow out when you have the proper maintenance done throughout the years by qualified professionals.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out how we can provide you with the Franklin vehicle maintenance you’re in need of. We want to ensure that you’re happy with the outcome and through the use of our qualified service techs, you can have your vehicle maintained. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Importance of Franklin Auto Tune Ups

Transmission Repair

Franklin auto tune ups provide the vehicle owner with a wide array of benefits. Not only are they important to the vehicle, but they are also important to the person that is driving it. This is a process that can be done by a professional mechanic that knows what to look for when it comes to problem areas on the specific vehicle that you own.

Why You Should Get Franklin Auto Tune Ups 

Franklin auto tune ups are important for various reasons. It is important to find out these reasons so you’re better able to enjoy the benefits that come from a more reliable, efficient vehicle that you’re driving around.

  • Through the use of tune ups, you can find out any issues or problem areas that are happening in your vehicle.
  • You’re able to have necessary repairs done on your vehicle to make it more reliable.
  • Enjoy the benefits of having routine maintenance done during the service check up such as oil changes.
  • Have a safer vehicle to drive around in due to having it looked over, and this goes for vehicles that had nothing wrong with them, too.
  • Tune ups are also important to ensure that your vehicle is ready for inspections and registrations within the area.

While these are just some of the benefits that come from having Franklin auto tune ups, you can make sure to get the most from what is being provided. Enjoy the many different services that are also offered from the garage. In addition to these tune ups, you can also bring your vehicle in at any time there is a problem with it. We like to see everyone on the road safe and sound while they drive about.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out more about the auto tune ups in Franklin that can be done. We can ensure that you find a spot within our schedule. It is better to be safe, than sorry for this hot summer season that is upon us! Schedule your tune up in Franklin today!

What Do All of Your Dashboard Lights Mean?

Owning a vehicle can be something that everyone does, but what if you’re unsure of the lights that pop up on the dashboard from time to time? This is something that may need to be diagnosed, because some of those lights are important. They are your vehicles way of telling you that something is wrong, and that it should be fixed sooner, rather than later.

Common Dashboard Lights and What They Mean

Check Engine Light – The check engine light is one of the biggest lights you should know. This is because, it is also one of the most important. You want to make sure your vehicle is in good standing, and if this light is on, it might be dangerous to drive. It will not pass an inspection with the light on, and you will need to have a garage read what the light means through a code reader. They can then better fix the issue you’re having.

Brake System – Brakes can have multiple issues with them. Whether there is a warning for them, or if the ABS unit is not working correctly, all of these issues can mean that the brake system should be diagnosed and repaired, if possible.

Lights – All of the lights on your vehicle have a different symbol, depending on what you’re using at the time. You may have the high beams on, fog lights or other daytime running lights that all have separate signs to show they’re on and running.

Oil – An oil change, or leak can make the oil light come on. This looks like an oil can with a drip coming out of it.

Battery – When this little battery pops on, it could indicate that your vehicle is not getting enough power from the battery inside it. This can mean that a new battery is needed, or various other issues that might be going on.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out more about those dashboard lights, and how we are able to diagnose and fix the issue you’re having. You can then feel more confident and comfortable while driving, and provide yourself with a way to get more out of the vehicle that you own.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics for the Life of Your Vehicle

Many people, if not all of them, have experienced a check engine light problem in the past with their vehicle. This is because something or another is not working right on the vehicle. You might have an idea of what is going on, or you might not have any idea. However, it can be very important to bring the vehicle to a shop that is able to diagnose the problem, and then repair it for you. Learn more about the check engine light.

How They Check to See What the Problem is

There is a reason for having the check engine light on, and in order to find out what the issue is, a computer will need to be hooked to the vehicle. This computer is going to provide the mechanic with a code. This code is what is going to tell you what exactly the problem is. The mechanic is then able to tell you the problem, and they can repair the issue.

Why is it Important to Have Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Having a check engine light on can be dangerous for a number of factors. Not only does this mean that something is not working in your vehicle, and it can be something that is important for your safety. Your vehicle is not able to be inspected when this light is on. This is due to the fact that the vehicle might not be safe to drive around, not only for you, but those that might be on the road around you.
A lot of people did not think about how important, or dangerous, this light could be if it is not taken care of ahead of time.
Finding a qualified mechanical technician is the next step needed to ensuring that the check engine light is reset, the issue is fixed and that it is not going to turn back on. The Auto Clinic of Franklin is where you can bring it where we can ensure that you have the diagnostics done, and the repairs needed to get you back on the road. Contact us today, or just swing on by to speak with us about any issues you’ve been having.