How You Can Achieve Peak Tire Performance During the Hot Summer Months

Certainly, summer is upon us and the scorching hot temperatures have made their presence known. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants our valued clients to understand that one very important aspect of your car care and maintenance is that of tire care. Since your tires are the point of contact between the road surface and your car, it is imperative that you give them proper attention so as to enjoy smooth and safe driving. Our highly experienced and skilled team of automotive specialists wants to share some important but simple tips on how you can achieve peak tire performance all summer long.

Pay Attention to Tire Pressure

All the driving you did all winter long and even in the early spring months can cause fluctuations in your tire pressure. As the summer temperatures and weather come into play, it is more important than ever to make appropriate adjustments to your tire pressure. If your tires are underinflated, you may find yourself faced with poor handling, excessive and quick tire wear as well as minimized fuel efficiency. If, on the other hand, your tires are overinflated you will experience a much harsher and difficult ride along with reduced tire traction. Reach out to one of our specialists to determine what the recommended tire pressure is for your vehicle and perhaps even invest in a reliable and trustworthy tire pressure gauge that allows you to check, monitor and adjust your own tire pressure as needed.

Inspect and Monitor Your Tires

Season after season your tires can experience all types of wear and even damage that is not visible to the naked eye. Our team of professionals highly recommends that you inspect your tires routinely looking for cuts, sidewall bulges, punctures or any other damage. Each of these occurrences can greatly compromise the safety and integrity of your tires. When inspecting be sure to also check the tread depth of each one of your tires. If you are unsure of how to perform this task or what the proper tread depth should be, be sure to come on down to our trusted facility and let one of our friendly techs help.

Be Sure to Rotate Your Tires

One simple but important task in order to achieve peak tire performance is that of routine tire rotation. Regular rotation of your tires is very important to provide for even wear of your tires while in use and also for extending the life expectancy of your tires as well. As we all know, during difficult winter weather driving tires can fall prey to uneven wear and tear as a result of the very strenuous road surface conditions. When you rotate your tires, you help to distribute and provide even wear for each tire which contributes to much better handling, traction and, yes, peak tire performance.

Visit Our Trusted Team for All Your Automotive Needs

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our team of skilled professionals is steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients. We take tremendous pride in our competitive yet affordable prices, our attractive turnaround times and our overall commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. If you live in the Franklin area and find yourself in need of premier automotive services including brakes, transmission, muffler, and heating and

cooling system services to name a few, look to the pros here at Auto Clinic of Franklin. For more information about our premier services or to learn more about achieving peak tire performance for your vehicle, give a shout out to one of our team today. We look forward to serving you and to ensuring the overall performance and safety of your vehicle season after season, year after year!

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