Important Facts on Replacing Spark Plugs

Historically car owners would have a tune-up performed at about 35,000 miles.  The tune-up would consist primarily of replacing mechanical breaker points in the ignition, setting the ignition timing, cleaning the carburetor and replacing spark plugs and plug wires.

In today’s world the tasks performed by the carburetor are now done by way of fuel injection and both the spark and ignition timing are controlled now by the engine computer of your vehicle.  In addition, there are minimal vehicles today that still have plug wires since the distributor has long been replaced by the vehicle’s computer and a new coil on plug design that transfers a spark at each of the spark plugs.


As a result of innovative plug designs and materials today, most manufacturers suggest 80K mile service intervals on a vehicle’s spark plugs.  The electrodes on the spark plugs will typically begin to wear down at 80,000 miles and a worn-down electrode results in a wider spark plug gap and ultimately in a loss of both power and fuel economy as well.  In addition, spark plugs in place for thousands of miles tend to present with seized threads which, as many of us know, can be very difficult to remove from the engine cylinder head and can result in quite an increased repair bill at that time.

With that said, the folks here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to advise all our valued customers on the importance of replacing spark plugs and proper maintenance as well.  If you have a vehicle equipped already with a specific type or brand of spark plug, it is important that you adhere to that same plug design when it comes time to replace them.  In addition, it is a good idea, when replacing spark plugs to also give attention to a few other items under your vehicle’s hood.  Some of those items (but not limited to) include the air filter, cabin air filter, belts, hoses, the starter, the charging system, 02 sensor, and all vacuum lines and junctions.

Though today’s cars tend to be much less high maintenance, that does not mean that they are entirely maintenance free and require no attention at all.  Recognizing that a routinely and well-maintained vehicle is, in fact, a very reliable and high powered running vehicle, it is important that you do not put off or entirely neglect vehicle maintenance such as replacing spark plugs simply because it is a maintenance task that needs not to be performed very often.  It may not be necessary to change out spark plugs often, but it is imperative that at that 80K marker, or perhaps a bit before or after 80K, that you invest in necessary maintenance and have your spark plugs replaced.


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our team of highly skilled and experienced automotive technicians is on hand to meet your every need.  Our team of professionals is committed and dedicated to providing all our valued clients with the highest quality parts and services this side of Franklin.  Recognized as one of the best all round automotive service stations this side of the state, our team is steadfast in meeting the needs of all our valued clients in timelines that are accommodating to their individual needs.  We take pride in our affordable prices, our quality products and services and our top-rated team of certified auto techs.

From oil changes, tire rotations and AC system checks to diagnostic testing and replacing spark plugs the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin handles it all.  Give a shout out to our staff today and schedule your service appointment!

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