Indicators it’s time for new brakes

Vehicle DiagnosticsMost drivers, no matter how experienced they may be, are not automotive savvy and often times do not recognize indicators that warn us of impending automotive problems.  Whether your brake pads are nearly to the metal, your serpentine belt is about to blow, or your transmission will soon slip, the list of automotive problems and repairs goes on and on.  With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin is equipped to handle all your automotive needs.  Here at our top-rated Franklin auto repair shop, our mechanics and technicians have come to be recognized as some of the absolute best in the industry.

Understanding your vehicle and the warning signs it offers, is key to avoiding costly repairs in the long term.  There are a variety of common automotive issues that catch the average driver by surprise with one of the most common vehicle problems that more often than not, cause many a driver to be alarmed, is that of failing brakes.  There are specific signs and indicators that alert drivers that there may very well be a serious issue with your braking system requiring the installation of new brakes.  The indicators below will help you to recognize your car’s failing brakes.

Indicators that It’s Time for New Brakes

  • One of the most obvious signs that your braking system is on the way out is that of loud squeaking or screeching noises when you step on your brakes.


  • When attempting to brake the vehicle, your car continues to roll forward, even when you consistently apply the brakes, is an indicator that your brake pads and or your rotors are in need of replacement.


  • Longer stopping distances are a definite indicator of failing brakes.


  • If, when you press on the brakes, the pedal has a spongy or extremely soft feel to it, rest assured there is an issue with your brakes.


  • When braking, if the brake light or the ABS warning light appears on the dashboard, this is a surefire indication that there is a problem with your braking system. When this occurs, you should head on over to our trusted automotive shop to have your brakes inspected and, if necessary, serviced or replaced.


  • If you notice that the brake fluid level in your vehicle is low, this typically tells you that there is possibly a leak somewhere or that your brake pads need replacement because they have worn down substantially.


  • If your vehicle, when braking, is either hard to control or pulls to one side or the other, again this is a fairly obvious indicator that some problem exists with your braking system.


  • Lastly, having travelled nearly 30,000 miles on your current set of brakes, you will find that it’s time to have them serviced and probably replaced.


Owning a vehicle can be somewhat challenging, especially when it comes to recognizing warning signs that there is an impending problem on the horizon.  However, if you perform routine preventative maintenance to your vehicle, then problems can be identified early on and effective solutions put in place.  Here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin our team of professionals is committed to providing the highest quality routine maintenance services, products and repairs this side of Tennessee.

If you are experiencing issues with your braking system, or are encountering any other type of automotive issues, then we are definitely the team for you.   Simply give a call out to our staff and schedule your appointment today.  We look forward to serving you here at our award-winning Franklin automotive repair shop, season after season, year after year.

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