Proper Auto Maintenance and Vehicle Care

Nearly everybody today is dependent upon their vehicles. But often times people fail to schedule proper auto maintenance and care of their vehicles. Without routine maintenance, the chance of experiencing unexpected car trouble is increased, not to mention that lack of proper care and maintenance can minimize the lifespan of your vehicle over time. That’s where the dedicated automotive specialists here at Auto Clinic of Franklin come in. Our team is steadfast in their commitment to provide clients with repair and service needs that will simply not be matched by any of our competitors.

auto maintenance

auto maintenance


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, we take pride in providing our clients with only the highest quality automotive repairs and services this side of the state. From new tires and tire rotations, brake installations, air conditioning repair and windshield wipers, to electrical repairs, tune-ups, and a variety of systems checkups our team of highly skilled automotive techs handle it all.

Located right here in Franklin, the friendly professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin use only the best innovative technologies as well as state of the art equipment to perform all types of repairs and automotive services. Our skilled technicians are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle and discuss concerns about maintenance issues and performance. We cannot emphasize enough to all our valued clients the overall importance of having routine auto maintenance performed on your vehicle, including regularly scheduled oil changes, system checkups, tune-ups, brake installations and tire rotations. Each of these functions and many more contribute directly to the overall health, performance and lifespan of your vehicles.


Maintaining and caring for your vehicle can surely minimize the chances for major auto repairs or services. Our certified, friendly team of service techs is available to provide you with all the important data you need to help with the proper care and maintenance of your vehicle. Technicians can identify potential problems, bring them to your attention, discuss your options, and provide effective solutions as needed. Often times, individuals are completely unaware of a problem in the making, which is where our techs come in. Our repair team provides clients with a thorough explanation of auto services performed, the source of the problem that led to the services rendered, steps taken to resolve the issue, and upcoming maintenance schedules that customers need be aware of. We will never suggest auto services or repairs be performed that are not absolutely necessary. We strive to maintain complete maintenance records of all repairs and services performed on your vehicle and keep our clients apprised of any and all upcoming necessary services.


If you reside in Franklin or any of the nearby towns and find yourself in need of quality automotive repairs, services or auto maintenance then we are definitely the team for you. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we take a great deal of pride in our superior auto products and services and in providing our clients with the peace of mind they need to know that they have put their trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in the industry. Having earned ourselves a spot on the marketplace charts, our team of dedicated technicians strive to maintain that very marketplace presence by only providing the highest quality parts and services to all our valued clients.

Spring is here and surely everyone is prepared to start traveling a bit throughout the spring and summer months. With that said, we recommend you take time out to have proper auto maintenance performed on your vehicle before all that warm weather travel and fun begins!

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