Proper Change in Season Car Maintenance Tips

Ensuring that your car is properly maintained is a very important task to perform year-round. When the change in season occurs, however, car maintenance is even more important. The condition of your vehicle parts and components along with the change in road surfaces change from season to season which is why here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we focus on the overall safety of your vehicle.

Important and Practical Tips for Seasonal Car Maintenance

In our efforts to help our many valued clients keep their cars running smoothly and safely with the upcoming change in season, we want to take this time to share some very important maintenance tips with you.

  • Healthy safe tires– Tires are by far one of the most vital components of your seasonal car maintenance since the tires themselves, including the pressure, change right along with the various seasons. Tires are consistently in direct contact with the road surface which is why proper care and maintenance is so vital to the overall safety of your vehicle and its passengers. With the cold weather season upon us, you want to be sure you have tires suitable for the cold weather. There are a variety of options to choose from depending upon where you plan to do your cold weather driving, from snow tires, high-traction tires, and studded tires to all-season tires and even tire chains. Whatever your choice, be sure that they are properly inflated and that they have been rotated and aligned as well.
  • The all-important oil change – To keep your engine working at peak levels it is critical that you change the oil and oil filter in your vehicle at the right times and intervals. The oil in your car gets extremely dirty over a period of time and becomes sticky and very clumpy which is why it is so important to change the oil at least twice per year, perhaps in the summer and again in the winter. Neglecting to change the oil and filter can result in poor engine performance, high fuel usage and consumption and can ultimately cause damage to the engine over time.
  • Brake inspection – Winter weather road conditions can cause a greater risk of slipping and skidding which is why when the cold seasonal change is about to occur, you want to be sure that your brakes are in their best shape ever. Before the onset of the winter season, having your brake pads, calipers, rotors and drums inspected is highly recommended.
  • Check and top off all the fluids –Low fluid levels and dirty fluids will ultimately lead to many automotive issues. When the cold temperatures start to set in, be sure to also check your antifreeze as well. Have one of our technicians inspect and ensure that the antifreeze mixture in your vehicle is proper so as to avoid the engine from freezing. We also recommend that you have the power steering fluid, the brake fluid and the transmission fluid checked as well.
  • Make sure the heater works – With winter fast approaching it is important to have your car’s heating system checked along with an inspection of the fans and defoggers, both front and back.
  • Don’t forget the battery – It is very easy to overlook the maintenance of your car battery. With the cold weather around the corner, it is important that you have a strong battery in your vehicle. Be sure to have the battery tested and have the terminal connections checked as well before the cold weather arrives.

Bottom Line

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we take tremendous pride in providing not only the highest quality automotive parts and services at affordable prices, but we are steadfast in our commitment to provide important insight that our customers need to keep their vehicles and passengers safe year-round. To learn more about proper seasonal car maintenance or to schedule an inspection or service appointment reach out to one of our team today. Winter is right around the corner now, so please don’t get caught out in the cold. Give a shout out to Auto Clinic of Franklin, your go to automotive shop for all your automotive needs.

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