Vehicle Inspection

We can fine-tune your car

Vehicle Inspection Services

More often than not, people take their cars, trucks, and motorcycles for granted. When you need them, they’re there. Walk out, start it up and drive. A car is just a method of getting from one point to another and back again. It is far more complicated than most people care to think about. Which leads to the utmost importance of regular auto inspections.

A car is actually a conglomeration of thousands of small pieces and processes that must all be functioning in order for you to get where you are going safely. A car is a lot like the human body. From time to time small things go wrong. Your stomach doesn’t feel right. The car grinds when you turn the wheel hard over. We often let both of these occurrences pass without second thought. Your stomach feels better the next day. The grind doesn’t occur the next time you’re hard over.

We’re recommended to get regular physicals as we age, so that we can catch potentially grave problems while they’re still manageable. Preventative care is often many times more cost-efficient than emergency care. The same can be said of your automobile. Getting regular car inspections can catch a problem when it will be cheaper to resolve. Maybe that stomach pain is something worse, maybe not. That grind almost certainly is.

Vehicle Inspection

A proper car shop will undoubtedly offer auto inspections. If you find a shop that doesn’t do comprehensive inspections, take your business elsewhere. You can trust the Auto Clinic of Franklin. Our Services include

• Engine repair
• Tune ups
• Brake service
• Air Conditioning
• Oil Changes/Lube
• Timing Belts

There are some practical things that you can do regularly to make sure your automobile is at the top of its game. Your driveway can be transformed into a vehicle inspection shop whenever you get a chance.

Check your fluids

Oil, brake, power steering, coolant, transmission and even your windshield washer levels should be checked regularly. These should all be checked once a week while the car is cold. The only exception to that is transmission fluid. That must be checked while the car is running. Fluids should be changed according to your owner’s manual. A quality vehicle inspection shop can do these changes and flushes for you quickly and cost-efficiently.

Under the hood

While you’ve got the hood popped, give it the once over. Visually inspect all the electrical connections, hoses and belts for proper functionality. If anything looks different from your last check, a comprehensive vehicle inspection from the Auto Clinic of Franklin can be the difference between smooth driving and being stranded on the roadside or in a parking lot.


Tires are often the most neglected part of your car. There are many ills that can befall tires. You should regularly check tire pressure, tread and for cracks in the tire wall. The manufacturer recommendation for tire pressure can be found in your owner’s manual or in one of your doorjambs. Tires should be checked and filled while cold. Properly filled tires will increase your gas mileage. Tires with cracks or low tread can do far more than just hinder your gas mileage. A blow out or skid out would be terrible. If you notice cracks, low tread or constantly low pressure, take your car in for a professional car inspection from Auto Clinic of Franklin.

Doing these vehicle inspections regularly is an important habit to get into. The Auto Clinic of Franklin will get more in-depth than you can. A typical vehicle inspection can comprise 50 or 100 different points. Remember, preventative care trumps emergency care always.

The peace of mind that will result from regular vehicle inspections will be a huge benefit. It’ll save you time, money and heartache. You’ll know that your car will start up and drive reliably the next time you’re heading to the doctor for your regular inspection.