Signs that It May be Time to Have Your Suspension System Checked

There isn’t any one of us that would argue the fact that we need our vehicles every day of our lives. Keeping your vehicle operating at peak levels and on the road each and every day requires routine and ongoing maintenance. In order to determine what type of maintenance is needed for your vehicle, it is important that you understand how your vehicle works. As one of the most trusted auto facilities here in Franklin, our team of highly skilled automotive techs here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, stands ready to assist with all your automotive needs. We want our clients to recognize automotive service signs before they turn into major costly repairs and that includes your vehicle’s suspension system.

Understanding Your Suspension System

Every vehicle manufactured has a suspension system. This automotive system is comprised of a variety of components which can present with unsuspecting issues at any time. With this thought in mind, we want to remind our clients how important it is to have your system inspected and serviced routinely in your efforts to keep your vehicle safely on the road each day.

Let’s take a few moments now to share some of the more common indicators that your suspension system may be in need of attention and/or repair.

  • Sudden difficulyt with steering – Vehicles today are equipped with power steering, which means that turning the wheel on your vehicle is never a challenge. If you find that you are having a difficult time steering your vehicle, there is sure to be some underlying issue behind this problem. From loose or worn-out belts and low fluid levels to control arm bushings that are worn out and a steering pump that is faulty, the reasons are varied. That’s where the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin comes in. Our team of dedicated professionals is on hand to provide all the repairs you need and to perform inspections in order to determine the root source of a problem and provide the appropriate solution.
  • You are experiencing a very harsh and bumpy ride – One of the most obvious indicators that you are in need of some type of suspension repair is the fact that your vehicle, when driving, is pulling more to one side. There are a number of reasons why this can occur including the need for a wheel alignment, uneven air pressure in your tires and even noticeable wear to your brakes. These are common reasons why a vehicle can pull to one side as is the fact that your suspension system has worn-out parts that need repair. If you notice that your vehicle is not handling properly or pulling to one side, don’t delay in contacting our team to identify the problem and provide you with effective and affordable solution.

Service Matters

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our clients are our number one priority as is their overall safety when driving their vehicles. We want to be sure that you and your passengers are always safe and that you experience a smooth and enjoyable ride. For this reason, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of reaching out to our team at the very first onset of any peculiar handling of your vehicle. From worn-out brakes, transmission issues and new tires, to muffler replacements, heating and cooling system testing and suspension system repairs, we are the team for you. We take pride in our high-quality automotive parts and services, in our affordable prices and in our attractive turnaround times.

Trust the Best

If you have noticed that your vehicle is simply not operating or handling properly, then put your trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in the automotive industry. Our team of dedicated technicians is on hand to answer any questions, discuss your concerns, diagnose every problem and provide efficient and effective solutions. To learn more about your vehicle’s suspension system, or to schedule any type of automotive repair, reach out to one of our trusted technicians today. We look forward to serving you and to ensuring that your vehicle stays safely on the road day in and day out, season after season, year after year.

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