Understanding and Identifying Problem Signs for Wheel Alignment or Wheel Balancing

Certainly, we would all agree that our vehicle is vital to our everyday living. Whether we use our vehicles for work or leisure, there isn’t a day that passes where we do not find ourselves behind the wheel of our car and heading out on the road. Most vehicle owners have a difficult time understanding sudden noises that occur while driving. The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to take this time to help our clients understand and identify noises specific to a wheel balancing problem or that of a wheel alignment problem. In addition, we want to share with all of you the ideal solutions to both of these automotive issues.

Problem Signs Specific to Wheel Balancing

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our team of highly skilled and certified automotive mechanics and technicians is steadfast in meeting the individual needs of all our valued clients. We take tremendous pride in our superior customer service and customer satisfaction ratings, which have earned us a spot on the marketplace charts as one of the best all round automotive facilities here in Franklin and the surrounding towns.

Often times we notice unsuspecting sounds and noises coming from our vehicles. These sounds can be attributed to a variety of automotive issues. Today we want to focus on problem sounds and signs that are directly linked to wheel balancing and wheel alignment issues. For starters, tires and wheels spend endless hours on the roads and highways each day. During your travels the tires and wheels can become damaged, dented, or end up with slivers of any sort embedded within them. Each of these scenarios can most assuredly throw off the balance of your wheels. If a piece of your tire or its rim become damaged or are missing, the remainder of the tire begins to cause wobbles and vibrations when you are driving. This is because with the existing damaged pieces the undamaged portion of the tire, typically the top portion, becomes heavier. When the top of a tire weighs in at a heavier weight than the bottom, uneven rotation or the uneven weight of a left wheel to a right wheel can occur. This will definitely cause a very noticeable change in the comfort and smoothness of your drive. When this occurs, don’t hesitate but rather make your way on over to our trusted automotive facility here at Auto Clinic of Franklin.

Our team of experts is on hand to provide the perfect solution. The imperfections that result need to be repaired and resolved as soon as possible. You certainly do not want to have to replace your wheel or tire as a result of damage that has occurred. Instead, our skilled automotive mechanics can install weights that can serve to counterbalance those spots within the tire that are heavy. With this thought in mind, if you hear your tires making a loud bumpy type noise or if you feel the drastic change in your steering wheel, then head on over to Auto Clinic of Franklin without delay.

Problem Signs Specific to Wheel Alignments

Good drivers are always aware of their surroundings. With that said, roads and highways are famous for huge potholes, unsuspecting curbs, all types of debris and typical wear and tear. Each of these can definitely throw off your vehicle’s wheel alignment over a period of time. When any one wheel of your vehicle has become impacted by any of these culprits, its position can be altered and the wheel then becomes misaligned. A misaligned wheel is extremely dangerous because it forces your vehicle to stray in one specific direction. It can also damage

other parts of the vehicle and contribute to fuel efficiency issues. Many times, your steering wheel will actually look crooked when you are in need of a wheel alignment. Again, should this problem arise, head on over to our trusted facility.

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our mechanics are equipped with all the precision tools and protocols needed to straighten out the angles of your wheels. Our superior services for the alignment of wheels ensures that your wheels are all parallel to one another while perpendicular to the highway or road surface. When a wheel alignment is performed, your tires are then able to grip the road surface easily and provide you with a smooth riding experience as well as efficient driving time.

Not Aligned or Balanced? Trust Our Pros!

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our team stands ready to serve you. Whether you are in need of a routine oil change, transmission checkup, tire rotation, wheel balancing, wheel alignment or any other automotive repairs or services, we are the team for you. Simply give a shout out to one of our staff and schedule your service appointment today!


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