Understanding Synthetic Oil Vs. Conventional Oil

Providing proper routine maintenance to your car is critical to its performance and lifespan. Many car owners find themselves faced with a dilemma when it comes time to decide between synthetic oil or conventional oil for their vehicle oil changes. People ask often which of the two oil types, conventional or synthetic, is best for their cars. The answer is simple. Getting right to the point, synthetic is the better of the two vehicle oils.

Why is Synthetic Oil Better for My Car?

An artificial lubricant used for engines, synthetic oil is made from materials that are chemically modified that take the place of petroleum based conventional oil. Having been around since 1929, it helps your vehicle achieve the highest level of fuel efficiency. Created with refined bases, this specialized oil will rarely ever oxidize or acidify in your vehicle’s engine. It is also much harder to break down than conventional oil. Further, it does not lose the capability of lubricating your car’s engine and will not degrade.

Know the Advantages

There are a number of advantages to using synthetic oil in your vehicle. For starters, it lacks impurities which makes it much cleaner than your other types of oils and allows it to protect your engine at a higher level. This high-quality oil runs a whole lot cleaner than conventional oil does and fights sediment build up in your engine as well as sludge and grime. This process allows your oil to have a longer lifespan. It can also easily handle temperature changes much better than conventional oil flowing efficiently in the cold weather months and resisting the extreme temperatures in the hot summer months. This makes it the perfect all year-round oil choice for your vehicle.

Talk to Our Pros

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our team of highly skilled and experienced auto technicians is committed to providing only the highest quality automotive products and services this side of Franklin. Our team is steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to help you with any important decision making you must do. That includes helping you decide whether synthetic oil should be the oil of choice for your vehicle today and every day.

At Auto Clinic of Franklin our clients are our number one priority and are truly like family to us. We understand that your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make in a lifetime. We want to help you provide the most effective care and maintenance to your vehicle all year round. Our team of automotive specialists is equipped to handle all your automotive needs and wants to ensure that our clients are happy each service call, every service call.

Whether you are faced with failing brakes, an air conditioning issue or need new tires, we are the team for you. No matter what your automotive needs are, our team has got you covered. You can always count on the pros here at Auto Clinic of Franklin to provide you with superior customer service and the friendliest techs in the industry. Talk to one of our techs about your vehicle needs and discuss the benefits of conventional oil vs. synthetic oil today.

That’s The Scoop

Well, there you have a bit of insight on why synthetic oil is truly better for your vehicle. From efficient functionality and no impurities to a cleaner engine and an extended lifespan, the changeover may be the ideal choice for you. For more information on the different motor oils available for your vehicle or to schedule a service appointment, give a shout out to one of our friendly techs today. We look forward to serving you and to helping you keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly season after season!

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