Why It’s Important to Conduct a Vehicle Inspection Before You Buy that Used Car

We would all agree that a house is one of the biggest investments you will make in a lifetime. With that said, when purchasing a home, you want to be sure that everything about the home and property is in order. There is a whole lot of money that goes into buying a home, so it makes sense to be sure there are no costly problems or repairs that you will get stuck paying for once you sign on the dotted line. A vehicle is typically the second largest investment we will make which is why we want to be sure that we are making a good investment. A vehicle has a lot of components that can ultimately require repair or replacement. With this thought in mind, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin recommends that you spend a little bit of money on a vehicle inspection before committing to make that buy.

A Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection is Essential

It may appear a bit overboard to some people, but surely a pre-purchase vehicle inspection can be quite beneficial and essential. As a buyer, you may very well not be an expert in vehicles and their endless components. For this reason, we believe it is important and practical to hire a trusted automotive expert to perform an inspection of your pre-owned vehicle before you hand over any cash or a check. An inspection would normally include the following:

  • A test drive of the vehicle
  • An assessment of the car’s computer system and its monitoring
  • An assessment of the dash warning system, lights and bulbs
  • Electrical system check
  • Exhaust system check
  • Heating and cooling system check
  • Battery and its charging
  • All lights both interior and exterior
  • Proper ignition performance
  • Mechanical system checkup including suspension, steering, belts and hoses
  • Ensuring there are no leaks of any kind
  • Checking all fluids and levels
  • Assessment of brakes and tires
  • Ensuring the integrity of the windshield wipers

The Facts Are Simple

We realize that this may seem like an awful lot of checking and assessing, but that’s because it is. You want to be sure to have a comprehensive, thorough inspection performed on a vehicle before you make that all important purchase. There are a vast number of components and checkpoints that should come into consideration during an inspection.

Most individuals when looking to purchase a vehicle are more focused on the year, make and model of the vehicle as well as the price, the color, and even the stereo system. Many, however, lose sight of the fact that there are other important components besides the tangible ones that are appealing, that are ever so important when making a purchase. If we are honest, regardless of the make and color of your vehicle and its pleasing stereo system, they are not of any value if you are unable to drive the vehicle from one destination to another. Thus, the overall safety of the vehicle and its high performance far exceed the tangible components that make it all that nice to look at and an inspection that much more important.

Final Thoughts

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, we recognize that even the most in-depth inspection can fail to identify a potential problem or flaw in a vehicle. However, we believe that having a vehicle inspection performed is a surefire way of avoiding serious costly problems once the purchase is made. So, while you focus on the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, let one of our trained automotive specialists focus on the mechanical side and on the vehicle’s performance rating. For more information on inspections or to schedule any automotive service appointment, be sure to look to the pros here at Auto Clinic of Franklin where the comfort and safety of our clients is always at the top of our list!

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