Common Summertime Car Problems You Don’t Want to Experience

Summertime is nearly everyone’s most favorite time of year and rightfully so.  From planned, exciting vacations, summer break from school and lots of family gatherings to beach trips and outdoor movie adventures the list goes on and on.  When traveling on that long-awaited vacation, no matter your destination, road trips can be a whole lot of fun for everyone.   What a fun-filled adventure when you get behind the wheel of the car and make tracks to your summer destination with family and friends.  Surely, there is no better way to either begin or end the summer months unless of course you fall prey to one of those ‘sure to occur’ summertime car problems.

With the summer season, comes scorching hot temperatures that can wreak a whole lot of havoc for everyone.  Extremely high temperatures in the summer months can take a desperate toll on your vehicle and leave you frustrated and stranded which is why the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want all our valued clients to know how important it is to be familiar with some of the car problems that can take away from your summer vacation and fun.

Common Summertime Car Problems

When setting out on that summer vacation with family, there are a handful of summertime car problems that can occur that may very well have a tremendous impact on both your vehicle and your family.  Being prepared and proactive will help minimize car problems and ensure the overall success of your family summer vacation.

For starters, as we all pretty much know, your car’s engine can easily overheat in the hot summer temperatures.   It is not difficult to understand the simple fact that your car’s engine has the capability of reaching near to 200 degrees and the outdoor summer temperatures can, in some cases, exceed 100 degrees and when combined can cause your car’s engine to overheat.

To protect your engine during the hot summer months and long-distance travelling, be sure to check all your fluid levels before starting your journey, including the coolants, motor oil, anti-freeze and don’t forget the windshield wiper fluids.  While driving, be sure to keep a close watch on your vehicle’s temperature gauge ensuring that the engine remains cool during your travels.  If at any point the needle on that gage starts to move toward the “hot” position don’t delay in stopping your vehicle to check fluid levels and make necessary adjustments.

Dead batteries are also a common summertime car problem so be sure to check out that battery before you hit the road and if it appears old or has a lot of corroded particles on it, then it may make better sense to invest in a new battery before heading out on your vacation.  You don’t want to find yourself stranded by the side of the road on a scorching hot summer day.

Tire Tread DepthFlat tires are also a very common problem that occurs in the summertime.  When the temperatures continue to rise and become extremely hot, the air pressure in your tires will increase every bit as much.  When the tire pressure is increased you can easily fall prey to a tire blowout.  Be sure to properly inflate your tires before you start your travels and ensure they have the proper air pressure.

We hope we have helped our valued clients be fully prepared to make their summer vacation road trips without experiencing any frustrating, costly summertime car problems.  Summertime and summer vacations are meant to be enjoyed which is why we want to ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained and ready to make that long-awaited trip.

Remember, if you find yourself in need of automotive repairs, routine maintenance or any other automotive services then we are the team for you.  The highly skilled professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin take great pride in providing all our valued clients with the highest quality automotive services this side of Franklin and that includes helping you to avoid all those unexpected summertime car problems.  Summer is winding down and many of our clients are taking those final end of summer trips.  So be sure your vehicle is prepared to go the distance with proper care and maintenance performed by the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin.

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