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Tire Services

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We Provide all the major brands in tires as well as tire and wheel services

Whether your vehicle’s tires are running low on air from a slow leak or you’ve completely lost your tread and it’s time for some new tires, we’ve got you covered. Auto Clinic of Franklin professionals can help make sure you’re driving as safely as possible with a brand new set of name-brand tires. Most of our tires come with high mileage warranties in case there is any issue, we can get you back on the road in a flash without incurring any lost cash to you in many cases. Find out more about “TIRE SELECTION” in our Tire Selection article.

Tire Brands

We can put you in a new set of tires from any of the following manufacturers, and most any brand, even if they’re not listed.


Tire Repairs

If your tires still have plenty of miles left on them but you’re experiencing other issues such as constantly having to add air pressure, you may have a slow leak which can be from a number of different issues. We can detect the leak and patch or plug the tire to make sure your tires last you as long as they should. These repair services start at less than $20. Contact us to get more information or bring your vehicle in for a tire checkup.

Tire Rotation, Balance, and Wheel Alignment

If you’re experience fast wear on your tires, it could be due to one of the following factors: Wheel Alignment, Lack of Tire Rotations, or Balance issues. At Auto Clinic of Franklin we have the tools to fix these issues most of the time. Come by and let us diagnose the problem and get it fixed so your tire investment lasts longer!