How to Keep Your New Tires in Tip Top Shape

Now that you have made an investment in a quality set of tires, it’s important to take every step to protect your investment. Surely you want to get the most out of your new tires and enjoy them for several years ahead. The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin has the following tips to offer in order to extend both the life expectancy and performance of your tires and keep them in the best shape possible for the longest period of time.

After checking out all the specifications, looking into performance ratings, and warranties and finally choosing your new tires, ensuring that they remain in the best of shape for the longest time is your must do next step. Here are some practical and very important tips to accomplish just that:

  • Proper inflation – Be sure to check your tire inflation regularly. You should do this when the tires are cool and use a tire pressure gauge for your best results. Tires that are inflated inappropriately will cause a good deal of strain and wear on your new tires which results in a shortened lifespan and poor performance.


  • Proper tire rotation – Be sure to rotate your new tires whenever you have an oil change in order to prevent uneven wear on the tires and also promote a smoother, better ride.


  • Proper tire balance – When your tires are balanced, your ride is much smoother and the wear on the new tires is minimized. Be sure to have them balanced at the same time you schedule your tire rotation.


  • Proper tire alignment – Proper tire alignment maximizes your tire treads, enhances their performance and helps your tires wear evenly, all of which are essential to your drive.


  • Proper care of your tires – Just as you would clean the rest of your vehicle, it is important to keep your tires clean and keep them free of debris. You should also give focus to your tire rims, valves and hubcaps as well. Also ensure that your valve caps are on and have no cracks that can ultimately result in leaks.


  • Vehicle parking – Most people do not realize that when your car is parked on hot asphalt during the hot months this can cause heat damage to your tires. On the flip side of that, in extreme cold, parking on dirt or gravel roads can cause warping and damage to your tires as well. Finally, if you do not drive your care for a long period of time, this immobility and long-term parking can break down tires and even destroy them.


  • Weightbearing – Whenever you change the weight in your vehicle you cause extra strain on your tires. Be certain that anything you are towing or are putting into your truck or the rear of your vehicle is within the weight limits of your tires and your vehicle. Staying within those weight limits will prevent any flats, tire blow outs or other damage.


  • Pay attention to your own driving habits – If you typically perform excessive braking, acceleration or frequent stop and go traffic, these will all affect the wear of your tires. Also, when driving pay close attention to speed bumps, curbs, road debris and pot holes since each can damage your tires and your sidewalls.


  • Regularly scheduled maintenance – Be sure to keep up with your seasonal maintenance and regularly scheduled maintenance in order to enhance the health and performance of your tires.

Everybody tries to put off, as long as possible, purchasing new tires. However, when you do finally make that investment you want to be certain to properly maintain them and enjoy your tires for several years. Whether winter, spring, summer or fall it is always important to take proper care of your tires to ensure not only extended performance but the safety of yourself and all your passengers. Take time out today to schedule your routine vehicle maintenance with the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin and make certain to include your seasonal check of your tires as well. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best all round automotive services this side of Franklin.

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