Important Fall Driving Tips

With fall almost here, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin have some very important tips to offer our valued clients about safe fall driving. When the season changes driving conditions change as well.  There are specific dangers that come into play that drivers should be on the lookout for when driving in the fall months.  The tips we have here for you are meant to help our clients know just what to look for this fall when driving.

  • First and foremost, wet leaves – Although the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves are something we all enjoy and love, once they find their way to the ground below then the problems can be many. Wet leaves are nearly as dangerous as ice on the roadways simply because they are very slippery.  Wet leaves tend to minimize traction making it quite easy for your vehicle to skid or in some cases even hydroplane if it is raining on top of the wet leaves.  Because there are so many leaves that fall every autumn they tend to cover up the roadways, including the dividing lines making typical roadway visibility limited.  With all that said, it is important to drive slowly, carefully and be extremely aware of other drivers on the road.
  • Driving in the dark during the shorter fall days – It certainly gets darker a whole lot earlier in the fall evenings and stays darker in the morning hours as well. After you have been used to driving in the long summer days and nights for months, it can be a real adjustment to get used to driving in the dark now that fall has arrived.  Perhaps in the summer months you drove to and from work in the light, but that is not going to be the case in the fall months.  Be sure to use your headlights in both the fall morning and evening hours.  Not only is driving a greater challenge in the fall because of the long dark hours, but the ability to see pedestrians, bicyclists and even children walking home from school can be quite challenging.  Proper use of your headlights will certainly make the challenge easier.
  • Beware of the frost – During the fall months we all have to get used to waking up to that morning frost on our windshields and everywhere for that matter. Be sure to turn your defroster on and be prepared to make that morning commute.  Also, keep in mind that the frost does not only accumulate on your windshield during this time of year, but also can accumulate on the wet areas of the roadways especially near bridges that have flowing water below them.  Typically, you will see a sign warning you about slippery roads on the bridge.  This happens because the cold air combined with the water beneath the bridge causes temperatures to drop and create black ice.  The same holds true for those sections of the highway or roadway that are underneath overpasses because these areas get no sunlight at all.  These conditions are increased during the early morning hours and the evening hours since they tend to be the colder and darker times of the day.

Here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin we take a great deal of pride in our top-quality services we offer all our valued clients and that includes useful tips we can provide our customers about the change in seasons and change in driving conditions.  If you find yourself in need of automotive repairs, maintenance or services, then be sure to reach out to the highly experienced team of auto technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin.  We look forward to serving you and send along wishes for a very healthy fall season and remind you to practice safe fall driving to ensure the safety of you and all your passengers.

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