What Do All of Your Dashboard Lights Mean?

Owning a vehicle can be something that everyone does, but what if you’re unsure of the lights that pop up on the dashboard from time to time? This is something that may need to be diagnosed, because some of those lights are important. They are your vehicles way of telling you that something is wrong, and that it should be fixed sooner, rather than later.

Common Dashboard Lights and What They Mean

Check Engine Light – The check engine light is one of the biggest lights you should know. This is because, it is also one of the most important. You want to make sure your vehicle is in good standing, and if this light is on, it might be dangerous to drive. It will not pass an inspection with the light on, and you will need to have a garage read what the light means through a code reader. They can then better fix the issue you’re having.

Brake System – Brakes can have multiple issues with them. Whether there is a warning for them, or if the ABS unit is not working correctly, all of these issues can mean that the brake system should be diagnosed and repaired, if possible.

Lights – All of the lights on your vehicle have a different symbol, depending on what you’re using at the time. You may have the high beams on, fog lights or other daytime running lights that all have separate signs to show they’re on and running.

Oil – An oil change, or leak can make the oil light come on. This looks like an oil can with a drip coming out of it.

Battery – When this little battery pops on, it could indicate that your vehicle is not getting enough power from the battery inside it. This can mean that a new battery is needed, or various other issues that might be going on.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out more about those dashboard lights, and how we are able to diagnose and fix the issue you’re having. You can then feel more confident and comfortable while driving, and provide yourself with a way to get more out of the vehicle that you own.

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