Save Money and Avoid Premium Fuel It’s Not Worth it

Premium Fuel

A common misconception with high quality vehicles is that you have to pay for premium fuel to drive around in them, and that premium fuel will somehow help them perform better. While it is necessary to use premium fuel in some vehicles, experts at Consumer Reports have proven that premium fuel isn’t a good investment unless it’s absolutely necessary. That means that you can save yourself money by going with the regular fuel and invest in your vehicle in more effective ways.

Fuel Economy and Power Remain the Same

Premium fuel is believed to improve the fuel economy of vehicles or to make them perform more effectively. These assumptions aren’t true though. Cars running with premium fuel perform about the same as cars running on regular fuel. That means you won’t see many benefits at all from paying the extra money.

Reliability Doesn’t Change

Even though premium fuel doesn’t make a car more efficient or more powerful, many people believe that it will make the vehicle more reliable or that the engine is going to stay in better shape because of the fuel. Unfortunately long-term testing doesn’t prove that. Vehicles show about the same level of reliability, no matter what type of fuel is used in them.

Some Cars Require Premium Fuel

There are some cars out on the road that need premium fuel to run properly. There are the only vehicles that you need to buy premium fuel for. If premium is recommended for your vehicle, just skip it and go with regular, otherwise you are wasting your money that could be spent on something else instead for more benefits.

Making More Effective Investments

Instead of buying that expensive fuel, change the oil in your vehicle more often. Go with high quality synthetic oil. Pay to have the vehicle serviced more often. Pay to have it washed clean after driving around on salty roads. All these simple investments will make a bigger difference than driving around with high cost fuel, and they are all things that you can do without spending too much money.

Keep this in mind, invest in other ways to improve your vehicle instead, and you should be able cut your costs and make the most of your vehicle at the same time. To keep your vehicle in the best shape, speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. 

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