Tips for Safe Winter Driving From the Folks At Auto Clinic of Franklin

Winter is surely in full bloom, which means slippery, even dangerous driving conditions can occur at any time. From frigid temperatures and ice, to sleet and snowy conditions, driving in the winter months can certainly present a fair share of challenges. With that said, the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to provide all our valued clients with some important tips and insight on safe winter driving.

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we are all about our clients. You are our number one priority, which is why, in addition to our top notch automotive products and services, we stand behind our superior customer service. As part of our strategy for providing superior customer service, we like to take time out to acquaint our clients with little bits of advice on safety as well as industry news. We certainly put the well-being, happiness and overall safety of our clients first. With that in mind, we thought it useful to pass along these helpful tips for safe winter driving.

Safety, Safety, Safety

When traveling in winter conditions, whether day or night, always be certain to stay at least one car’s length away from the vehicle in front of you. Often the vehicle ahead can encounter slippery conditions and start swerving and skidding.   When this occurs be sure to slow your speed in addition to keeping a good distance behind the vehicle ahead. If the conditions ahead appear dangerous and you witness multiple cars experiencing trouble, then be practical and choose an alternate route so as to avoid encountering the same problems.

Winter driving often presents with visibility issues as a result of icing on your windshield or consistent heavy snowfall. When you are experiencing visibility issues it is important to keep at least two car lengths behind the vehicle in front of you and lean toward driving a bit under the speed limit as an added precaution. When visibility comes into play staying focused and alert is critical to your ability to quickly act and react in a situation.

Driving with your lights on in the winter time, especially during a storm, will add a separate layer of safety to your driving and allows for other vehicles, whether oncoming traffic, traffic ahead or vehicles behind you to be aware of your presence.

Make Certain Your Vehicle is Ready for Safe Winter Driving

In order to drive appropriately, safely and wisely in varied winter conditions, your vehicle must be in excellent condition. You need to ensure that the air levels in your tires are appropriate since the cold temperatures often cause your tires to lose air. Be certain that your windshield wiper blades are in mint condition as well.   You don’t want to be caught in a storm without adequate visibility so switch out those blades in preparation of winter driving.

Next, we highly recommend you test the defroster in your vehicle ahead of time to make certain it is working properly. The defroster is one feature that is used often in the winter months, so make certain that it is working properly and is able to enhance your visibility when driving in winter conditions.

Lastly, the experts here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to remind you to top off all your fluids and definitely have your oil changed regularly in anticipation of the long winter months ahead. Topping off your windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, transmission fluid and brake fluid will all contribute to safe winter driving. If you find that you are unable to perform any of these important winterization tasks for your vehicle, then don’t fret. Simply bring your vehicle into our trusted facility and let our skilled and trained technicians take care of your every need.

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we want to be sure all our valued clients are safe this winter and holiday season. Don’t delay. If you are in need of any of the above services or any type of auto repairs or services, then we are the team for you. Contact us using the form below and let us know what types of issues or proactive solutions you have in mind. We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season and look forward to serving you with all your automotive needs.

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