Buying Versus Leasing a Nashville Car

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If you’re considering getting a new vehicle, you really need to take the time to think about whether you should buy or lease your next Nashville car. There are benefits to either one, and the option that you choose should depend on which benefits are best for your needs.

Buying offers Long-Term Value

Buying a Nashville car is the best way to spend your money if you are in it for the long-haul. If you don’t mind keeping your vehicles for a decade or longer before you replace them with something else, then buying makes a lot of sense. You’ll save money once you don’t have the car payment any longer, and overall your cost of ownership will be more affordable than leasing all the time, as long as you pick a reliable vehicle.

Buying a Nashville Car is Good for High Mileage

If you drive very heavily, you pretty much need to buy your vehicle. That’s because when you lease a vehicle, you pay for the miles that you put on it. If you go over the agreed upon mile cap, and you will as a heavy driver, you pay a fee for every additional mile that you put on your vehicle, and it isn’t cheap!

Leasing Means Lower Payments and Lower Down Payment

When you want to minimize the amount of money that you’ll spend on your vehicle, leasing is really your best short-term solution. That’s because you can get into a lease with less money down, and you’ll enjoy lower monthly payments as well. Leasing is especially effective when buying luxury cars that would otherwise be too expensive.

Leasing Means Lower Repair Costs

Since you’ll continually have new vehicles that are under warranty, it’s uncommon to have to pay much in repairs. If you don’t like dealing with garages, or handling vehicle repairs, you’ll enjoy leasing. However, you might not have the choice on where to bring your Nashville car to obtain these repairs.

Switch a Nashville Car More Frequently with a Lease

If you enjoy switching from one Nashville car to another frequently, it makes a lot of sense to lease your vehicles. That’s because you can change to something newer and nicer every two or three years. You don’t have to worry about trying to sell off the vehicle, or building up massive loans from repeated trade-ins.

There are benefits to leasing or buying a vehicle. If you’re a long-term car owner that doesn’t mind dealing with repairs now and again or you drive a lot, owning is right for you. If you like new vehicles, don’t want to deal with repairs and want a lower monthly payment initially, leasing makes more sense.

Whether you buy or lease, your Nashville car is going to need maintenance, service upgrades and diagnostics done to it. Speak with us here at The Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out how our professionals can ensure that your vehicle is running in the best shape possible. Bring it in right after you purchase it to ensure that you’ve gotten a good deal.

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