Obtain Vehicle Service to Ensure Durability and Your Warranty

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If you have a new vehicle, it’s really important that you bring it in for scheduled service visits. This isn’t just so that you can say you’re a good vehicle owner and that you care about your vehicle, it’s for its health and to make sure you maintain your warranty coverage. Heading to the local service department is something that new vehicle owners simply have to resign themselves to, and it can actually save you a lot more money than it costs you.

Handle Regular Maintenance

Even brand new vehicles require regular maintenance, and if you aren’t taking the time to properly maintain your vehicle you could run into all sorts of issues. Old oil can contaminate your engine and increase wear and tear or even lead to early engine failure. Unchanged brakes create serious problems in the brake system that will have to be repaired later on, and those problems are much more costly than simply swapping out a pair of aging pads.

By having your car serviced, you get important maintenance issues out of the way, and ensure that you aren’t stuck with repair problems that simply shouldn’t exist. In this way, having your vehicle serviced regularly is likely to save you a whole lot of money, especially if you intend to keep the vehicle for several years.

Enhance Your Resale Value

One thing that prospective buyers like to see is that you took the time to maintain your vehicle. When you have a folder of receipts from all your vehicle service records, it’s really easy to prove that you took the time to care for your vehicle. If you plan to resell later on, it just makes sense to head in and have your vehicle serviced every time that it’s due, and doing so will likely improve the resale value of your vehicle.

Maintain Your Warranty With Regular Service Visits

A new vehicle almost always comes with a warranty of some sort, and that warranty is only going to protect your vehicle if you bother bringing it in to be serviced. If you just let it sit home and drive it around with handling maintenance issues you’ll find out that you don’t qualify for warranty coverage if you run into an issue later on. When you have records showing that the vehicle was serviced it becomes much easier to file a warranty claim and have the problem fixed without you having to pay for it.

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