Car Maintenance Tasks that You Should Only Trust to the Professionals

In years past it was typical for car owners to always work on their own cars. Though there are still many individuals who do maintain their own vehicles, the complex design and build of cars today presents with repairs that are truly best left to the professionals. Car maintenance tasks range from the simplest to the most complex, which is why the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to offer our clients insight on those repairs best left to the professionals.

Rather Than Try These At Home – Trust Them to the Professionals

  • Check engine diagnostics – Though there are several gadgets on the market today that allow us to communicate with our car’s computer, dealing with a check engine light is not an easy task to perform. Many check engine light codes require innovative equipment in order to fully identify and analyze the problem. With that said, it’s best to leave the check engine light problems to the pros who can read the codes accurately, decipher the codes efficiently and not only get to the true source of the problem, but provide effective solutions as well.
  • Air conditioning maintenance and fill up – Many people are of the mindset that should they have issues with their car’s air conditioning they simply need to invest in a can of Freon from their local store and pump it into their AC system. However, this is surely not the case. If your AC needs Freon, then there is, without a doubt, a leak somewhere. Your AC system is a sealed system so if you are fresh out of Freon, you have a leak. By filling your system, you are not solving the problem at hand, but merely presenting with a temporary solution. Trust the pros to identify and solve your AC issues.
  • Rotating your tires – It’s not difficult to jack up a car and swap your tires from front to back, and left to right. However, when performing a tire rotation, it is important to rebalance the tires as well. In addition, inspecting the tires for sidewall and tread damage and uneven wear is essential to the process. Though you may be able to actually rotate your tires, it takes a trained professional coupled with some expensive equipment to perform the task at peak levels. Why take a chance of driving about on unsafe tires that are not balanced when this inexpensive car maintenance task can be properly handled by the professionals.
  • Internal engine repairs – With today’s newer cars and engines, there are a range of new features including electronics, multiple cams, fuel injection and a plethora of other high tech features that make them a whole lot more complex than cars in years past. For this reason, we highly recommend you leave your car engine repairs to our professionals.
  • Suspension repairs – Your suspension certainly plays a significant role in the safety of your car. If you attempt to install new parts and components on your own you are apt to tamper with the alignment specs of the vehicle. When this occurs, your vehicle becomes a bit of a safety hazard and directly affects your tires. To increase the lifespan of your tires and for your overall safety, it’s best to leave the upgrade or repair of your car’s suspension to the pros.


With all the local automotive stores today, car owners certainly have access to nearly every automotive part out there. With that said, buying and installing your own windshield wiper blades, a headlight bulb, or other smaller repair items is perfectly fine for the guy or gal that labels themselves an automotive do-it-yourselfer. However, with the more complex issues, it is best to trust in the careful, experienced hands of your friendly automotive professional.

If you find yourself in need of automotive repairs or services, then surely you have come to the right place. The highly skilled and trained technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin stand ready to serve you with all your automotive needs. Go ahead and take care of all those minor car maintenance tasks yourself, but leave the bigger problems to us. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best automotive services this side of Tennessee.

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