Get Your Franklin Car Ready for the Spring Using These Tips


We all wait for the spring time to roll around, and when it does; make sure that your Franklin car is well maintained and ready to hit the open road. With the best tips out there, and the right mechanic, you can ensure that the vehicle you want to drive around is in the best shape possible, so you can always make sure to be ready for the warmer, sunnier weather ahead.

Give the Franklin Car a Thorough Cleaning

The inside, and the outside of the vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned. You want to run it through the car wash, and make sure that the undercarriage is properly cleaned. This will keep any and all rust from out of this area.

Have the Oil Changed

The oil is a big maintenance factor, and though it should be changed with the mileage, and so on; it should also be changed when the time comes to drive long distances. You want to ensure that you’re ready for the warmer weather, and anything that you have planned for the Franklin car, so change the oil.

Check and Replace the Tires, If Necessary

In addition to this, with the right amount of tread, new tires should also be rotated. This will put them in the best shape possible when it comes to adding the to the vehicle. If you’re using winter tires, then they absolutely have to be changed before the spring and summer months roll around so you can get better traction during this time.

Replace the Air Filter

The air filter will make the air in the car crisper, cleaner and more comfortable. Instead of having that stale smell throughout the vehicle, replace the air filter sooner, rather than later before you start using the air conditioner in your Franklin car.

Replace Those Wiper Blades

Spring time brings rain, so you want to ensure that you have wiper blades that can stand up to the test. This means replacing old, worn out ones with a higher grade, higher quality pair that can get the job done.
Of course, you always want to ensure that you have anything repaired and maintained so the Franklin vehicle can be in the best shape possible. Here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin, we can ensure that your vehicle is ready to go, whenever you are. Talk to us today, or schedule an appointment to come in and meet with us.

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