Choosing the Right Tires: Your Guide to Tire Selection

Tire Selection Guide

Tire Selection Guide

When it comes to choosing the right tires for your vehicle, you have to ensure that you understand the available options, and which features each tire comes with. Not only that, but being mindful of the weather, and the conditions on the road before choosing is also a great idea. When you put many considerations together, then you can choose the right tires for your vehicle easily and efficiently. Find out more about our Full Line of Tire replacement, repair, and maintenance Services by clicking here.

Our Tire Selection Guide: Choosing the Right Tires

These tips and tricks can help you choose the right tires for the road, but also for your vehicle. Many different brands and sizes are available, so knowing a bit more about all tires is a good thing.

Cheapest is Not Always Best

While some only go for the more affordable, off-brand types of tires because that is what they can afford, chances are that they do not have enough grip on the road and they do not last as long. If you can splurge a little, or start saving now then choosing a high-end brand of tires can be the right tires for your vehicle because they handle better and last longer.

Know the Traction Rating

When choosing a tire, you need to know the traction rating. The tread on the tire can tell all. If you want thicker, better holding tires then go with a higher traction rating. Usually, tires without any tread on them are for street racing so if you’re not racing something, then you better stick to something that is going to grip the road and keep you on it.

Load Capacity Ratings Matter

Don’t overlook this, since you want something that can hold the weight of the vehicle and not pop while driving down the road. Usually, the larger the tire, the more weight they can hold. Reading this information, and making sure to get the right size and load capacity are essential. If the tires are not able to carry the weight, they are not going to last long.

All Season or Winter Tires

When choosing the right tires for your vehicle, make sure to go with the right ones for the season. Even if the winter tires are on sale in the spring time, you’re not going to want to put them on your vehicle during this time. Purchasing them for the winter might be ideal. Purchase for the season you’re in, no matter the price or ratings.
When you’re ready to change out those old tires for new ones this year, speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. We can help you find, and exchange the right tires so you can have more time on the road and less time changing the tires.
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