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Most of us are unaware of issues that can exist with our automobile braking system. This lack of knowledge can certainly put drivers and their passengers in harm’s way. The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to take this opportunity to share with our valued clients some of the signs and indicators that it may be time to seek one of our Franklin automotive specialists to inspect your vehicle brakes.

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians takes tremendous pride in the superior automotive services we offer and in the overall safety of all our clients. Our team fully understands that the majority of drivers do not know how to identify a specific problem with their braking system. We also recognize that there are a vast number of automotive facilities that drivers can choose from when it comes time to have their vehicle serviced. Choosing the ideal Franklin automotive facility can be somewhat stressful which is why we stand ready to meet all your automotive needs.

Trust the Best

The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin is steadfast in our commitment to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients. We provide only the highest quality automotive services this side of Franklin, including everything from tune-ups and transmission issues to oil changes, brake installations and everything in between. Our team strives to educate all our clients on how to recognize, identify and seek appropriate solutions and services to satisfy their automotive needs. Equipped with the proper knowledge and information, clients are able to recognize specific problems and seek out necessary services in a timely fashion.

Is It Time for New Brakes?

As a part of our valued customer service, our team has put together this helpful list of specific signs that indicate it may very well be time to invest in new brakes.

  • Loud squeaking noises or a loud screeching sound when you apply your brakes is definitely an indication it’s time for new brakes.
  • If you notice that your car continues to slide forward somewhat when you attempt to apply the brakes, even with a full application of the brakes, chances are your pads and/or rotors need replacement.
  • If you notice the brake warning light appear on your vehicle dashboard indicating that there is an issue with your braking system, be sure to give attention to this dashboard light and do not simply ignore it. Bring your vehicle down to our trusted Franklin automotive facility right away and let our team diagnose the problem and provide an appropriate solution.
  • Lastly, at approximately every 28,000-30,000 miles of driving you should typically have your brake system diagnosed and checked to determine whether or not your brakes need replacing.

Let’s Sum It Up

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, we pride ourselves on our friendly, certified auto technicians who are trained and equipped to deliver automotive products and services that will simply not be matched by any of our competitors. We offer clients superior products and services, as well as competitive yet affordable prices and attractive turnaround times that meet with the individual needs of all our valued clients.

For more information about your vehicle braking system, or to schedule a service appointment with our highly reputable Franklin automotive team be sure to reach out to one of our staff today. For all your automotive needs, you can be sure we are the team for you. We look forward to our every opportunity to serve you, so don’t delay in scheduling your auto service appointment today!

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