Simple but Important Steps for Sanitizing Vehicles

In the midst of the challenging Covid pandemic, the mere thought of germs, bacteria and dirty surfaces can cause any of us to be concerned. Touching or even sitting in any designated area that can potentially be smothered in bacteria and germs, is something we all want to avoid, especially at this time. With that said, the team of dedicated automotive specialists here at Auto Clinic of Franklin thought it best to share some important but incredibly simple steps for sanitizing vehicles during these challenging times.

Cars and trucks, though we attempt to clean them often, can be home to a whole lot of dirt, germs and bacteria and especially the steering wheel of all components. A vehicle steering wheel carries a wide range of germs and bacteria as do the door handles, seat belts, touch pads and cup holders to name a few. Each of these vehicle components is touched and used often paving the way for a variety of germs, bacteria and dirt. Now more than ever before, with the current Covid pandemic, our professional team thought the timing is perfect to offer our valued clients some very useful tips they can use for sanitizing vehicles and making their vehicles safe.

sanitizing vehicles

sanitizing vehicles


Sanitizing vehicles is a whole lot different than just giving it a typical cleaning. Now more than ever it is important to keep all types of germs and bacteria off of your many car parts and components that you touch often. Though many of us dedicate a lot of time to cleaning, washing and sanitizing our every belonging during this pandemic, cleaning and sanitizing your vehicle probably has not come in at the top of your cleaning list. People spend a great deal of time in their trucks and cars which is why it is so important to keep them clean and sanitized. In our efforts to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses and other types of germs as well, we should all give attention to these simple steps for sanitizing vehicles.


  • Eliminate mold and dust – Unlike open spaces, your vehicle is a closed environment which means the chances of bacteria and germs growing inside are greatly enhanced. By vacuuming, you can remove most of the dirt and dust particles from the interior of your vehicle. In addition, cleaning away any larger debris you may have accumulated in your vehicle will help to minimize and even eliminate dirt, dust and mold.
  • Replace or clean the cabin air filter – As many of us know, the cabin air filter is accountable for cleaning the inside atmosphere in your vehicle. It is important to change out the air filter at minimum every 6 months in your efforts to maintain clean, breathable air in your car or truck. If you notice that the air is not cool enough in your vehicle, or if it has an unpleasant smell, chances are that moldy air is being circulated in the vehicle. A dirty air filter easily distributes bacteria and germs in your vehicle from your vehicle’s air conditioning system, so be sure to change out the cabin air filter regularly.
  • Clean the upholstery – Dirt, dust, germs and even mold at times, can collect on your vehicle’s upholstery. Be sure to clean the upholstery with a microfiber cloth or even with a small gentler vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dust and particles.
  • Practice using disinfectants that are safe – There are a good number of quality disinfectants on the market today that are safe for use on the surface of your vehicles, especially those surfaces that you are constantly touching. Such components as the steering wheel, armrest, gear stick, touchscreen, door handles, seat belts and mirrors, should be cleaned and sanitized routinely. The chances of germs and other bacteria building up can be greatly reduced and even eliminated when you regularly clean these often-touched components.
  • Don’t forget the car wash – The exterior of your vehicle should be washed often as well. By running your car or truck through a car wash you will not only obtain a shiny, like new look, but you will also decontaminate and properly sanitize the exterior surface of your vehicle as well.


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we are steadfast in our commitment to only provide the highest quality automotive products and services to all our valued clients. In addition, during these trying times, we are also focused on educating our clients on the best ways to stay safe in their vehicles. For more information on proper steps you can take for sanitizing vehicles, or to schedule your automotive repairs or services, be sure to reach out to the friendly technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin today.

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