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A malfunctioning muffler can be not only annoying but frustrating as well. If your muffler is damaged it will result in a very loud sound when driving it. A noticeable thumping sound is a surefire indicator that some component within your exhaust system is severely damaged or broken. Depending upon the type of muffler you have, whether equipped with baffles that reduce the noise level or not, muffler repair services may vary.

If equipped with baffles, it is important to know that the baffles themselves can become loose and break over time. This will result in a loud rattling sound coming from your muffler. Whatever the source of your muffler sound and damage may be, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin highly recommends you address the problems sooner rather than later.


The muffler on your vehicle is one of the most important components of the exhaust system. The muffler, located either in the middle or rear compartment of your exhaust system, has a primary function of reducing the overall noise level that your exhaust system produces. The muffler also is responsible for safely directing the exhaust gases out of your vehicle. For these reasons, a damaged, defective or malfunctioning muffler can contribute to high levels of noise and air pollution and cause grave harm to the environment over time.


A malfunctioning or broken muffler can present with a wide range of problems. For starters, if a muffler has a hole in it, it can cause dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, to leak into the vehicle. People who become exposed to carbon monoxide can suffer from headaches, nausea, and dizziness whether driving or sitting in the vehicle.

Further, a damaged muffler can pose a problem for individuals who live within communities that have structured regulations and guidelines with regard to noise ordinances. If you are in need of muffler repair and your vehicle is making a noticeably loud noise, you may find yourself faced with community fines until such time that you resolve the problem.

Lastly, your noisy, damaged muffler can but a damper on any long-distance drive or even on your vacation plans. Since the noise presented by a damaged muffler can be every bit annoying as it is loud, your planned fun road trip or vacation can very well be spoiled by the ongoing clatter and loud noise. A damaged muffler can also lead to other automotive issues if it is not resolved in an adequate period of time.


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our team of highly skilled and experienced automotive techs is equipped to handle all types of automotive issues with nearly any type of vehicle. Our team uses only state of the art equipment and some of the best all-around software available in the industry today. We offer affordable prices and turnaround times that are accommodating to our clients needs. Our team of techs will inspect your muffler, identify the source of the problem, and provide effective and efficient solutions right away. With our simple mission statement of 100% customer satisfaction, our team is confident that all our valued clients, both old and new, will find the utmost satisfaction in our performance excellence as well as our overall customer service.

If you are in need of muffler repair or any other automotive repairs or services, we are the team for you. Simply contact our auto clinic and schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you and your family enjoy those many road trips or vacations this summer without the noise and challenge of a damaged, malfunctioning muffler. Don’t delay. Schedule your appointment today!

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