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Owning a vehicle certainly has its challenges. A damaged or broken muffler, for instance, can be very annoying and harmful. A damaged muffler always presents with a very loud and noticeable noise. If you have noticed a thumping sound or a very loud noise emitting from the rear of your vehicle, chances are that a part within your exhaust system has become damaged, rusted or broken. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin stands ready to provide you with the highest quality muffler services this side of the state.

There are different types of mufflers installed on vehicles some of which are equipped with baffles. Baffles help to reduce the noise level of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Baffles can rust, break or become loose, causing a rattling sound in your muffler. Whatever the source of your muffler noise, our team has got you covered.

The Importance of Your Muffler

Your vehicle’s muffler is a very important component of your engine’s overall exhaust system. The muffler itself is located in the middle section or back section of the exhaust system. Its primary purpose is to reduce the noise that is produced by the exhaust system. In addition, your muffler directs the exhaust gases out of the vehicle in a safe fashion. If your muffler is either damaged, rusted or broken, rest assured you will find yourself faced with an annoying loud noise and even find yourself dealing with noise pollution. A damaged muffler can present harmful effects to passengers within the vehicle and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Problems That Result from a Damaged Muffler

A defective or broken muffler can cause a whole lot of problems. To begin with, if your muffler has a hole in it, it can cause dangerous gases, such as carbon dioxide, to leak into your vehicle. When individuals are exposed to carbon monoxide they can suffer from headaches, nausea, lightheadedness and even dizziness.

Further, a defective or damaged muffler presents a noise issue. There are typically community noise ordinances that must be followed and a loud muffler does not adhere to those guidelines or regulations. This can certainly pose a problem for vehicle owners with regard to possible fines that can be ongoing until such time that your muffler is repaired. It is important to know that a neglected muffler problem can, over time, also lead to additional automotive problems. For these reasons the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin highly recommends you do not neglect your muffler problem, but rather take advantage of our high-quality muffler services.

Trust Our Professionals

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our highly skilled and experienced team of automotive technicians is steadfast in meeting the individual needs of all our valued clients. Our team provides superior services to vehicles of all types. From brake installations and oil changes, to diagnostic tests and muffler repairs, we handle it all.

At Auto Clinic of Franklin, we use only state of the art equipment and some of the finest software available in the industry today. We take pride in our affordable prices and convenient turnaround times as well. Our team is quick to assess your vehicle, identify the source of problems and provide effective and efficient repairs as needed. For your muffler issue, we will perform an inspection of the muffler and quickly find the source of your muffler problem.

With our simple mission statement of 100% customer satisfaction, our team is confident that you will be completely satisfied not only with our performance excellence and superior customer service but with our team of friendly technicians as well. If you find yourself faced with a noisy muffler, then be sure to reach out to our highly trained team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin today. For more information about our top-quality muffler services or to schedule a service appointment, give a shout out to one of our staff today.

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