Avoid Driving on a Tire with a Bubble

When driving if you ever have a small collision, hit the edge of a pothole, hit a curb, or go over speed bumps too quickly you can easily cause the sidewalls of your tires to bulge or bubble. If you ever notice that your tires are not smooth and round, but rather you have a tire with a bubble or bulge, be sure to stop driving immediately. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we want to take some time to explain tread bulging or tire bubbles and their hazards to all our valued clients.

Tire with a bubble


A tire that has a bubble or a section of tread bulging is not safe to drive on. When the fabric of the inner tire bubbles, it can no longer provide the protection your tire needs from bursting. The most common area where bubbles occur is in the sidewall. However, they can also form in specific areas that have worn out thin rubber. Driving on a tire with a bubble is extremely dangerous and the odds of a blow out are very high. When you take note of a bubble, it is important to get the tire replaced quickly. The more moisture and air that seeps into the tire, the larger the bubble will become and the greater the danger is.


The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to share some simple tips on how to prevent tire bubbles from happening. Prevention is by far the best cure of all. Here are some simple steps you can take to prevent bubbles from forming.

  • Steer clear of potholes – Potholes are one of the prime sources for tire bubbles. Whenever possible, avoid hitting potholes by steering away from them safely.
  • Engage in careful driving – Make it a point not to drive over speed bumps quickly and to be extremely cautious when driving near to curbs and sidewalks and when parking.
  • Proper maintenance – Be sure to inspect your tires regularly and take note of any changes in pressure or in structure. Use a tire pressure gauge for checking proper tire pressure routinely.

Always keep in mind that damage that occurs as a result of a tire with a bubble cannot be repaired. The reason being that when a bubble is present, the structural integrity of the tire has been compromised. With that said, it is simply not safe to drive on the tire any longer since its internal structure has been damaged. Instead, suspend all driving and have the tire replaced immediately.


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our highly skilled and experienced team of dedicated auto technicians is steadfast in their commitment to provide all our valued clients the highest quality automotive parts and services this side of Franklin. Our technicians are on hand to answer all your questions and address any automotive concerns you may have.

With our high marketplace presence, our team of experts is committed to maintaining our high reputation and customer satisfaction rating. We strive to deliver services that are simply unmatched by any of our competitors and that includes any and all services for your vehicle tires.

Whether you are in the market for a new set of tires, need your tires rotated or have a tire with a bubble, rest assured we are the team for you. Simply bring your vehicle on down to our trusted facility and let our team of professionals take care of your every need. Summer is here and certainly we all do a whole lot more driving this time of year. With that said, we encourage all our clients to engage in routine inspection of your tires and be sure to have regular oil changes as well. Don’t delay. Come on down to our friendly auto service center today!

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