Don’t Forget Those Windshield Wipers

Well, fall seems to be coming to a close which means winter is right around the corner. Many vehicle owners, even those good about maintaining their vehicles, often lose sight of the proper care and maintenance of their windshield wipers. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we want to take this time to offer our clients some insight on the proper care and timely change out of your vehicle wipers.


When to change your wipers will differ from vehicle to vehicle and from season to season. In addition, the timeline for changing out windshield wipers depends upon how worn the blades actually are and whether or not they can efficiently provide the protection you and your windshield need. Individuals who live in areas where the climate is much cooler and where minimal rain occurs, will typically find that the lifespan of their wipers is extended. When difficult weather conditions are not present, it only makes sense that drivers will use their wipers much less minimizing the wear they experience.

However, if you live in a location where there is abundant rain or even snow and sleet, then consistent use of your wipers is common. The more you use them the more worn out the blades become. It is important, especially in these kinds of locations where the weather fluctuates, that you have healthy wipers to provide you with the visibility and safety you need.

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our experienced and highly trained auto technicians are on hand to assist with all your vehicle care and maintenance and that includes advising you when you are in need of new windshield wipers. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your wipers need to be changed out or replaced, then simply take a ride on down to our friendly automotive shop and let our technicians help determine the overall health of your wipers for you.

The best test for determining the necessity to replace wipers is the simple test of visibility. If your visibility is not clear, but rather impaired by the condition of your wipers, then sure, it’s time to invest in a new set. Additionally, if we notice that your wipers are not making the necessary contact with the surface of your windshield, then again, it’s time to make a change. Finally, if you notice scratches or smears of any type on your windshield or if, while they are in use, you hear squeaks these too are sure indicators that you are in need of new wiper blades.


Whenever you have scheduled maintenance of your vehicle here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, regardless of the service, our team of technicians will always inspect your wiper blades while you are here to ensure they are working properly and effectively. We take pride in the overall wellbeing and satisfaction of our clients and take every step possible to provide only the highest quality automotive services time and time again. Our clients are always our number one priority which is why our team of specialists is so steadfast in providing effective and efficient services to all our valued clients.

If you are in need of automotive services or parts, including windshield wipers, be sure to look to the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin. Give a shout out to our friendly techs today to set up your next maintenance check or automotive service. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we provide the best all round automotive services in Franklin winter, spring, summer and fall and look forward to our every opportunity to serve you.

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