Don’t Forget Your Auto Tune-Up

As car owners, we all know how important it is to perform routine services to our vehicles to keep them up and running. Beside a regular oil change, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to remind our clients of the importance of an auto tune-up. Performing routine maintenance and service on your vehicle is a surefire way of ensuring it runs smoothly and helps to extend the lifespan as well.

Just Our Tune-Ups

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our team of highly skilled and experienced auto technicians and specialists is steadfast in meeting the individual needs of all our valued clients. We take tremendous pride in providing our clients with the insight and data they need to properly maintain their vehicles so they don’t find themselves faced with costly car repairs. One such service we always recommend is that of a tune-up. The tune-up we provide to our clients includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Spark Plug Check Up – A vehicle has one spark plug for each cylinder in the engine. Spark plugs typically have a lifespan of 80,000 miles. With that said, it the odometer on your vehicle is reaching the 80,000 marker then it is important to have your spark plugs checked to ensure that they are still working at proper levels. If not, then you will need to have them replaced.
  • Fuel Filter Inspection – All sorts of buildup occur throughout your vehicle. There are a variety of filters in your vehicle that are responsible for keeping any oil or other buildup from disrupting the operation and functioning of your car’s engine. One such filter is that of your fuel filter. If there is a large amount of crud and buildup on your fuel filter, the flow of fuel into your engine will become restricted. It will be necessary to change the fuel filter at some point in order to ensure the proper flow of your fuel again.
  • Check the Ignition – Your ignition is what starts up your engine which means it is a very important component of your car. The ignition is made up of spark plugs as well as wires, a rotor and a distributor cap. If even just one of these components fails, you will not be able to start your car at all. For this very reason, it is critical that your ignition components are inspected during a tune-up.
  • Change out the Air Filter – Your car’s engine needs air in order to ignite fuel. However, the air intake should be clean before it actually enters your car’s engine. For this reason, it is imperative to have air filters changed routinely.
  • Assess the Computer Diagnostics – As we would all agree, your car is like a computer with wheels. With today’s technology, automotive technicians are able to connect to your vehicle’s computer and see if there are any performance issues. If a problem exists with your vehicle, the computer will typically generate a code that identifies the problem to the mechanic. This certainly makes it a whole lot easier to find, identify and resolve automotive problems.

Put Your Vehicle’s Performance in Our Hands

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we are committed to providing only the highest quality automotive parts and services this side of Tennessee. We understand that your car is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime and that you need your vehicle to be on the road each and every day. With that said, we pride ourselves on the superior services we provide our clients as well as our affordable prices and convenient timelines.

If you are in need of top-rated automotive services, including an auto tune-up, then we are the team for you. To schedule an appointment or to talk with one of our mechanics, simply give a call out to our facility. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best all round automotive services in Franklin and the many surrounding towns. Fall is here, so don’t delay in having your vehicle checked and serviced. You don’t want to get stuck on the highway when all those holiday travels begin!

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