Don’t Forget Your Summer Emergency Road Kit

Summer is about to make its full presence known which means drivers need to take precautions to ensure the overall safety of their families when travelling this summer. From all those exciting trips to the beach, summer concert travels, and even cross-country adventures, we here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to remind all our clients to be sure to pack an emergency road kit before heading out on your travels.

Unsuspecting car problems can happen anytime and anywhere which is why it is so important to always be prepared. Our team wants to share some important tips and measures all drivers should take to ensure the safety of all their passengers when travelling. From a sudden breakdown to many a car issue, the challenges can be many and being prepared to handle them is sure to make your travels and your experiences much easier and more enjoyable.

Emergency Road Kit

Emergency Road Kit


Travelling with a fully stocked emergency road kit is a surefire way of being prepared to handle the unexpected. There are a variety of essential items you should include in your emergency kit including, but not limited to, the following:

  • · Jumper Cables – First and foremost, you want to ensure that you have a quality set of jumper cables in your kit. If you are faced with a dead car battery, it is these reliable cables that are sure to get you up and running again.
  • · A Flashlight – If you are faced with an unsuspecting auto problem in the evening hours, there is nothing quite as challenging and even more fearful than being trapped by the side of the road with no flashlight in hand. A flashlight affords you the means to see your evening surroundings and helps you to move about in the dark. In addition to your trusty flashlight, be sure you pack an extra set of batteries in your emergency road kit as well.
  • · Flat Tire Assembly and Tools – A flat tire is a common issue for many drivers and can certainly occur at any time and in any location without any warning whatsoever. Having the appropriate tire assembly and the necessary tools on hand is a must do for every driver. A proper tool assembly would include the spare tire itself, a lug wrench and a jack. Be sure you know how to properly change out a flat tire and that you are familiar with how to use all the tools in your tire assembly kit.
  • · Reflective Triangles and Hazard Flares – If ever you find yourself experiencing car trouble or any type of a breakdown and want to attempt to resolve the auto issues yourself, be sure you have packed in your emergency road kit reflective triangles and hazard flares. These items are essential to your safety while you work on your vehicle. Further, these items are important should you elect to call for roadside assistance. The reflective components should be displayed on the road while you sit in waiting for your roadside assistance to arrive.
  • · Other Important Items to Pack – Other miscellaneous items you want to include in your emergency kit are those of bottled water, snacks that are non-perishable, a first aid kit and even a blanket and coat.


Summer is right around the corner now and if you are planning on travelling a bit this summer the folks here at Auto Clinic of Franklin highly recommend you take every precaution you can. Certainly, you don’t want your summer travels and fun to be hindered by automotive issues, which is why we suggest that all our clients travel with the perfect emergency road kit. We want you to also keep in mind that if you are in need of any type of auto services or repairs, be sure to look to the professional team of certified technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin today. We look forward to our every opportunity to serve you and hope all our clients and their families have a safe and enjoyable summer season ahead!

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