Simple Tire Maintenance to Keep Them in Tip Top Shape

When you set out to purchase new tires for your vehicle there are a few important factors to take into consideration.  Be sure to check out the tire specifications, as well as the performance ratings, and product warranties offered.  Once you have invested in your new tires, you want to take necessary steps to protect your investment and get the absolute most wear and performance out of your tires.  The team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to share some simple tire maintenance tips to keep those tires in tip top shape.


  • Tire RotationsAdequate inflation – Be sure to check your tire inflation regularly. Proper inflation benefits the performance of your tires.  If tires are not properly inflated they can cause additional wear and strain on the individual tire thereby minimizing the lifespan and having an impact on the overall performance.
  • Proper tire rotation – The distribution of weight in your vehicle can vary from time to time and would, therefore, require regular tire rotations to prevent uneven wear on the tires and to promote better performance and a better ride. Typically, as a rule of thumb, you should have your tires rotated at your routine oil change service.
  • Tire balance – It is important to keep your tires balanced properly to ensure a smoother ride and minimize any additional wear on the tires. It is good practice to have your tires balanced when you have them rotated at your routine oil change service.
  • Practice good driving habits – How and where you drive your vehicle is a very important component that contributes to the performance of your tires. Excessive braking of your vehicle, acceleration, and constant stop and go traffic affect the way your new tires will wear.  Be sure to avoid potholes and debris in the road and travel over curbs or speed bumps with caution since each can cause damage to not only the tire but the side walls as well.
  • Proper care and maintenance – Be sure to keep your new tires clean and free of debris and keep dry, clean air in the tires at all times. Proper tire maintenance coupled with adequate maintenance of your tire rims, valves and hubcaps contribute to a long lifespan of your investment.
  • Give attention to parking – When your vehicle is parked on hot asphalt during the scorching hot summer months heat damage can occur to your tires. When parked on dirt roads or gravel surfaces in extreme cold, tire damage and warping can occur.  If your vehicle is parked for weeks or months at a time, your tires can be damaged and can actually break down.
  • Weight bearing – If you have to tow a trailer with your vehicle, be sure that the load being hauled is within the weight limits of your new tires and your vehicle. Adhering to the appropriate weight limits will prevent flat tires, damage or blow outs from occurring.


To further ensure the health, safety and lifespan of your new tires, be sure to practice routine, tire maintenance, typically every 3000-5000 miles.  Be aware of any indicators of uneven wear on your tires, tread changes or other types of damage.  When you perform proper tire maintenance, they will generally last near to 5 years.

For more information about tire maintenance, contact the highly skilled and experienced automotive technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin today.  We look forward to serving you with only the highest quality automotive products, repairs and services this side of Franklin.  From our team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin to all our valued clients, we send along wishes for a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!!

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