Useful Tips For Increasing Gas Mileage

With rising costs in the economy and most assuredly the increase in gasoline prices, we are all on the lookout for ways to improve our vehicle gas mileage. It goes without saying that driving less would certainly reduce the amount of gas used, but is this really a true option? We all have a desperate need for our vehicles every day and surely we all have the need to drive. With that said, buying gas is essential to getting us where we need to go day in and day out. There are, however, a number of ways for increasing gas mileage, which is why we here at Auto Clinic of Franklin have put together these useful tips.

Are you determined to spend less money on gas and still get to where you need to go each day? Well then, these practical tips can help you accomplish just that.

Braking and Accelerating – Nothing wastes more gas in your vehicle than constant braking and acceleration. Slowing down your speed will allow you to only brake when necessary and will allow you to do so gradually rather than abruptly. Avoiding sudden accelerations will not only save you gas, but save you money as well.

Less Vehicle Run Time – Decreasing the amount of time you allow your vehicle to sit and run when warming it up or cooling it down, will definitely save on gas. Though you may find yourself having to drive in a wee bit of cold temperatures during the frigid winter months or extreme heat and humidity in the blazing hot summer months, you will most assuredly save on both gas and money. Though a bit of a sacrifice and maybe even discomfort, isn’t this simple little sacrifice beneficial to the cause?

Wind Resistance – Most people love driving around in the warmer weather with their windows down or the sun roofs open. Though this is the trendy, practical thing to do, wind resistance tends to increase your overall gasoline costs. So, if you are really looking for every way to save on gas then perhaps disciplining yourself to drive without the windows down can certainly help minimize gasoline costs.

Minimize the Load – Lightening the load your vehicle is carrying will, without a doubt, contribute to lower gas consumption and to your savings. Many people have a tendency of putting heavier objects in their trunks during the winter months and often forget, or simply do not remove them once winter is over. Taking them out will decrease your gasoline costs.

Tire Pressure – If your tires do not have sufficient air in them, they will produce more of a drag against the road surface which increases the amount of gas your vehicle will use. So be certain that your tires have appropriate air levels. In addition to this simple vehicle maintenance task, tuning your engine routinely, having your wheels aligned and changing filters all play an important role in increasing gas mileage.

All of these little things and even more can help save you both gasoline and money.   The folks here at Auto Clinic of Franklin hope you find our tips useful for both. It is important to remember that simple routine maintenance of your vehicle goes a long way not only for saving gas and money, but for extending the life expectancy of your vehicle as well. If you are in need of vehicle maintenance or repairs, or simply want to know more ways for increasing gas mileage, then we are the team for you. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with all your automotive needs. Don’t delay. Contact us today!!

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