Practice Proper Automobile Sanitizing and Cleaning Especially During This Pandemic

Vehicles can most certainly be carriers of all sorts of germs and bacteria. Your vehicle is used to transport persons, groceries, donated items, as well as a number of other things, all of which can transport germs and other sources of bacteria. Being in the middle of the Covid Pandemic right now causes many of us to be focused on proper sanitizing and cleaning which should also include automobile sanitizing as well.

We have been told that bacteria from any virus can remain alive on all types of surfaces and that would include the interior surfaces of your vehicle as well. With that said the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, though we are primarily providers of mechanical services for your vehicles, wants to also contribute to the overall safety and well being of our valued clients. We want to advise our clients on how to keep the surfaces on the interior of their vehicles safe and sanitized before and after visits to our shop.


Though surfaces can often appear to be clean, they are more times than not laden with germs and bacteria. One of the dirtiest surfaces of a vehicle is that of the steering wheel, simply because our hands, after touching nearly everything else, are placed on the steering wheel. The door handles, radio controls, seat belts, gear shift, sun visors and power buttons are among some of the other interior surfaces that should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Anything in your vehicle that is touched should all be part of your proper automobile sanitizing protocol.


Even though the surfaces in your vehicle may appear to be very clean, they may still be home to a number of germs, bacteria and viruses. Though a cleaned surface is visibly not dirty, a sanitized surface minimizes the level of germs that can pose a threat and serves to disinfect surfaces. You can easily use a clean cloth, water and soap to clean your interior surfaces. Other products containing bleach of some sort can disinfect interior vehicle surfaces but, if they are too strong, can also cause some level of harm to the surfaces. Be sure to use products that are not harmful to the interior of your vehicle, but are strong enough to remove germs, bacteria and even traces of viruses.


Most of us clean our vehicles regularly. There is nothing quite as rewarding as driving around in a vehicle that is spic and span on both the exterior and interior. During this challenging Covid Pandemic, taking time out to clean and sanitize interior vehicle surfaces can greatly contribute to your overall health and the health of your passengers as well. Performing proper automobile sanitizing is a routine everyone should get into, especially during this ongoing pandemic. Taking steps to safeguard your family members and other passengers, not to mention yourself, is an important step in ensuring the health and safety of all.


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our team of dedicated automotive specialists is steadfast in providing all our valued clients with the highest quality products and services this side of Franklin. That would include offering our clients insight needed that benefits their well being as well. We are truly living in some difficult times right now and the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to be sure that all our clients are safe and healthy.

To learn more about automobile sanitizing and steps we take to ensure your safety, be sure to reach out to one of our team today. We look forward to our every opportunity to serve you and hope you and your family remain safe and healthy as we continue to face the ongoing challenges of the Covid19 Pandemic. For all your automotive service and repair needs, look to the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin!

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