Safe Summer Driving Tips for Drivers of All Ages

Well, summer has finally arrived. During the warm summer months there tend to be a whole lot more drivers on the road, especially since there is no snow, ice, or slippery conditions to contend with. With that said the folks here at Auto Clinic of Franklin want to offer some important tips for safe summer driving.

safe summer driving

safe summer driving

Families and friends venture out on summer vacations, couples take romantic road trips to lovely destinations, and overall the traffic on the roads and highways in both the cities and rural areas is desperately increased. With that said, there is also an increased risk of traffic accidents during the many summer holidays including Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day because people tend to want to party, travel and enjoy adventures during the holiday seasons. During the summer holidays, as well as the entire summer season, it is very important for drivers of all ages to practice safe driving tips and habits in their efforts to keep themselves, their passengers and their loved ones all safe while traveling.

Here are some simple, practical and safe summer driving tips for everyone to follow:

  • Pay close attention to various summer road conditions – Though there is no snow or ice to contend with in the summer time, but rather warm, comfortable weather and lots of sunny skies, during the summer months there are a variety of other road conditions you need be aware of. Hot temperatures and overly dry atmospheres can contribute to cracks in the roadways that can disrupt your safety while driving. Be on the lookout for tricky road conditions. In addition, during the summer months and in the late afternoons, the sun typically causes visibility issues when driving, be prepared by keeping a good pair of sunglasses on hand in your vehicle.
  • Don’t be sidetracked by distractions – Carpooling with co-workers, taking road trips with loved ones or heading out on family vacations can certainly make summer a whole lot more fun. However, when travelling with passengers you have an increased risk of distractions while driving. Whether conversations, excessive laughing, passing food and drinks, or using a cell phone, the number of distractions while driving are many. With that said, be sure to instruct your passengers to avoid distracting you while driving so as to ensure the safety of all your passengers. Passengers should avoid making sudden loud noises or outbursts or showing you that funny post on Facebook. Your full attention, when driving, should always be on the road ahead and safety should be at the top of your priority list.
  • Always drive defensively – When driving you should always keep a good distance behind the car in front of you and never tailgate. Be aware of other drivers on the road and always, but always use your proper signals. You also want to be mindful of all the traffic around you and always adhere to the speed limits. Practicing defensive driving will afford you the opportunity to keep yourself and your passengers safe and out of harms way.

We hope you find these safe summer driving tips useful. Remember, should you find yourself in need of automotive repairs or routine automotive services, then surely we are the team for you. The highly experienced technicians here at Auto Clinic of Franklin are committed to the satisfaction and safety of all our valued clients.

Summer is finally here, so don’t forget to have your AC system checked, your brakes adjusted, and even your windshield wipers replaced before you start enjoying all that summer driving. We look forward to serving you and to providing the highest quality automotive services this side of Franklin, season after season, year after year. With summer now upon us, we send along wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer and ask you to be mindful of our safe summer driving tips!

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