Tips for Preparing your Vehicle for Spring Driving

Winter is most certainly coming to a close, which means we will all soon be enjoying the warmer weather and all the blessings of spring. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to remind all our valued clients that not only should we prepare ourselves for spring, but you need to prepare your vehicles for spring driving as well.


To ensure the proper functionality and overall safety of your vehicle to enjoy driving in the warm spring weather, we want to share these helpful tips.

  • A Fresh clean wash – At the start of spring you want to be sure to get your vehicle to a car wash that will thoroughly clean the exterior of your vehicle including the undercarriage. The undercarriage accumulates road salt and a variety of other winter elements which can lead to buildup and rust over time. In addition, we always suggest to perform a thorough cleaning of the interior of your vehicle as well to set the stage for an enjoyable long spring driving season.
  • Give full attention to your tires – Winter driving, as we all know, is quite hard on vehicle tires, which is why it is so important to have them aligned and rotated at the start of the spring. Doing so will ensure that your tires will wear safely and you can get the very best out of your tires for a longer period of time. Be sure to also keep track of your tire tread to ensure that they are not balding since the spring brings with it lots of rain and you will need proper traction when driving in these weather conditions.
  • Check the battery – Vehicles certainly have to work a whole lot harder in the winter months, which can ultimately result in less battery life. Perform a battery inspection and if you find that your battery is low, then be sure to replace it, especially if it is in excess of four years old.
  • Don’t forget your windshield wipers – It goes without saying what a challenge the winter months can be on our windshield wipers. Regardless of winter, however, it is wise to change your windshield wipers at the start of each new season so as to improve your visibility consistently and avoid accidents and mishaps.
  • Top off the fluids – Be sure to top off all your vehicle fluids including engine oil and brake fluid in preparation of spring driving. Once again, we reiterate that you do not forget the windshield wiper fluid since we all tend to use much more of it during the winter months.
  • Check out your performance under the hood – Give a bit of time to inspect your hoses, belts and air filters. If you see any that are damaged or cracked be sure to repair or replace them. Also, be sure your air filters are working properly and are clean since you will need them to operate your air conditioning in the warmer weather.



With spring just around the corner, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin cannot emphasize enough the importance of prepping your vehicle for the warmer season ahead. Our team stands ready to meet your every need and is steadfast in our commitment to provide only the highest quality automotive products and services this side of Franklin. To get your vehicle ready for spring driving give a shout out to one of our staff today and schedule your service appointment. Our team will ensure that your vehicle is up and ready for traveling in the spring and prepared to handle all your family spring travel adventures!

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