Simple Steps to Take to Check the Motor Oil in Your Vehicle

There isn’t anyone of us who could go without the use of our vehicles for any extended span of time. Our vehicles play a very important role in our everyday lives. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to remind our valued clients of the importance of proper vehicle care and maintenance. One important routine task is that of changing the motor oil in your vehicle. We have provided some very simple steps for you to take to change out the oil yourself if you prefer.


When you think about the last time you had an oil change, you may find that it has been quite some time. When you do not change the oil in your vehicle as often as is needed, you will find that your vehicle will burn more fuel and, over time, will run less smoothly. To help ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly and properly, we are here to instruct you on how to check and change your motor oil.

· Start by parking your vehicle on a level ground area. Wait for the engine to cool down to avoid getting burned. Once it is cool you want to open the hood of the vehicle and locate the dipstick. Pull the dipstick out and wipe it clean. Once clean, insert the stick back into its proper tube and push the stick all the way down. Pull the dipstick out again and look at the marker on the stick to see how much oil is in the tube to determine if the oil level is satisfactory or is there a need to add more oil to the vehicle.

· When more oil is needed, remove the oil filler cap on the top of your vehicle engine. Insert a funnel and add the oil slowly ensuring that you do not overfill it. This can cause problems with your vehicle engine. Wait a few moments and then check the level with the dipstick again. If you have not yet reached optimum levels, repeat the process to add more oil. Typically, your vehicle will take a quart of oil or less. Once you have added the necessary oil, then screw the oil filler cap back on and close your vehicle hood.



As you can see from the steps above, changing the motor oil in your vehicle is a very simple task to perform. However, often times individuals haven’t the time, the patience or even the know-how to change out their own oil. If such is the case with you, no worries. Simply head on down to our trusted facility here at Auto Clinic of Franklin and let our highly skilled technicians take care of it for you.

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin we provide a full lineup of automotive repairs and services at prices that are affordable and in timelines that are accommodating to the needs of our clients. Our dedicated team of automotive techs is steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our clients and to help keep their vehicles on the road at all times. Sometimes automotive issues can present challenges and interference in our everyday lives. That’s where the pros here at Auto Clinic of Franklin come in. Put your trust in our highly reputable team.

If you are in need of a motor oil change for your vehicle or any other type of automotive services, then we are the team for you. Simply give a call out to one of our staff and schedule your service

appointment today. We look forward to serving you and to ensuring that your vehicle is prepped and ready to go at all times.

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