The Pros and Cons of Investing In Winter Tires

Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, it is certainly safe to say that we know a good deal about cars and tires alike. With that said, often times our clients will inquire as to whether or not it is necessary to invest in winter tires. When the temperatures outside begin to drop and winter makes its presence known, there are many benefits of having winter tires.

You may ask ‘do I really need them?’ Well the simple answer to that question is yes, especially if you plan to do excessive winter driving or have a need to travel to destinations that are commonly plagued by snow and ice road conditions. If such is the case, you may very well want to ensure you have appropriate tires to handle the winter challenges. If you want to maximize the performance of your vehicle and tires during challenging driving conditions, then rest assured an investment in quality winter tires can help accomplish the task.

These special season tires are specifically made to increase traction when driving in snow and even on ice. The treads on these tires are engineered to dig well into all the slippery elements while providing much needed grip to make your travels safe. All-season tires, though manufactured to last all year round, have some limited capabilities. Since they are engineered to be diverse, they do not give focus to treacherous winter weather conditions at the same level as winter tires.

On the flip side, however, winter tires may not handle as precisely and effectively in milder winter conditions as all-season tires do because of their unique construction. In addition, they tend to be much noisier, are quite fragile, and would require purchasing 4 new tires at the same time, not just two, so as not to present with poor traction or even unpredictable behaviors or performances.

With all that said, the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin suggest that you are going to be your own best judge on this topic. Since our lovely state of Tennessee does not experience excessive snowfall and icy conditions typically, then indeed all-season tires may be your best bet. However, there are a variety of issues to take into consideration when making this all-important decision. For instance, you should keep in mind that if you plan to travel to New England via car, then you are sure to be faced with snow covered streets that often measure in feet not inches, and below freezing winter temperatures that can be ongoing for weeks on end. Each of these scenarios can create risks when driving and may be reason enough for you to make that important purchase now.

A quality set of winter tires is without a doubt a practical investment for all those planning on traveling to snowy or colder areas this winter. Whatever your choice may be, rest assured our highly skilled team of technicians are on hand to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. If you elect to purchase your new tires, then worry no more. Our staff is on hand to take care of all your tire purchase needs. We provide all brands of tires as well as any tire or wheel service needs you may have. And don’t forget, if you find yourself in need of automotive repairs, diagnostic services or inspections, then we are the team for you. Simply give a shout out to our staff and schedule your appointment as needed. We look forward to serving you and send along wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season ahead from our family to yours!!

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