Tips for Winter Fuel Economy

cold weather vehicle maintenance

Most drivers are not fans of driving in the winter months since it presents with a number of challenges, one of which is that of fuel efficiency.  During the winter months, when the temperatures drop below freezing levels, it causes winter fuel economy to drop as well.  Vehicles can experience a gas mileage drop of nearly 10-12% when temperatures fall below the 20-degree marker. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to share with our valued clients some important information and tips for reducing fuel inefficiency this winter.


There are a number of contributing factors including:

  • It takes longer for a vehicle’s engine to reach its optimal fuel-efficient temperature in the colder months resulting in increased levels of fuel inefficiency;
  • Gasoline supplied to the pumps in the winter months provides less energy to the vehicle per gallon than it does in the warmer seasons;
  • Typically, cold air causes drag as does other forms of wind resistance which ultimately results in fuel inefficiency;
  • The use of defrosters and heated seats in the winter months draws a good deal of power from the engine which contributes to increased fuel consumption over time; and
  • Tire traction is reduced in the cold weather months because of a decrease in tire pressure, which can easily contribute to an increase in fuel usage and minimize your fuel efficiency.


  • Wintertime Dead Car BatteryMinimize short driving trips – In the winter months, your vehicle’s engine takes a whole lot longer to warm up. With that said, when you drive short distances you contribute to fuel inefficiency because most of the running time is dedicated to warming up the engine.  Try to minimize the number of short trips you make during the cold weather months.
  • Reduce Vehicle Idling time – Idling your vehicle for long periods of time minimizes your fuel economy and really does no good for the vehicle.   Allowing your vehicle to run for a mere 30 seconds is all you need since driving the vehicle is what actually warms up the engine faster.
  • Beware of Your Tire Pressure – Ensuring that your tire pressure is accurate during the cold weather months will help to increase your winter fuel economy.  Be sure to check your tire pressure routinely with a tire gauge to ensure you are taking advantage of maximum traction and have proper tire pressure at all times which will certainly help to increase your fuel efficiency.
  • Give your vehicle some TLC – Another simple tip for reducing fuel inefficiency is to park your vehicle, during the cold weather months, in a warm parking garage or other accommodation. A little bit of this TLC will certainly go a long way during the winter season.
  • Pay attention to oil levels – Motor oil plays a significant role in your vehicle’s performance year-round, and especially in the winter months. Be sure you are using appropriate oil in your vehicle for the cold weather seasons so as to increase your engine’s overall fuel efficiency.  If you are uncertain as to which type of oil you should be using in your vehicle, reach out to our highly experienced technicians for assistance.

We hope you have found this information and these simple, but important tips useful.  For more information about winter fuel economy or if you are in need of any type of automotive products or services, we have got you covered.  Reach out to the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin today.  We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best all round automotive products, services and repairs this side of Franklin!

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Extended Franklin Car Storage Tips

Franklin Car

Vehicles by design are meant to be driven regularly. If you are planning on storing away your vehicle for months at a time, you’ll have to take some additional steps to ensure that they remain in good condition over time. Here are some quick tips to help keep your stored Franklin car in excellent shape.

Change the Oil

You don’t want to store your vehicle with worn oil because it has acids and other harmful compounds that can do damage if they are left sitting in place for too long. Do yourself a favor and change both the oil and the filter before you store the vehicle. It’s a simple procedure that will help keep your engine in better shape. Make sure to drive at least a few miles with the new oil in your Franklin car to get it running through your engine.

Oil the Plug Cylinders

Remove each of the spark plugs in your vehicle one by one. While they are out, add a teaspoon of engine oil to the threads of the cylinders. Secure the spark plugs in place once again. This procedure will help prevent rust from developing on the cylinders.

Support Your Franklin Car on Jack Stands

If you’ll be keeping your vehicle stored for a year or more, you need to take weight off your wheel bearings and other key suspension components. The best way to do this is to life the vehicle up off the ground using a set of jack stands underneath its frame.

Pull off the Wiper Blades

Take the wiper blades off the Franklin car to keep them from getting stuck to the windshield. If the wipers are allowed to get stuck in place they can cause damage to the windshield when removed.

Flush the Brake Lines

Look at the brake fluid in the system and if it’s a brownish color flush the fluid out, replacing it with brand-new fluid. Old brake fluid has water in it and can lead to rust if it isn’t moving around.

Cover the Franklin Car Up

Finally, make sure that you cover your Franklin car entirely. Get a large cover, or put it in a windowless storage area to protect it from the elements. A good cover will keep off the weather which can be particularly harmful to vehicles. Sunlight fades paint and damages the interior materials, rain, sleet and snow can cause corrosion and other issues.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin, where we are able to help with the diagnostics, maintenance and repairs that are needed prior to putting your Franklin car in storage.