Never Ignore That Mysterious Check Engine Light on Your Dashboard

The last thing any driver wants to see is that horrifying check engine light appear on the dashboard of their car. Not only is it scary but every bit mysterious as can be. This very frightful light is designed specifically to alert a driver when there is some type of issue with the proper operation of their vehicle. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to take this time to share some insight on just what to do when this mysterious, scary light comes on.

What Does It Mean?

The check engine light can mean a number of things from a serious repair that should be performed immediately to something as simple as a loose gas cap. Whatever the source may be, and right out of the gate, the source is unknown, you want to be sure not to guess at what the issue is and put the safety of your vehicle, yourself and any passengers in jeopardy. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, our clients are always our number one priority which is why we want to share this important information with you so you have some awareness as to what your next step should be when that mysterious light suddenly appears.

What To Do

First and foremost, never ever disregard the light when it appears. Many people panic when they see the light go on and their immediate thoughts are about how to figure out what the problem is followed by thoughts of costly vehicle repair bills. If you fail to give attention to the check engine light when it comes on you may find yourself faced with far more serious problems down the road. Further, neglecting this dashboard light can be extremely dangerous and unsafe for both the vehicle and its passengers.

When the light first comes on, we suggest you start by checking out the simple potential sources such as your gas cap. If you have recently pumped gas and the cap is not tightened, this can sometimes trigger the light to go on. Hopefully, this will be the source of your problem and simply tightening the gap will solve the issue at hand.

If after tightening the gas cap the light remains on, then there are a few additional steps you can take. If you happen to own a code and error reader, insert the device into the port and let it identify the error code for you. This would be the ideal and easy way of analyzing and identifying the source of the dashboard light. If, however, you do not own a code reader, then we first want you to understand that a check engine light often times indicates a problem with a specific circuit in your vehicle and not always represents a malfunction of a vehicle component. In order to determine the root source of the dashboard light, we highly recommend you bring your vehicle down to our trusted automotive facility and let our team of experts perform an analysis, assessment and diagnostic testing of your vehicle to determine the cause of the dashboard light.

Our automotive specialists will perform a vehicle inspection and utilize our computer analysis and assessment programs to diagnose your vehicle and identify the problem. We will take every step necessary to identify the exact source of the problem and provide you with the best possible and most affordable fix for the existing problem. Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin, we pride ourselves on our competitive yet affordable prices, our high-quality automotive parts and

services as well as our very attractive turnaround times. We understand full well how important it is for our clients to not be without their vehicles and strive to deliver our superior services in timelines that accommodate our customers’ needs. Our team is steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our clients and to ensure the overall safety of their vehicles and passengers.

Bottom Line

If your check engine light comes on, then don’t delay. Reach out to the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin to get your problem assessed, identified and fixed and your vehicle back out on the road again. For more information about our high-quality services or to schedule an appointment, give a shout out to one of our friendly automotive techs today!

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