Car Noises That Need Your Immediate Attention

There are some specific car noises that no driver wants to hear because they typically mean there is a problem with your vehicle and often times is costly to repair. Most drivers are very familiar with their cars and can easily detect a noise that can potentially become a problem over time. With that said, the team here at Auto Clinic of Franklin wants to familiarize our valued clients with some of the most common noises that indicate that there may be some type of trouble brewing.

Car Noises

Car Noises


  • One of the first noises you want to give attention to is that of a sound much like a coin that is bouncing around in your clothes dryer. If you happen to hear this little bit of rattling coming from inside your wheels when driving at slower speeds but it disappears once you accelerate faster, there is a good chance that you have a loose lug nut shifting around inside one of your hub caps. It is probably the result of your wheel not being properly tightened the last time it was removed. Be sure to get on down to our trusted facility ASAP should you hear this rattling sound.
  • The next sound to raise concern is that of grinding or squealing brakes. When you hear a squealing sound it typically means that your brake shoes or pads are nearing the end of their life expectancy and need to be replaced as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, you hear more of a grinding sound then make it a point to have a mechanic check your brakes immediately because this sound is usually an indicator that your brake pads are so worn down that they are touching metal which can be a very serious and dangerous problem.
  • Yet another sound to be on the lookout for is that of a popping or loud clicking sound whenever you turn your vehicle. If you have an all-wheel or front-wheel drive vehicle this sound when making a turn usually means that the CV joints on the front axle of the vehicle need to be replaced. Be sure to get to a mechanic as soon as possible.
  • If you hear a clunking or banging rhythmic sound coming from under your hood, we strongly suggest you get to our shop as quickly as possible. This sound is an indicator that you have a critical problem with either your valves, pistons or connecting rods and is nothing to play around with.
  • Finally, if you hear an annoying squealing sound coming from under the hood when you either start up the vehicle or when you accelerate, don’t delay. This usually means that you have worn out or loose accessory belts linked to the power steering pump, the alternator, or even the air conditioner compressor. It could also be attributed to a problem with your serpentine belt as well.


Here at Auto Clinic of Franklin our team of highly skilled technicians is committed to providing all our valued clients with the highest quality automotive parts and services this side of Franklin. We understand full well how important it is for all our customers to have reliable vehicles that run properly at all times.

If you find yourself faced with any one of these car noises, then surely you have come to the right place. Our technicians stand ready to serve you and are steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients. For state-of-the-art automotive services and a team of dedicated experts who strive to deliver the best, and most affordable automotive services, look to the professionals here at Auto Clinic of Franklin. You’ll be more than glad you did!

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