Why a Trustworthy Franklin Mechanic is Paramount to Long Term Vehicle Performance

Franklin Mechanic

You probably wouldn’t trust your health to just any old doctor that’s not familiar with preexisting conditions that you may have. That’s the reason that so many people have a family doctor that they see each and every year.

For the same reason that it makes sense to go to the same doctor all the time, it makes sense to find a reliable Franklin mechanic and use him or her each and every time that you need work done on the vehicle that you can’t handle yourself.

Maintenance is Vital to a Healthy Car

Generally, the most long-lasting vehicles are the ones that are maintained properly. If you aren’t taking steps to keep your car, truck or SUV in good shape, you need someone else to do it for you. If you aren’t a professional Franklin mechanic, you’ll need one to keep an eye on your vehicle and handle the more difficult repairs for you as well. That’s why it makes sense to find a trustworthy professional before you actually need a serious repair done.

Finding a Reliable Franklin Mechanic

Locating a reliable mechanic requires doing some research. Take the time to talk with friends and family, and to look at online reviews of different local mechanics to see who is supposed to be the best in the area. After you’ve found a few good people, consider working with both of them the first time that you need work done on your vehicle.

Talk with the office of the couple different mechanics and gauge the quality of service that you get. Bring the car in and take note of the facility as well as how you are treated while you are there. Take your time and do your best to choose the most reliable mechanic that you can find. This will really pay off in the end.

Get Annual Maintenance and Care for Problems Immediately

Once you find a good reliable Franklin mechanic, you need to use his services often. Bring the vehicle in anytime that you notice a problem beginning to develop, and be sure to take care of it immediately. Take care of regular annual maintenance and keep record of all the receipts over the years.

Relying on a good mechanic will keep your vehicle in excellent shape, and keeping all those records will help you get the most money out of the vehicle if you ever decide to sell it off later on. Make an appointment with our Franklin mechanic today to keep your vehicle running perfectly. 

Franklin Car Care: When it Makes Sense to Change Spark Plugs and Wires

Transmission Repair Franklin

Franklin car care

Many garages recommend that spark plugs and wires are changed on an annual basis during Franklin car care, and this generally isn’t necessary at all. When going to a shop in TN, don’t get your spark plugs changed unless they have between 60,000 and 100,000 miles on them. You also shouldn’t change the wires until they have at least 30,000 miles on them. The plugs and wires are both important for maintaining engine efficiency levels though, so check the gap regularly and swap them out before they get too old.

Get the Plugs Inspected Regularly with Franklin Car Care

Most vehicle manufacturers state that you don’t have to worry about changing the spark plugs until they’ve gone through a total of 100,000 miles of operation, which means you can go quite some time before worrying about making the swap. While that might be true, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the plugs until it’s time to make the swap. Instead you should have them inspected at a TN auto shop, or do a self-inspection about once every 30,000 miles. Staying on top of the plugs that often will help you identify potential problems before they get too serious.

Replace Before 100,000

Spark plugs might be rated to last 100,000 miles, but that doesn’t mean that you should allow them to. Plugs that are that old generally begin to wear out and become troublesome to change. That’s why it’s best to make the swap around 80,000 or 90,000 instead. Keep checking on them regularly as you approach the 100,000 mile marker to make sure you make the switch before the plugs seize or begin to break down. Making the change earlier with Franklin car care will also help ensure that your system continues running properly and runs efficiently.

Change the Wires Sooner

While spark plugs are often designed to last as long as 100,000 miles, the wires often go bad sooner and generally need to be changed by 60,000 miles. It’s important to feel the wires in your hands to see if they are crispy or pliable. As the wires become less pliable, they are getting closer to needing to be changed. Stay on top of the wires and make sure you swap them out before they get too old. Once they age too far you’ll have trouble changing them and might have to replace the plugs as well because of difficulties you experience with the wires.

Don’t make the mistake of taking your vehicle into a  garage and having the wires or spark plugs changed too early, but also don’t make the mistake of letting them go too long either. Get them evaluated every 30,000 miles during your usual Franklin car care, and swap both out as soon as they show serious signs of wear.

Contact us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to schedule an appointment to check your wires and spark plugs and for all of your Franklin car care.

Common Franklin Auto Maintenance Myths to Ignore

Common Franklin Auto Maintenance Myths

Many people know very little about modern-day automobiles, but there are certainly enough Franklin auto maintenance myths floating around about how to maintain these sophisticated machines! These myths may cause vehicle owners to do some pretty silly things, some of which could actually damage the vehicles, and many will cost them a whole lot of unnecessary money. Some of these Franklin auto maintenance myths were started by auto accessory companies to help drive up their profits, but many were started by clueless vehicle owners that believe they know what they are talking about. Here are five common Franklin auto maintenance myths that should be ignored by car owners today.

Get an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles

While this might have been true 40 years ago, it isn’t any longer. It’s often possible to drive 7,000, 9,000 or even 12,000 miles on a single change without running into any issues. Most new vehicles come with an oil life indicator that you should rely on to dictate when you change the oil, stop changing  it too often because you’re just throwing your money away in the process.

Clean Your Fuel Injectors is One of the Franklin Auto Maintenance Myths

There are a bunch of products out on the market today for cleaning up your fuel injectors. Sometimes you add a bottle to your gas tank, some garages will even offer to wash out these units for you. This is almost always unnecessary, so only use these products if your vehicle manufacturer calls for them in the manual.

You’ll Void Your Warranty

Dealerships try to scare owners into continuing to come back for services in order to avoid voiding their warranty. It’s quite difficult to void the warranty as long as you’re performing proper service procedures. Have the work done at a reputable garage, or even do it yourself and you won’t void the warranty as long as you keep the receipts and do the work when it’s called for.

Flush Your Transmission Fluid Regularly

Transmission fluid is a very rugged material that’s designed to perform for an extended period. Don’t allow service centers to convince you to have this procedure done on your first few services. It’s a procedure that often doesn’t need doing until 60,000 miles or more.

Replace Filters with Every Oil Change

You’ll find air filters, transmission filters and oil filters throughout your vehicle. Some people believe that they need replacing with every oil change, and this isn’t typically the case even with oil filters. Read through your owner’s manual and maintenance manual to see the recommend filter intervals for the many different filter types throughout your vehicle. You’ll quickly see that you can keep those old filters going for much longer than you might think.

In general car maintenance is very simple today. There are so many Franklin auto maintenance myths that will have you doing unnecessary work and spending more money than you have to. Instead of following along with everything that you hear, rely on your owner’s manual for car care facts, and only have maintenance tasks performed when you know they are necessary.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out how we can maximize the value and performance of your vehicle, without costing you further cash down the road.

Signs That Your Franklin Auto AC is Going Bad

Vehicle Diagnostics

The AC unit inside your vehicle is important. Not only do you need it through the hot summer sun, but you’re going to need it to cool down the vehicle when it is sitting in the sun. When the Franklin auto AC starts going bad, you need to have someone that knows what they’re doing fix it for you. Here are the signs to watch out for if you think your Franklin auto AC is starting to go bad.

Signs of a Broken Franklin Auto AC

Though some of these are obvious when it comes to the care and maintenance of your AC unit, it is still important to note them on the list. Sometimes, these signs can come about and the problem has nothing to do with the Franklin auto AC at all, but something else.

  1. There is only hot air blowing from the inside of the vehicle’s vents. This shows that the AC unit might not be creating the cold air that needs to come from outside to cool the inside of the vehicle down.
  2. You do not hear the fans inside the vents running. This could be multiple problems, but if the blower is not blowing out cool air or anything at all; it could also mean a problem for the engine.
  3. You hear a ticking or buzzing sound from inside the dashboard while driving around. This could happen mostly when the AC unit is turned ON, but may also happen when it is off.
  4. Your vehicle is leaking fluids from the front. This could be anti-freeze or coolant that is leaking from the radiator inside the vehicle, which is what provides the cool air to it.

When it comes to your Franklin auto AC, trust in a company that can take a look at the unit and find out what the exact problem is. With the professionals at the Auto Clinic of Franklin, you know you’re in good hands when something happens and you need to have it fixed. Don’t go through the whole summer without the proper AC care. Contact them today to set up an appointment.

What to Do if You See a Dog Inside a Franklin Vehicle This Summer

The professionals with the Auto Clinic of Franklin want to remind everyone that this Tennessee summer is going to be a hot one. This means leaving children and dogs in the vehicle alone for any period of time is something that should never be done. This should be an announcement that shouldn’t have to be made, but when it comes to seeing a Franklin vehicle this summer with a child or dog inside it, those that notice it should take action.

Please, Always Remember:

  • When the temperatures outside are hot, the temperatures inside a car are twice as hot.
  • Even if you crack the windows in the Franklin vehicle, it will still get hot inside the car
  • Even if you’re gone for just a few minutes, this can still be overwhelming for the child or dog
  • Dogs have heavier coats, so the twice as hot temperatures in the car are double this
  • Children can have a hard time breathing when temperatures are too hot, even outside in the open air

If You See a Child or Dog Inside a Hot Franklin Vehicle:

  • Contact the local authorities as soon as possible
  • Check to see if the vehicle is unlocked
  • If locked, break through a window to reach the dog or child that is trapped inside the vehicle
  • Make sure to take a picture of the license plate, the animal or kid in the car and any other important information prior to breaking into the vehicle
  • Attempt to do all of this while on the phone with the local authorities, so they know the situation

When it comes to the safety and well being of both children and pets, it is essential that these few moments are critical, crucial ones. You need to act with your best judgement when the time comes, since it would only take a few minutes for something horrible to happen to either one that is locked in a hot Franklin vehicle.

Remember, stop by the Auto Clinic of Franklin to obtain your maintenance, vehicle tests and other repairs or replacements. We care about the people in Franklin and want to make sure children and pets are not left in hot Franklin vehicles unattended as the heat starts to soar.

Learning Tips from Professionals: How to Change a Spare Tire

Changing a spare tire is an important thing to know. If something ever happens to your tire as you’re driving down the road, then you need to know how to take that tire off and put on your spare. This is what is going to get you to your destination. It will take just a few minutes to read through the information, and just around ten to change out the old one for the new.

The Steps for Changing Out a Spare Tire

  1. Find a safe place to pull over and park. You do not want to be in the middle of the highway, and also have enough room to change out the tire on your own. Make sure to set your parking brake.
  2. Turn on those yellow hazard lights. This will give other motorists safe warning of you being there. You do not want to get harmed by someone not seeing you, especially if it is night time.
  3. Use your wrench to loosen the lug nuts all the way around the tire. You do not need to remove them completely, but loosening them and removing the hubcap is necessary.
  4. Use your jack to lift the vehicle completely off the ground before doing anything. Always make sure there is a stand and the jack is locked before doing anything further.
  5. Remove the lug nuts completely and take the tire off the vehicle.
  6. Place the spare tire onto the car and line up the posts and holes for the lug nuts.
  7. Put on the lug nuts around the entire wheel. Make sure they’re tightened completely.
  8. Bring the back of the vehicle down off the ground and double check your lug nights to ensure they’re tight once again.
  9. Put the flat tire, tools and anything else you’re done with back in the trunk of the vehicle.
  10. Make sure to glide off slowly, pay attention to traffic when getting back on the road.

Additional Information

It is always a good idea to check the condition of the tires before heading out, especially on a long trip. You want to ensure that you do not go anywhere if the tires have little to no air, poor tread, rips, tears or anything that is out of the ordinary.

Make sure you have all of the tools that are needed for the tire change, including a high quality spare tire. You want to be prepared if something like this happens, and without the tools or a spare that is usable, you will find yourself with a dilemma.

Make sure to practice! Practice makes perfect!

While, some people may have roadside assistance of one form or another, it is still a good idea to learn how to change out that old tire for a new one. It might just save your life one day to have this information. Of course, when you need to get a new set of wheels, make sure to speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. We can get you driving on a set of high quality wheels, so this is something you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Spring Maintenance for Your Vehicle is a Must

When spring rolls around, you want to ensure that you’re covered from start to finish. This means being able to find exactly what it is that you need to have fixed on your vehicle. You want to go over everything, get a thorough check up, tune up and inspection to make sure you’re road worthy. Are you ready to check out each of these areas for your spring maintenance?

Your Spring Maintenance Check List

Wiper Blades and Tires

When the spring rolls around, so does the rain. When you’re driving around, you want to ensure that you have traction and that you can see where you’re going. Without high quality wiper blades, and a new set of tires, the ride might get a bit scary.

Wash and Wax

This is a great time to wash off the salt that might have clung to your vehicle from the snow and dirt that mixed during the winter. It is always a good idea to clean your vehicle when it is spring time to keep the body in the best shape, and ward off any rust that might happen during your spring maintenance check up.

Tune Up

Tune ups are good to have done through a mechanic, so you can make sure that everything on your vehicle is running and working like it should. While, you may not be trained to see this issues ahead of time like a mechanic would, bringing it to a shop to find out more is always a good idea.

Check the Fluids

It is always ideal to get an oil change when it comes to changing out your vehicle and getting it ready for the spring, but you do not want to forget about the other fluids in the vehicle. This is something that you can do, or you can call up a qualified mechanic to go through the vehicle during the spring maintenance check up.


These are essential for the overall well-being of the vehicle, and for your life. You want to check the brake pads and rotors to make sure they’re in great shape. If they haven’t been changed in some time, then perhaps going for a new set couldn’t hurt.

When you need to make sure that your spring maintenance is going the way it should, speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin. We are more than happy to help you with everything that needs to be done, and give your vehicle a thorough check up to ensure that you’re ready for all that spring has to throw your way. Schedule your appointment with us today!

Signs of a Failing Transmission in Your Vehicle

When you have an issue with your vehicle, and you hear sounds or notice something different with the way the vehicle is driving, then you have to consider the many different options that could be the problem. These issues will come and go, and some of them might be bigger problems than others. Here are some of the top signs that show that your transmission is failing in your vehicle.

Signs of a Failing Transmission 

Fluid Leaks – Leaking fluid from a vehicle is never a good sign, but when it is transmission fluid, then this could become quite dangerous. Checking all of the areas where fluid might leak from, such as the transmission, windshield fluid, antifreeze and brake fluid is ideal. When you notice that it is transmission fluid, make sure to put some in there, and find a garage to help.

Warning Light is On – When the transmission has an issue, there is a warning light, much like your check engine light, that pops on. It might even be your check engine light, or it might be the transmission temperature gauge. Whatever it is, if there is a light on, there is a problem.

Strange Smells – When you smell something burning, or something sticky and sweet, then this might be the transmission fluid burning up and becoming too hot. This is an issue. When the transmission fluid burns, it could mean the transmission is burnt out.

It Sounds Odd – Odd clunking, clinking or chugging noises should not be heard when driving around. You need to make sure that nothing is dragging below your vehicle either. These sounds should always be investigated to find the root of the problem.

It is Difficult to Drive – The transmission helps the gears to move, and when they are not moving like they should, then this could signal a failing transmission. If the weird driving feeling is accompanied by the odd sounds, then it is time to bring it in.

Speak with us here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin to find out even more about what we can provide you with when it comes to doing a thorough inspection of the transmission and other areas, as well as getting the transmission in your vehicle back on track.

What Can Happen if I Don’t Get Transmission Repair?

Your vehicle is how you get from one place to another, and if you’re not listening to everything it is telling you then you might find you have issues. These issues can range in severity, but if they are really bad, then it is ideal that you have the transmission repair sooner rather than later. Make sure that you, and all of your passengers are safe while driving around town.

Things to Look for to Tell if Your Transmission is Bad

There are tell-tale signs that show that your transmission is bad, and if you’re listening to your vehicle then you should be able to tell when you may need transmission repair.

  • Your car may have a hard time accelerating to the full potential, or might feel sluggish
  • You hear a thud every time the car changes gears, whether it is an automatic or manual
  • There is a slip where the car does not move when put into Drive from Park
  • If your vehicle is leaking dark, or bright red or brown fluid from the front
  • The transmission light is on

Issues That Can Happen From Having a Bad Transmission 

Here are some of the issues that can happen if you’re not on top of the transmission repairs that need to be done on your vehicle.

In some of the most extreme cases, you will not be able to give the car any gas, which means you may slow down and this can cause problems when trying to continue going, especially on a highway or major road.

In less extreme cases, you may notice the slipping of the transmission, and this can prompt you to seek help before the problem becomes much worse. However, the transmission works by helping your vehicle shift from one gear to the next, and then put into neutral or park. Without this component, you’re not able to do any of this.

The vehicle is not going to be able to drive without a working transmission, so in order to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and to ensure that you’re able to drive safely; the transmission must be in the best shape possible.

It is always ideal to have a thorough work up of your vehicle, even before you think anything is wrong with it. Speak with us here at The Auto Clinic of Franklin. We can provide you with all of the tests, repairs and everything else needed, even transmission repair.

Vehicle Inspection: Is it That Important?

A vehicle inspection is important for you, and your vehicle.

A vehicle inspection is important for any and every car that is out on the road. When you have your vehicle inspected, not only is it to ensure that you’re safe while driving around, but that everyone else is safe, as well. The vehicle is tested in a few different areas to ensure that it is fully functional and able to be on the road. If your vehicle fails, it will need to have the specific reason it failed fixed, and then you will have to have another inspection done on the vehicle.

The Basics 

Vehicle inspection requires a sticker that has the month punched out, and a large number for the year that the inspection is up on. This not only shows officers that you’re either up to date, or out of date for the inspection that is needed. It can also help to serve as a reminder, to you, that you need to have your vehicle inspected again before it runs out.

Please Note: The colors of the vehicle inspection stickers change every year, making it easier for officers to tell when someone has an out of date sticker on their vehicle.

The Testing with Vehicle Inspections 

The first testing that is done through vehicle inspection is a safety test. The air bags, tires, horn, wipers, lights and other components that would deem the vehicle safe to drive are all checked. This is to ensure that everyone within the vehicle is going to be safe when it is driven around. In addition, the motor, brakes and other components are thoroughly checked to ensure that the vehicle can operate on the road without putting harm to the other vehicles that it comes across.

Vehicle inspections are not only required by state law, but they are important to have. In order to ensure that your vehicle is safe for everyone to be driving around in, and to protect the safety of others, this is something that has to be done.

When you’re in need of a vehicle inspection, you have to speak with a professional garage that can provide the inspection for you. Here at the Auto Clinic of Franklin, we can provide you with the high quality inspections to ensure that you’re vehicle is safe to drive, and that you’ll be on the road in no time. Set up your appointment with us online.